Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 545

Although a moment ago a that person of blade has not injured to arrive at Xia Tian, but he succeeded prevented Xia Tian to escape the step that also won the advantageous time to five -and-a-half Earth Grade Expert. After five -and-a-half Earth Grade Expert Xia Tian surrounded, other behind Expert also all pursue to Xia Tian. Now Xia Tian became this time attended the auction to have the Expert enemy, because in his hand has the crystal jade bone, that is all people wants to obtain. Although crystal jade bone, only then, but everyone harbors the fantasy. Old fogies, do not fear death.” Xia Tian has not thought that so will be big with the person strength of broadsword, he wants to grip the broadsword with Finger of Consonance a moment ago, then escapes directly, but he grips the broadsword time discovered that the strength of this person big, he stops the personal appearance hurriedly, the both feet makes an effort to step on the ground, this time controls this broadsword. Also because of his stop, therefore that five -and-a-half Earth Grade Expert has an opportunity. Snort, do not think that you deceived us, you radically were not Earth Grade Expert, handed over the crystal jade bone.” -and-a-half Earth Grade Expert cold snort. Xia Tian had not answered, but is the under foot ray dodges, fired into directly has been away from his recent that half Earth Grade Expert, several other people all went to the Xia Tian back attack, if Xia Tian this move, his back also will be hit by other four people. Good opportunity.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, afterward in his right hand golden light flashes dodges, Money Throwing Knife flung directly to behind that four -and-a-half Earth Grade Expert. His goal is to entice these four people came, moreover in front of him that half Earth Grade Expert has prepared defense. Words that in other words he turns head to attack now, that completed defensive half Earth Grade Expert without enough time to sneak attack Xia Tian radically. Puff! Puff! Puff! Puff! Four blood flight-by-lights come, the palm of that four person had cut off half by Xia Tian. Idiots, bye-bye.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, starts directly. Flickers the body technique! That four -and-a-half Earth Grade Expert has not thought that Xia Tian will turn head to counter-attack, therefore without enough time defends radically.

And the most miserable entire hand was cut half. Ah! I must kill you.” And Earth Grade Expert angry shouting. Xia Tian has not paid attention to him, but continues to run forward, all people pursue once more forward, that several -and-a-half Earth Grade Expert picks up the half palm that the ground falls, starts furiously pursues, they want to treat now do not have the opportunity, nearby this absolutely does not have the hospital, therefore they can only pursue Xia Tian. Towed one to accelerate again.” Xia Tian still is Bai Yu and the others won the time. Therefore his speed is not fast. Kill! At this moment, Xia Tian saw that broadsword once more. This Xia Tian sees clearly, he cuts directly, but by the movement, his blade as if did not lock Xia Tian to be ordinary, the direct blade has cut. Bang! Ka! Xia Tian this time has not clamped with the finger, but was uses the [gold/metal] blade to cut directly above the broadsword of opposite party. The [gold/metal] blade is sharp. That person said directly the broadsword cut off. Good fierce blade skill.” Xia Tian continues to run away directly. blade skill of this fellow almost made him incur a moment ago once more, if not the [gold/metal] blade is sharp enough, he was overtaken by other people again.

His broadsword broke, this time should unable to overtake me, I may probably dawdle this fellows well.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, threatens biggest five -and-a-half Earth Grade Expert to injure four to him now, that can overtake his broadsword also to break. He did not need to care any pursues. He slowed down the footsteps slowly, these people noticed that was getting more and more near with his distance, is breaknecking of runs to here, they as if are are not chasing down Xia Tian, the rapidness that but in Bimala, who runs, ices the spinel bone to turn over to anyone finally. When they are away from Xia Tian also has less than five meters, Xia Tian suddenly accelerates, turned into about 20 meters their distances directly, these person of this depressed. They think that they only almost can overtake Xia Tian. Therefore very goes all out pursued, 15 meters, ten meters, five meters. These people saw the hope once more. Also is running of breaknecking. Pursues, fools.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, this repeated is running, he led these people to run for two hours, his behind person were getting fewer and fewer, these people were exhausted. Finally these people also were really pursue motionless. Expert also tired panting of these half Earth Grade. Yeah, does not have the meaning, is the Bai Yu speed and endurance is stronger.” Xia Tian looks that the last group of people also lay down on the ground, his helpless shaking the head. After this time long-distance race seesaw battle, these people were convinced thoroughly. If discussed everybody's skill, Xia Tian can a hand kill half step Earth Grade having delicate features old person, technology that if the theory escaped, they have been able not hold a candle, the reason that their these people gave up finally was. Even if they overtook Xia Tian not to hit.

Cast off these fellows, now should look for Bai Yu they to converge.” Xia Tian saw that behind a person did not have, wanted to look for Bai Yu directly they, but he suddenly has discovered a very serious issue now. He ran to lose. Shennongjia was really too big, moreover everywhere was the forests, he does not know where now should toward run. shit, I run in the reverse direction, in other words my straight line runs, takes 45 hours, moreover I have not been able the straight line to run, otherwise once more will run into these people.” Xia Tian this thorough hoodwinking. Actually this must to where run. My God, this forest is so big, even if were makes me go around I unable to find the direction.” Xia Tian stands in the forests, he does not know that which direction should to run is right. Ok, runs according to the square theory, circles one to run.” Xia Tian thinks that here has forgiven the past to the left direction directly. Although in the forest is unable to go out of the correct straight line, but Xia Tian can goes out of the straight line by the X-Ray Vision eye and his computing power, he knows, only then such walks to be able not to lose the direction. Otherwise his solemn first under Heaven handsome man Xia Tian, must ruin in the big forest of this Shennongjia. Although the first under Heaven handsome man is he proclaims, but at least he believes his. The Xia Tian fast shuttle in the jungle, he knows by the disposition of Bai Yu that being loyal, when he less than two hours of words, first will certainly walk. Hissing hissing! Xia Tian heard a strange sound, afterward his vision looks directly to there. Lying trough! This is any thing.” Xia Tian surprised looks to there.