Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 542

The arrogance of Xia Tian has let have delicate features old person to fall into crazy Realm, Xia Tian this in the naked insult he, Xia Tian unexpectedly takes a hand to cope with him. Who is he? Has delicate features the old person, figure that half Earth Grade Expert, in entire China becomes famous, but his unexpectedly was despised now, moreover is an under 20-year-old young fellow. I have not misunderstood, his unexpectedly must and has delicate features the old person to hit with a hand, this is courting death simply.” Extremely arrogant, was too extremely arrogant, this is the boy of which family, unexpectedly dares such with having delicate features the old person said.” He can die miserably is very very miserable.” The surrounding these people all think that Xia Tian must die without doubt, moreover they think that the arrogance of Xia Tian is they are unable to accept, they usually are also very extremely arrogant, because of this, they could not accept compared with they extremely arrogant person. „Do you have the discovery, Xia Tian becomes is probably different.” Fan Zhuifeng opens the mouth to say suddenly. Em, I also discovered.” Bai Yu nodded. His present appearance with that person simply is exactly the same.” Fan Zhuifeng surprised saying. Em, is truly same.” Bai Yu said. „Is that person who you said Western Hidden Xia Tianlong?” Zhaoshan river puzzled looked that asked to them. Em.” They also nodded. They felt that present Xia Tian was just the same as past Xia Tianlong. Quite fierce, on him as if there is very strong imposing manner.” Green Anhui said. Junior Sister, on me also has very strong imposing manner.” Senior Brother of green Anhui said hurriedly. Xia Tian stands single-handed there, has a Master style.

Surroundings these from one row and two rows Expert has not worried to begin, now has to have delicate features the old person to help them search the bottom of this boy, they are also glad idly. You can begin.” Xia Tian light saying. Has delicate features the old person to fire into Xia Tian directly, this time he has not spoken, but used his adept Unique Skill directly, eagle claw. Bang! In the flash that he went forward, Xia Tian appears in his front, double referred to direct, in has had delicate features in old person's control, had delicate features the old person to feel that above own palm transmitted a severe pain, body hurried retreat. Xia Tian has not pursued. Good quick speed.” That flash, the Xia Tian speed made all people be shocked a moment ago. How did he break through?” Bai Yu depressed saying, the speed of Xia Tian breakthrough was really too quick, saw Xia Tian a moment ago that incomparably familiar Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step, he could not speak. Now was good, our several can regard to see a play.” Fan Zhuifeng helpless shaking the head. His speed resembled the violent to increase.” The Zhaoshan river said. That is because his Realm has promoted, Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step coordinates his Heaven Absolute Wake that to be simply invincible, his Heaven Absolute Wake breaks through each time, his overall strength can suddenly to increase, including Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step.” Bai Yu answered. He has competed the speed with Xia Tian and Xia Tianlong, he acknowledged that Xia Tianlong is he has seen the strongest person, but Xia Tian truly he has seen the growth quickest person. Hateful!” Has delicate features old person's both hands simultaneously to grasp to air. Xia Tian felt that a formidable suction, own body must be been same by that suction attraction probably in the past. „It is not good.” Xia Tian secretly thought is not good, wants retreat hurriedly, but already without enough time.

Had delicate features old person's palm to pat on the body of Xia Tian. My goodness, this move of good.” Xia Tian body retreat three steps, have stopped the personal appearance, the appreciation looked that to having delicate features the old person said. His unexpectedly was appreciated, moreover is a boy of being wet behind the ears, this regarding him is the shame, the appreciation is only then Expert to the weak one said that but Xia Tian unexpectedly dares to speak to him with this manner. Snort, the brat, I make you have a look at my fierce today.” Had delicate features old person cold snort directly to clash to Xia Tian. ! A hawk cry appears in the ear of people, has delicate features the old person, he has gotten rid, this time got rid to put out his Unique Skill completely, he was not Profound Grade late stage, but was half Earth Grade, compared with a Profound Grade late stage fiercer person. The Earth Grade Expert most formidable place is Inner Strength manifestation, but half Earth Grade can send out the sound and shape, although they have not been able to use Inner Strength manifestation, but they had certain special attack. This hawk cry presents time, everybody as if saw a great hawk is the same, although the shape of great hawk is only the empty shade, moreover is pale, but this is the Inner Strength manifestation omen. Rips! The flash, the right arm of Xia Tian was ripped open an opening. „Doesn't he hide? He should be able to shunt a moment ago was right.” Zhaoshan river puzzled asking. He in trying to incur, shortly after his Realm should just break through, therefore he is still adapting to the present strength.” Bai Yu answered. Xia Tian has not paid attention to the wound on oneself arm, but looks to having delicate features old person light saying of: Also has any skill together to use.” Snort, your unexpectedly also dares to pull rank, I make you die not entire corpse.” Has delicate features the old person to look said angrily to Xia Tian. First compelled me to use left hand to say again.” The right hand of Xia Tian aimed once more has had delicate features the old person, his arrogant manner let have delicate features the old person to be angrier, he was half Earth Grade Expert.

unexpectedly had a liking for under 20-year-old boy by one, provocation again and again. How this makes him be able not to be angry. ! Also is that hawk whining noise transmits, has delicate features the old person to grasp once more to Xia Tian. This Xia Tian moved, his body vanished in instantaneously same place, presented again time double referred to direct, in has had delicate features above old person's rib, had delicate features the old person to turn head directly, grasped once more to Xia Tian. However Xia Tian Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step was really too exquisite, had delicate features the old person unable to follow the Xia Tian speed. When he attacks once more, Xia Tian another appearance in his. Match who yeah, loses the judgment, already not any use, although you are half Earth Grade Expert, however present you besides strength big, the revolution of way and brain of fight links Profound Grade Initial Stage people not to compare.” Xia Tian sighed saying that he has not thought this half Earth Grade having delicate features old person unexpectedly becomes confused the brains by the anger and face. Bang! Xia Tian this direction after having delicate features old person body, one touched on his body directly, has fished out the different thing, one was gold thread soft armor, another was the blue water 2-Japan current dagger. But has delicate features the old person to stand there is motionless. All person all doubts looks to having delicate features the old person, he why whatever Xia Tian will take away thing. Oh! As the Xia Tian voice just fell, had delicate features old person's body directly but actually, moreover his body looked like beach muddy flesh is the same, other Expert all have gotten at the same time hold of their fist.