Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 544

These people see Xia Tian fires into front of them the time, directly has killed, in their opinion, Xia Tian this is courts death, unexpectedly dares to meet head-on these many Profound Grade late stage Expert directly. At this moment a giant finger empty shade appears in these Profound Grade late stage Expert front. Finger of Consonance Second Layer. This time empty shade past is bigger. Bang! The giant finger empty shade installed in the bodies of front these people directly, the first row of these person of bodies were all hit to fly, but their behind these Expert also simultaneously in all directions gave way to traffic. Anything! Inner Strength manifestation.” These Profound Grade late stage Expert have been shocked, a moment ago Xia Tian that unexpectedly was Inner Strength manifestation. But Inner Strength manifestation Earth Grade Expert ability. But present seems not big boy unexpectedly can use Inner Strength manifestation, is he Earth Grade Expert? No wonder he can a hand on relaxed kills to have delicate features the old person. Scene immediately in an uproar. shit, this was also too mysterious, what did I see? In history youngest Earth Grade Expert, that is Inner Strength manifestation.” No wonder he can a hand win to have delicate features the old person, moreover oneself alone face these many Expert.” Such young Earth Grade Expert, was really too fearful, actually he was.” The people looked surprisedly to Xia Tian, they cannot think that actually Xia Tian how achieved, such young had the Earth Grade Expert strength. His unexpectedly is Earth Grade Expert, with a Master rank, he so is young, this was also too terrifying.” Senior Brother whole face of green Anhui inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, personal servant unexpectedly that this they just started is Earth Grade Expert. This was really too shocking. Odd person, but also is really an odd person.” Saying that green Anhui thought aloud. Was good, prepares to walk, he likes showing off.” Fan Zhuifeng helpless shaking the head.

Isn't on?” Zhaoshan river puzzled looked that asked to Fan Zhuifeng. „On anything, you have not seen him a moment ago the gesticulation hand signal, lets lead them to run away first, under the mountain gathers.” Fan Zhuifeng answered. Does not hit, I prepared.” Zhaoshan river depressed saying. Hits? Here Profound Grade late stage has more than 30 people, half Earth Grade also five, over a hundred Profound Grade intermediate stage and Initial Stage Expert, depends on our several, tired to dying.” Fan Zhuifeng said. Here person were too many, cannot hit, in this place battle, our themselves suffered a loss, moreover on Xia Tian was bringing the treasure were too many, definitely will cause being jealous of people, when the time comes is these Yellow Grade people also will turn into very big trouble.” Bai Yu looked at the meaning of clear Xia Tian. „Do your meanings need to walk? It is not good, how can throw him here.” Green Anhui asking of Senior Brother doubts. You kept this him not to be good to withdraw, you have tailed us, now walks.” Fan Zhuifeng drew them to walk toward behind directly. Green Anhui and her Senior Brother people knew, therefore wants to withdraw not to be easy. But had Bai Yu and Fan Zhuifeng clears the way absolutely not to have the issue. „It is not good, they must run away.” Has the People sound to shout. Was bad, the intermediate total, he was not Earth Grade Expert.” These half Earth Grade Expert responded, Xia Tian absolutely was not Earth Grade Expert, otherwise these people will not run away. The right hand of Xia Tian lifts! Finger of Consonance Second Layer! Bang! A giant finger empty shade direct hit on the body of that half Earth Grade Expert. Puff! This Xia Tian attacks him, moreover that half Earth Grade Expert thinks that was that attack, has not cared, directly by Xia Tian spitting blood that the stroked.

Finger of Consonance Second Layer of Xia Tian use attacked the people a moment ago, therefore the might was smaller, but this time he has concentrated Finger of Consonance Second Layer, was only used to attack a person. Therefore might nature big several points. Yeah, the might is insufficient, full strikes also can only let his be such selected the wound.” Xia Tian says with emotion, although his strength integral lifting, but Finger of Consonance Second Layer copes with half step Earth Grade Expert unable to create the too big internal injury. Not more than half step Earth Grade Expert does not feel better at this time, he was hit by Xia Tian Finger of Consonance Second Layer directly. Within the body the five main internal organs (entrails) hurts now. Hateful, everybody on together, let alone he is not true Earth Grade Expert, even if, he must die without doubt.” That half Earth Grade Expert shouts loudly, hears his words, surroundings these people all got up, everybody wants to slice. Planned successfully.” The plan of Xia Tian is first attracts the attention of people, these people in such surrounding are unable to block Bai Yu and Fan Zhuifeng and the others, after they run away, Xia Tian can also start to escape. Bai Yu their three killed a channel instantaneously, green Anhui and his Senior Brother have been shocked completely. They have not thought that this group of person unexpectedly so are fierce, the skills can see from Bai Yu and the others that they are similar to the Xia Tian strength. He has thought his strength was very strong, but they compares with Bai Yu, were too many on the difference. Finally ran away, I must open run away.” Xia Tian saw that Bai Yu and the others have killed the encirclement ring, therefore he also prepares to open runs away, he believes that so long as Bai Yu and the others killed the encirclement ring, that nobody can block them. Because others are impossible to overtake Bai Yu they. ! The golden ray flashes through together, quenches to guard from the Xia Tian recent that person, was killed by Xia Tian directly. Insta-kill. Sees such scene, surrounding these person of hurried retreat. Good opportunity.” Xia Tian under foot Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step dodges, ran out of the encirclement ring directly.

Flickers the body technique, moves once more time, he left these person about ten meters, the [gold/metal] blade flings once more, surroundings these people make way hurriedly. „It is not good, he must run away.” That half Earth Grade Expert saw the Xia Tian intention. Said goodbye.” Xia Tian opens directly runs away, direction and Bai Yu and the others who he escapes are opposite, this can avoid these people overtaking them together, moreover Xia Tian just started not to use full speed. Because he worried that his speed is too fast, that group of people have turned around to pursue Bai Yu they, after all the Zhaoshan river and green Anhui they several speeds are not so fast like Bai Yu and Fan Zhuifeng. Do not want to run away.” At this moment, the Xia Tian side presented one person, in his hand is taking a noble appearance blade. Bang! The noble appearance blade cut directly to Xia Tian. Finger of Consonance. The left hand of Xia Tian double referred to gripped that huge noble appearance blade directly. What?” That hand with the person of noble appearance blade one startled, he has not thought that some people of unexpectedly can grip his broadsword with two fingers, this was really too terrifying. Ping! Five forms appeared in the Xia Tian side directly, his all round surrounded. You cannot run away.” These five people all are half Earth Grade Expert.