Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 550

Xia Tian was pressing the order directly has all arranged flying fox blade skill and Inner Strength Core Law. Originally is this!” Xia Tian looked to understand finally. The opening of flying fox blade skill introduced why this Kungfu master must such do. During he is also has no intention to discover this Kungfu, after cultivation, the strength increases, he is just a young bandit, since cultivation this Kungfu, he has dominated neighbor all mountain tops. At that time he looked like an overlord is the same, but the good outlook did not last long, he was betrayed by his brothers, coerced with his wife, making him hand over flying fox blade skill and Inner Strength, he was forced has written down this flying fox blade skill and Inner Strength. He knows that one and his wife must die without doubt, but he has not been willing to let flying fox blade skill and Inner Strength is lost in light of this, therefore he has thought of this means. I Ching! What he uses is I Ching, his brothers have a dream cannot think that his bandit unexpectedly will use I Ching. His brothers know that his individuality, before he at the point of death, is absolutely impossible to leave behind fake flying fox blade skill and rare book, cultivation that therefore his brothers keep, but how to practice finally practices inadequately, but also almost overstated. Finally his brothers discovered that this flying fox blade skill and Inner Strength were disrupted. Therefore he wants completely various means but has not succeeded finally, until he died, he has not solved this secret, therefore he passes on one generation this matter one generation, finally does not know how fell in Gu Shengta the hand. The person in ancient Saint tower has not solved this secret, therefore took to auction it. These people have a dream do not think that bandit unexpectedly meets I Ching, moreover his unexpectedly carries on to disrupt with I Ching.” Xia Tian felt that was really too skillful, he had used I Ching a moment ago by chance, finally has discovered the clue. Finds from the following matter that Xia Tian guessed this Inner Strength enough cultivation to Heaven Grade, because that bandit recorded in this above, his then Martial Arts thought first under Heaven, he has defeated innumerable Expert.

The blade air/Qi that his blade chops can kill Expert 50 meters away. Therefore Xia Tian guessed that he is very likely Earth Grade late stage or Earth Grade greatly complete Realm. Moreover he added that he does not have cultivation to highest Realm. It seems like I pick the treasure.” Xia Tian excited saying, he had been worrying before does not have what good Inner Strength and style teaches Little Fei them, currently finally has the thing. Therefore he has made a phone call to Xu directly, this time he called Xu, the fire was old, Little Fei, Fan Jin and Zhao Long, he has not gone to call these women of Xia Family armed forces, because this Kungfu did not suit them. But he simultaneously received a news. Brother Xiaoma left Jiang Hai City. Before he just before leaving, made Xu pass on to Xia Tian said that outside before Heavenly Connection the hole opened, he will certainly come back. How will Brother Xiaoma know outside Heavenly Connection the hole matter?” Xia Tian puzzled saying. Moreover he does not know that actually Brother Xiaoma went where, he is a little worried about Brother Xiaoma now, after all Brother Xiaoma was he one of the most own people in this world. However he also knows that Brother Xiaoma always so, he did not tell itself definitely not to want by himself to look for him. Therefore he also can only wait. Before Xia Tian had not made the fire old and Xu cultivation Kungfu, but was now different, he knows that cultivation Kungfu will let these two person longevities, therefore he planned to let their together cultivation.

Therefore Xia Tian started to lead several other cultivation flying fox blade skill, the one who just started Xia Tian to make them use was the ordinary thin-bladed knife, afterward the meteorite in addition Shanghai Steel Works of Xia Tian use refiner technique beyond the day forged together. Built five broadswords, he on the blade according to flying fox blade skill built completely, the contour was exactly the same. Has not built as for him, reason that he practices with them together, to direct them, he has not planned the meaning of cultivation flying fox blade skill, because he had Finger of Consonance and Heaven Absolute Wake this going against heaven's will Inner Strength and style. But he had not discovered that his talent is to go far beyond several other people, therefore his cultivation flying fox blade skill speed were too quickly more than several other people. Moreover he is Profound Grade late stage Expert, therefore his cultivation gets up to be quick. Young he Kojiro, on school at the back of that book bag. A bit faster comes to the school, do not forget today is you complies my.” Telephone that has broadcast the longleg beauty department head Fang Yan voice directly. „!” Xia Tian nodded to say. Afterward he walks toward the school directly. The fire is old and after Xu Laojiang on matter arranges on hand, started with these youngster together cultivation, although their cultivation speed wanted on slow some, but Xia Tian has selected their meridians with the silver needle, therefore they also completely are the spirit are now sparkling. After Xia Tian arrived at Jianghai University, carried off by longleg department head beauty directly. Today is Jianghai University and Island Country cultural exchange meeting, I need you to represent us am go to battle, these Islander were very wild, said that entire Jianghai University each department can send.” Longleg beauty department head Fang Yan said. Compared with what, entire Jianghai University these many departments, they can compare?” Xia Tian puzzled saying.

Principal made everybody register, loses had the penalty, has won next year to this department biggest subsidy, our nursing department was very poor, can stand up from failure visits you, I pressed the initial capital.” Longleg beauty department head Fang Yan believes Xia Tian. What did you press?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. nursing is three years of subsidy, if you lost, the nursing department will be getting more and more poor, finally the experiment class cannot get up completely.” Longleg department head beauty earnest saying. shit, you said that I have not been able to lose.” Xia Tian felt own task is very heavy. That was natural, you have won, our nursing department will have own laboratory, next year will have own experimental stage prop, if you lost, you were the criminals of entire nursing department.” Longleg department head beauty excited saying. Presses Lishan to be big, but looks like I such graceful person, will not care about the test.” Xia Tian said. When Xia Tian and longleg department head beauty runs up to the local time of competition. ! The weeping sound, some unexpectedly people are crying, moreover is not one. This inside has the weeping sound of student, there is a weeping sound of other department head, these students felt one have disappointed department head's trust, has harmed the entire department, therefore cries, because these department heads they have also bet three years of subsidy. Three years of subsidy does not have, therefore they will cry. When Xia Tian and longleg department head beauty enters the competition conference site, male corners of the mouth in corner slightly one slanting.