Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 549

After Xia Tian jumps to the tree top on, his X-Ray Vision eye opens instantaneously. Wild boar! Is the wild boar, could not see wild boar completely from beginning to end is running there, a place visited piece in confusion. How so many wild boars?” Xia Tian doubts looks to the front, but anything cannot see, moreover he is also fast flings about on the tree, because of destructive power very formidable of wild boar group. After these trees pass through dashing of several wild boars, turned into the flat land. Outside of Shennongjia, in city. This time Bai Yu and the others are having the western-style food. „Don't we wait for him to be all right really?” Senior Brother of green Anhui has been asking. These words asked nearly 100.” Fan Zhuifeng just started also in patiently explained to him, people who afterward Fan Zhuifeng like this had the patience starts not to speak. Senior Brother, you fear anything, they said in any case was all right.” Green Anhui has seen through. Eats meal.” Bai Yu light saying. Meat and vegetarian dishes matching that this food they want, because on this table has two people not to eat the meat, one is Fan Zhuifeng, another is the Zhaoshan river. They have not worried, but chatted while ate the thing. Although their several are not too familiar, but the topic are getting more and more. After all they are Jianghu people, but they never asked each other status. When they planned when leaves the hotel to go to the guesthouse in next door, they see the entrance to stand suddenly a beggar. Walks quickly, walks quickly, on others family must go.” The entrance security opened directly expels.

Well, why I think that this beggar a little looks familiar.” The Zhaoshan river said suddenly. „A your saying, I also thought so that a little looked familiar.” Fan Zhuifeng is also a face curious looks to the entrance. Has something to look familiar, listens to Movement Technique is Xia Tian.” Bai Yu has not lifted continually opens the mouth to say directly. Xia Tian, I collect, is really Xia Tian, how you turned into this.” Zhaoshan river surprised saying: Security, do not expel, that is my friend.” The security hears the words of Zhaoshan river, afterward a face strange looks to Xia Tian, but he responded immediately: Sorry, Sir, come.” That several people in hotel all hoodwinked. They could not speak completely. Bai Yu there leisurely and carefree drinking tea, he is listening to the words of Zhaoshan river, knows that was Xia Tian came back, therefore he has lifted the head slowly. Puff! Tea all spurts, in sat on his opposite Zhaoshan river face. Was calmest Bai Yu unexpectedly is also always shocked. Present Xia Tian, does not have complete clothes from top to bottom . Moreover the whole person is dirty, the hair stood. What did you experience?” Both eyes of Fan Zhuifeng stare stares at Xia Tian to ask. Let alone, I was hungry.” This is the first few words that Xia Tian said that at that time that several people were shocked completely. They are unable to imagine, a that hand massacred half step Earth Grade Expert Xia Tian, unexpectedly turned into half savage, this dressed up wants simply scary, if they were the security, they certainly will also drive out Xia Tian. Boss, is most expensive your here, the most delicious vegetable all gives me to come up.” Xia Tian shouts loudly.

The manager ran over hurriedly, looked at Fan Zhuifeng they, although they said that Xia Tian is their friends, but looks at Xia Tian this appearance, really like cannot take the appearance that disburses money. Also looks to do? You feared that I don't have money?” Xia Tian touches directly to own pocket, this touches, but also anything touches, afterward he looks directly to Fan Zhuifeng: Lord Fanzhuang, to him with 10,000 dollars, goes back to calculate my.” Xia Tian felt the appearance of going down in the world. Fan Zhuifeng helpless shaking the head, has put out 10,000 cashes from the package afterward, has given that manager directly: Listens his.” That manager does not dare to meet money, saying of hurried apology: Excuse me, excuse me, my this makes them do Do not tell me you to capsize in Yingouli, that group of person cannot overtake your, even if your speed does not have the breakthrough also to throw off them with ease, let alone you now break through.” A Bai Yu face strange looked that said to Xia Tian. The Zhaoshan river wiped off the tea on oneself face: You will not be taken by force.” Several other people are also a face curious looks to Xia Tian. Not to mention, after I have only been able to tell you, do not enter Shennongjia, even if went to 100 Earth Grade Expert, will die in inside.” Xia Tian said does not exaggerate, light is the owner of these python and that mysterious roar, can definitely kill these people. Let alone following wild boar group, pack of wolves, lion, tiger wait / etc.. Endless of number, afterward Xia Tian had chosen to travel by water, he thinks the waterway to be able the safety point. But in water gentlest was the piranha. The water monster, various Xia Tian sees has not seen the water monster to appear in the Xia Tian front continually. This he experienced 9981 difficultly successfully to go out of the silva of Shennongjia all the way. Goes out of silva that moment, he must unable to insist. „After it seems like, entered Shennongjia to be careful again.” Bai Yu light saying, he has not regarded the joke to listen.

He knows that Xia Tian is not cracks a joke absolutely, moreover can look from Xia Tian present dressing up, he underwent countless tribulations absolutely. This, Xia Tian has eaten many things. Fan Zhuifeng has bought clothes in the local area for him, although is not the name brand, but also compares to have the main body individuality. Before on airplane, Xia Tian said goodbye to green Anhui and her Senior Brother, and has left behind his mobile number, after letting them, had the opportunity to come Jiang Hai City to look for itself. When Xia Tian has gotten down that moment of airplane, he felt that own whole person is refreshing. I went home first, I must study that flying fox blade skill, that meteorite, happen to my several brothers did not have good point Kungfu.” Xia Tian said goodbye to Bai Yu and the others to go home directly directly. After Xia Tian goes home, he absolutely does not have to rest. But opens flying fox blade skill and Inner Strength directly. After having looked, Xia Tian understands why finally Gu Shengta must sell it, because this flying fox blade skill and Inner Strength are disrupt radically, if this practices, that overstated absolutely. However this flying fox blade skill and Inner Strength absolutely real. This flying fox blade skill and Inner Strength had been disrupted completely, but it definitely has her rule.” Xia Tian frowns saying that he knows the person who disrupts will not be lost by own Secret Art absolutely. 37952684. Ha Ha, I have discovered that originally is this, cannot think that flying fox blade skill and Inner Strength founder unexpectedly is this.” On the face of Xia Tian suddenly presented the excited expression.