Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 543

Had delicate features the old person dead, half Earth Grade having delicate features old person unexpectedly died, moreover on him the important bone was all selected by Xia Tian. -and-a-half Earth Grade Expert like this died. This makes all people all shock. Quite fierce, I will not misread, half Earth Grade Expert unexpectedly died, this was also too terrifying.” Half Earth Grade having delicate features old person unexpectedly was given to kill by his hand, this also too legend.” Actually is he who? Such young unexpectedly has such terrifying strength, can so simple kills half Earth Grade Expert, is he Earth Grade Expert?” The person hears this suspicion, does not know that should say any was good, Earth Grade Expert, so young Earth Grade Expert, this is unable to imagine simply. Just started the auction time, everybody thinks that he is only an idiot, unexpectedly links half step Earth Grade having delicate features old person to dare to offend, now everybody is clear, originally Xia Tian has that self-confidence. He can kill to have delicate features the old person self-confidently. Therefore he with having delicate features the old person speaks, but had delicate features the old person because of attaching importance to face to lose own life. Actually only then Xia Tian are clearest, if he did not obtain Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll a moment ago, he must cope with this to have delicate features the old person also really to need to spend on Kungfu, finally he possibly uses all cards in a hand, has this opportunity. But that Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll directly makes the Xia Tian strength become the Profound Grade late stage strength. Xia Tian had to jump the ranks the ability of challenge, breaks through once more makes his overall strength turn time, therefore he has positive resists half step Earth Grade Expert the time, moreover his Movement Technique is exquisite. He can definitely running around in circles that having delicate features the old person dawdles. If there is delicate features the old person earnestly to fight from the beginning, Xia Tian is impossible to win is so simple.

However he really finishes in a hast, and has attached importance to face, always wants to strike to kill, therefore he to the Xia Tian opportunity not to be missed, finally will have forgotten including the fight instinct, started the random attacks. Normally, the movement competion opposite party, directly started to defend was good, can always hold the trail of opposite party. However has delicate features the old person actually to attack, in clearly knows to hit in the situation of opposite party do not get rid strongly, this completely is not the sane behavior, he had become confused completely angrily. How in his entire brain is wanting to have winning of face, therefore he is doomed to be defeated. Had delicate features the old person dead. Nobody knows that Xia Tian true status, but the Xia Tian strength also became a riddle. He will have delicate features old person's all treasure to take away. In other words today good thing in auction almost all in the hand of Xia Tian. It seems like I attracted the attention of all people.” The Xia Tian vision sweeps, the surrounding these people are preparing to get rid, these people all are Expert in Expert, uniform Profound Grade late stage, several are also half Earth Grade Expert. They looked why had delicate features the old person to lose, was not Xia Tian is too formidable, but had delicate features the old person extremely in having a low opinion of the enemy, so long as in other words they did not have a low opinion of the enemy, that certainly can defeat Xia Tian. I warned you, do not get rid casually, I had the helper.” Xia Tian vision 11 has swept the people, hears the Xia Tian words, green Anhui and her Senior Brother walked once more. I do not mean you, you protected on the line.” Xia Tian awkward saying, but he very appreciates these two people, their Martial Arts are very special, such young has such strong strength . Moreover the manner is loyal. Is choice that is worth becoming friends. Snort, we do not frighten in a big way, do not think that you won have had delicate features the old person to act in a self-serving manner, so long as we crystal jade bone, other things returned you, so long as you handed over the crystal jade bone, we can not feel embarrassed you.” That person cold snort, jumped directly, he is also-and-a-half Earth Grade Expert, usually Expert like him hides cultivation.

However now the station of his high-sounding talk, fell along with his sound, surrounding these Expert simultaneously forwarded one step, although they did not have what friendship, but they had the common goal. That is the crystal jade bone. The ordinary men are innocent, talent can arouse jealousy. Xia Tian itself does not have what mistake, but he is carrying thing truly everybody consistently long-awaited most precious object, therefore these people temporarily have become the union. The condition that they said was not excessive, the thing that so long as they the crystal jade bone, other Xia Tian things and from having delicate features old person that snatched they did not want. I, if doesn't give?” Xia Tian coldly looks to the surrounding these people, he has prepared to start. He knows that cannot hit, has Bai Yu, escapes does not have the issue absolutely. We must get rid.” That half Earth Grade Expert said. Such being the case, that comes, today makes me hit happily.” Xia Tian pushes green Anhui and her Senior Brother body, before advancing Bai Yu and the others directly the bodies, afterward he kills directly to these people. Senior Brother of green Anhui wants to get rid directly, but held on by the big hand of Bai Yu directly, cannot move. Senior Brother of green Anhui surprised looks to Bai Yu, his unexpectedly had locked in the hand by this white-clothed person directly, thus it can be seen, this white-clothed person absolutely is Expert. First saw a play was good, he will not have the matter.” Bai Yu light saying. Hears the Bai Yu words, Senior Brother of green Anhui no longer has really revolted, but looks to the fight of Xia Tian, he understood, the helper who Xia Tian said a moment ago should be these people, he turned head to size up these people of one. Afterward he thought that the middle that person was not bidding 50 million that people at that time, at that time Xia Tian said this person was his friend, oneself also thought at that time disdains, now recalled, he understood, these people were really the Xia Tian friends.

Xia Tian under foot Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step dodges, has crashed in the crowd directly. Immediately all people all attack to come to him. Flickers the body technique. The body of Xia Tian vanished in instantaneously same place, afterward his double referred to selecting directly, on a person of bone. Ka! Sound of bone break. A that person of bone was selected directly by Xia Tian. But that several people who launched the attack a moment ago also hurriedly receive the hand, they have not thought that Xia Tian movement unexpectedly is so exquisite, can run away by the situation that in the people besiege, moreover his unexpectedly can also launch the counter-attack. It seems like must play in a big way.” The body of Xia Tian dodges, arrived at the front of these people directly. Finger of Consonance Second Layer.