Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 548

The Xia Tian under foot Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step speed is getting more and more fast, he ran toward that sound place, simultaneously his X-Ray Vision eye full, was the fear again bumps into python such monster. Moreover this time also wants to understand, he watches the fun, will not approach absolutely. Has the X-Ray Vision eye, his vision is more than ten times of normal person, therefore he also the normal person looked that must be farther. Actually can be what thing?” Xia Tian ran a moment later, has not discovered anything. When he ran for about ten minutes, he has anchored the footsteps. Because his front is a cliff, he pokes head to look that under this cliff cannot see the gulf of boundary completely, deeply does not see the bottom, the Xia Tian vision completely cannot see. Here did not have the road, did that sound convey from here?” Both eyes of Xia Tian look downward, but anything cannot see. Has blamed, has blamed, how what doesn't have?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to the surroundings, but here did not have the road, the sound that he heard a moment ago should send out from this nearby. Roar! At this moment, a great roar transmits, the stone of Xia Tian under foot collapses instantaneously. Xia Tian throws [gold/metal] Dao hurriedly, afterward the body leapt, jumped. My little darling, this is any monster, its roar unexpectedly can the ground spalling.” Xia Tian looks to below that sound passed from below, deeply did not see the bottom under the cliff to transmit from this. Such high distance its roar unexpectedly can also have such big might, this was also too terrifying a point. Scared to death me, if were not I have [gold/metal] Dao, I should fall down a moment ago.” Xia Tian now also some fear, the feeling was really too terrifying, his body almost really fell down. It seems like this below has treated a ten points extraordinary fellow, no wonder these pythons solely were hear its sound to run away in fear.” Xia Tian patted own chest to say. Xia Tian just about to turn around leaves, but at this moment his body anchorage. Heavenly Connection, the control, kills!” The distant sound reached in the Xia Tian mind together, this is Spiritual Force, mental manipulation. Suddenly!

Bang! Xia Tian felt that own entire knowledge sea exploded. Knows the sea, the consciousness sea. Knows the sea to explode, quite in Yishi exploded. !!! Meanwhile three different strengths simultaneously fire into the Xia Tian knowledge sea. Red strength, golden yellow strength and black strength. These three strengths gathered in together, have expelled the Xia Tian knowledge sea that striking power directly. Whistling!” Xia Tian is breathing greedily, that flash he felt a moment ago the death, the taste of that death has covered him, was good he saw three different strengths because of the final moment. Was these three strengths has rescued him. He without demur, starts directly. I collected, scare to death me.” A Xia Tian face is panic-stricken. He today also is really three waves to a single stroke, just started to fighting half Earth Grade Expert, was good broke through because of his strength, the success was oppressive but actually, is then chased down by over a thousand Expert, finally he also ran away. Then is the python war, has abandoned the tremendous strength, solves the python finally, but surrounding unexpectedly presented over a hundred pythons. Afterward two roars had frightened off these pythons, he thinks one this were safe. But he was almost killed by the master of this roar. That three strengths, first is the Vampire strength, second is the ancient Buddhist Relic strength, but the third black strength transmitted from my waist.” Xia Tian thinks that here looks directly to own waist.

crystal jade bone. His waist is putting crystal jade bone. Had rescued in his strength a moment ago, there are together is the crystal jade bone. crystal jade bone, unexpectedly is it.” Xia Tian surprised looks to the crystal jade bone. Xia Tian crystal jade bone in hand careful is looking at carefully. He knows that this thing auction is willing to sell to him with that low price, that absolutely is because the auction wants to arrive at outside this thing class intentionally, is actually that what thing is worth them such doing? Profit and value. Regarding ancient Saint tower such existence, is money and resources that they want only. How can that help them obtain more money and resources? War. Right, is the war.” Xia Tian thought through. Gu Shengta comes out to let everybody this thing class competes, moreover this crystal jade bone is not simple, the strength that on it erupted a moment ago is the dark strength, in other words Gu Shengta wants some people to fuse this crystal jade bone, thus to become demon.” Xia Tian was shocked by the ambition of ancient Saint tower suddenly: In the event of a very formidable demon, that entire Jianghu will be chaotic, when the time comes world with having war.” Has the war, Gu Shengta has the business, originally they are having this idea.” Xia Tian wants to understand finally, this is Gu Shengta the real objective. However Gu Shengta has miscalculated a matter, that was they had underestimated the Xia Tian strength, they have not thought Xia Tian unexpectedly can carry off this thing, moreover they also miscalculated were the same. The treasure advocates. In the world treasure can seek for own master. Xia Tian listened to this world to have a monster blade, regardless of this monster blade any person uses, finally that person does not have the good end, finally that will be sold in this shop the blade under the chance coincidence again.

Afterward a mysterious blade guest went to the shop to see this monster blade. The shop owners reminded the matter of his monster blade. That blade guest shows a faint smile, afterward throws directly the monster blade, the position that the monster blade drops is his neck. When all people think he was insane. The monster blade has gone round that person of neck directly, fell on the ground. That person has bought the monster blade directly, nobody has heard from now that person and monster blade again. The monster blade has not appeared in that shop again. This thing looks like preserves first, when I had found the means of fusion, must try, my Xia Tian thinks that is not the coward, that blade guest can surrender the monster blade, I must surrender this white hands.” Xia Tian receives directly the white hands, afterward continues to run forward. Bang! Bang! Bang! Xia Tian felt suddenly the ground starts fierce rocking. I collect, what thing did I bump into? Which my this is Shennongjia, here obviously is Jurassic Park.” Xia Tian depressed saying, this fierce vibration, probably is 10,000 damn is galloping. He felt that he arrived at a strange world completely, is full of the world of crisis. The Xia Tian slight hesitation, has not stood up from failure directly on sets up, several jumped the most peak of tree.