Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 540

What's wrong? Considers too little, in I captured have the cashes of 1000 dollars to you.” Xia Tian very serious saying, said that he has put out the cashes of 1000 dollars from the pocket. Sits in the heart that the following green Anhui and her Senior Brother die had, they completely by Xia Tian Top Grade being defeated. Odd person, your this died.” Green Anhui helpless saying. Yeah, no matter what, we must fight with others a moment ago he has not walked, the master had said that cultivates the behavior to be loyal, one will exit to help.” Although Senior Brother of green Anhui did not like Xia Tian, but Xia Tian had made a moment ago that minor matter makes him a little approve. Top Grade, Xia Tian is really Top Grade in Top Grade.” Fan Zhuifeng completely has also been speechless. Xia Tian could not with not be concerned about face to describe. He already already cultivation to highest Realm that was not concerned about face, others 1 billion base prices, he with others 2 million, this disparity also was too big, a drop in the bucket said should be this meaning. Others want nine cows, you have actually given others root hair. This fellow was insane, how was he, he definitely could not live, now unexpectedly also mixes the gathering place, unexpectedly wants 2 million to buy others base price 1 billion things.” He definitely is knows one must die, will therefore be deliberately bad, all spent money, died in any case could not carry off.” Now first several rows of these Expert also were very discontented with him, today is to have delicate features the old person does not kill him, he was impossible to live is leaving Shennongjia.” Saying that surroundings these people all keep, the fact showed that tendency that everybody spoke toward Expert, in their eyes Xia Tian was a weak one, therefore they only needed to taunt Xia Tian to be OK. Sat in looked at Xia Tian one that side Xia Tian the having delicate features old person disdained: Also dares the pitiful yell auction on this money, did not fear that others laughed aloud.” Otherwise you buy, then gives to me.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. At this time in a mountain room.

Master, now the situation is not optimistic, nobody is willing to disburse money.” Some that people did not disburse money.” Master, what you said is that idiot? But he only left 2 million.” Sold to him, this thing is above told that must make, now outside was getting more and more peaceful, therefore outside must make chaotic.” Good, my this informs Lao Wu.” In auction. Stands after Wu on stage hears the sound in earphone stares slightly, afterward nodded, since is the above instruction, he naturally must comply with. 2.001 million times.” Wu shouts suddenly, hears Wu to shout 2.001 million times, all people have all been shocked, Wu unexpectedly must sell, 1 billion thing unexpectedly only sell 2 million, this also too legend. 2 million twice.” Hears this Wu opens the mouth once more, everybody believed firmly, oneself have not misunderstood absolutely, will not be will present the phonism, Wu always in the selling quotation, Wu really planned that sold to Xia Tian the thing by 2 million prices. 2.003 million times.” Deal. Hears the sound of Wu drop hammer, has seethed with excitement on the spot, no matter who has not thought of this crystal jade bone unexpectedly buying by 2 million prices.

The entire scene scolded the sound to rise from all directions. However first row and the second row of person all remained silent, had delicate features the old person is the corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, he has regarded the thing that Xia Tian patted is his thing, because he will certainly kill Xia Tian, had been regarded as by him as for the Xia Tian thing is own. Congratulated the first row of gentleman to obtain the crystal jade bone, you can swipe the card to pay money.” Saying that Wu repeatedly confirmed. This everybody has believed that this jade bone was used 2 million to take. Was too mysterious, his unexpectedly bought, actually the organizer of auction how thought?” Green Anhui does not know that said any was good. This his matter was corruptly big, just started one to have delicate features the old person not to be good to cope, now entire first row and second row of all Expert all attention centralized on him, so long as he goes out of the bidding block, certainly will have many Expert to get rid to him directly.” Senior Brother helpless saying of green Anhui, he felt that his head was big, he does not want to manage, but remembers the words of his master, he knows that has no alternative but to manage. It seems like troubled in a big way.” Fan Zhuifeng said. He intentionally.” Bai Yu said. Em, should be intentionally, otherwise was the head is kicked by the donkey.” Fan Zhuifeng nodded to say. The Zhaoshan river still chanted scripture there, regarding him, the crystal jade bone has really sinned, after the person died, should be buried for secure, but these person of unexpectedly regarded the goods to trade with the bone of deceased person. Boy, your gift I accepted.” Has delicate features the old person to say in a low voice, on the face is the excited happy expression. Thank everybody to come to attend this time auction, had ended this time auction to here, welcome everybody to attend the next time auction, when the time comes we will spread the news.” Wu said: Asked everybody to maintain the order, started to walk to outside from the rear person, should not be crowded.” Hears Wu words, everybody also understands that auction inside war had ended, then on and other auction outside wars. Most has quality of being worth looking at two wars to be, the boy of that acting recklessly and has delicate features between the old people, battles between that ice spinel bones and these Expert, can only join in the fun and pick as for them to leak.

However most people are harboring the fantasy, that was Xia Tian dies later these Expert to compete, finally the crystal jade bone lost, was picked by them. That may increase the family fortunes. Therefore after these people left auction, all was waiting for in not the far place looked at the good play. Boy, but also waits for me to ask you to exit?” Had delicate features the old person to look at Xia Tian one to say. Does not use, but you must protect your blue water 2-Japan current dagger, that thing is my.” Xia Tian said that the direct stride walks toward outside, saw that Xia Tian walks to outside, first row and the second row of all people all followed. Green Anhui and her Senior Brother also walked. Snort, the boy, I thought how your this time dead.” Had delicate features the old person to follow directly. Young really good, is energetic, keep it up.” Wu looks that the Xia Tian back shows a faint smile, he was old, moreover here does not permit the ginseng about outside matter, therefore he was impossible to exit to watch the fun. Outside these people cannot help but made way a channel channel and a spacious place. This region having delicate features the old person is used to kill people. Oh, for a long time had not begun, the old fogy, does not know that you anti- hit.” Xia Tian looked that to having delicate features the old person said.