Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 547

The Xia Tian entire back is the cold sweat, the surroundings have over a hundred pythons. He used energy to cut to kill a head a moment ago fully, but all of a sudden unexpectedly presented over a hundred heads now, this was unable to describe with the terrifying. The strength of that python is not the least bit off in any -and-a-half Earth Grade Expert. I collect, a python I takes that big effort, over a hundred pythons, this can definitely kill by mistreatment me.” Saying that Xia Tian thought aloud. His vision took a fast look around. Cannot think that my solemn first under Heaven handsome man unexpectedly must here untimely death.” Xia Tian has written all over at heart unwillingly, he has a dream does not have to think one have today. As for the thoughts of revolt, he gave up. These over a hundred pythons, even if the bone not remaining that Earth Grade Expert comes also to die. I have not eaten your snake balls, as for besieging me.” Xia Tian felt own this treats unjustly, carrying a heavy load that just put on had been picked by him directly, now completely was the going all out rhythm. He plans to spell, uses the speed that he most excels at to try, if clashes. Was right, I have finally together Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll, first it puts together, this died, finally also being insufficient makes this thing vanish in society, moreover here so many treasure, have not needed to waste.” Xia Tian thinks of here, he directly and is having delicate features the thing that old person that bought from the auction snatched to take. He first that gold thread soft sheathing on himself, this thing invulnerable, has been able to protect him not by the flesh wound. Afterward he blue water 2-Japan current dagger that from having delicate features old person there snatched will grasp in the left hand. This blue water 2-Japan current dagger is half false Spirit Tool. As for that meteorite, flying fox blade skill and Inner Strength, crystal jade bone Xia Tian now could not have used, therefore he has placed the body directly. Below puts Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll.” The Xia Tian crumb among that bead, in that three Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll will take afterward, afterward he other fourth Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll and three puts together.

Bang! At this moment, the bamboo slip has sent out the intense purple ray. [Say / Way] may break, Buddha may kill, is Heavenly Connection.” This time ray wanted to be heavier than before. Moreover these characters also became clearer. Xia Tian thinks all had finished, was at this time, on the bamboo slip presented the second line of characters. Control day, controls the place, controls all.” Bang! The purple ray more comes with brightly, shone blindly the Xia Tian 24 K big alloy eyes simply. „Won't shit, so be mysterious?” The Xia Tian back present all were shocked. Roar! Roar! At this moment two giant roars transmit, these two roars are very resounding, the ground also vibrates. Hears this roar time, the surrounding these pythons start become are in a tumult, on their faces presented the panic-stricken expression, these pythons start to diverge in all directions. Roar! Roar! That two roars transmit once more, this periphery that over a hundred pythons all disappeared without a trace. Xia Tian pinched in the bamboo slip the bead hurriedly, pinched among that necklaces on neck.

Good fierce roar, solely is the roar can let such fierce of earth shock, thus it can be seen, this absolutely is very terrifying biology, moreover these python unexpectedly are afraid this sound.” Xia Tian surprised saying, he also prepared to go all out a moment ago, now he feels a happiness suddenly. Because he did not need to go all out, these pythons all left. Looks the trail that these pythons leave, Xia Tian shows a faint smile, this really had the talent, the strengths of these pythons endured compared with profound and abstruse principles late stage and half Earth Grade, but their unexpectedly by two roars running away in fear. As Xia Tian received Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll, that two roars also vanish to disappear. Roar should pass from that side, in the past had a look.” Xia Tian general had determined the direction that the roar transmits, then he directly turns toward that direction to walk, actually he wants to have a look at that is any biology. unexpectedly these pythons directly ran away in fear continually. Xia Tian turns toward that direction to walk directly. Meanwhile, another head of Shennongjia. How Xia Tian has not pursued.” Saying that the Zhaoshan river worries about. You are worried about anything, when you visited him to suffer a loss.” Fan Zhuifeng knew that Xia Tian is not one day two days, he very understands the Xia Tian disposition. In these people nobody can overtake him, he should run to the opposite direction, otherwise already pursued.” Bai Yu light saying. Suffices the loyalty, his unexpectedly lured the enemy for us.” Senior Brother of green Anhui said. Odd person, odd person.” Green Anhui said. Walks, did not need to wait.” Bai Yu looked at a distant place to say. What? He led away the enemy for us, our such abandoned he goes, you also had not to have loyalty a little.” Senior Brother discontented saying of green Anhui.

Between I and him, am not the loyalty issue.” Bai Yu has not explained anything, Xia Tianlong is the person who he admires, Xia Tian was he experienced many people together, previous Xia Tian and a Xia Family war, although he has not gotten rid, but he has stared at Xia Tian to look from beginning to end, he was afraid Xia Tian to have any condition. He knows, once Xia Tian has an accident, he will certainly get rid. As for the instruction of Wei Guang, he could not control. Although Xia Tian afterward was all right, but he does not have to explain. However Xia Tian actually understands that the meaning of Bai Yu, Xia Tian does not believe Bai Yu comes to see lively, although Wei Guang told, but he believes himself, once has an accident, Bai Yu will get certainly rid. You such walked, is not loyal.” Senior Brother angry saying of green Anhui, his master taught since childhood his is the loyalty two characters. Naturally, his master has not made his blind is loyal, but is loyal to this person of being loyal, Xia Tian procedure from all sides in the Senior Brother eye of green Anhui is the performance of being loyal. Therefore he will not get rid of Xia Tian absolutely. He he, being loyal yes right, but you must believe Xia Tian similarly, he will not have the matter, reason that Bai Yu must walk is because he knows that these person of any cannot be able to overtake Xia Tian, therefore Xia Tian will definitely not have the matter, we in this and other words, will only look for trouble for ourselves, moreover this is also to the Xia Tian increase burden.” Fan Zhuifeng looked that answered to Senior Brother of green Anhui. Meanwhile in forest of Shennongjia. Sound should pass from front.” Xia Tian sped up the footsteps, stand forth, his innermost feelings anticipated very that actually this can with the roar the biology that the python runs away in fear be able to be what?