Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 555

I force to go, your here unexpectedly also has this Advanced goods.” Xia Tian was shocked completely. Looks at the small leather whip in beauty leading hand, Xia Tian does not know that said any was good, beauty leading asked directly: Said?” ! The small leather whip pulled out on the table. „The department head so is why polite with you.” A beauty leading foot steps on a hand on the stool takes the small leather whip to ask. ! At this moment, the gate opened, is department head beauty. Volume, at just the right moment, you continue, I do not worry.” Department head beauty said that and closed. Ended!” A beauty leading hand covers own face to say. Volume, I have a look at him to have any matter.” Xia Tian said that escaped from the evil clutches of beauty leading directly. When Xia Tian arrives at outside, department head beauty has not walked away. What matter has?” Xia Tian looked that asked to department head beauty. You were busy first, finish looked for me.” Saying that department head beauty a face badly smiles. „, You misunderstood.” Xia Tian depressed saying. All right, I do not worry, I want to tell you, that Takeuchi lacks the heart resembles the wound is very serious, moreover I am afraid him to retaliate you, therefore reminded your one.” Department head beauty said. „, He cannot die, but this whole life should be never recurring.” Xia Tian light saying. Volume, good, you go back to be busy your, I walked first, do not make others and others too long.” Saying that department head beauty badly smiles. Department head beauty said that left on turn around.

My Fuck! the Xia Tian feeling is very speechless, he can only say that was too skillful. Although helpless, but he turned back the office. Was good, the time was up, I tidy up us to walk.” beauty leading said. Wait / Etc.!” Xia Tian shouts suddenly. How?” beauty leading puzzled asking. I do not know your name to the present, if when the time comes some people asked me, I did reply? You looked that my pants like this exit, that can not to smile.” Xia Tian depressed saying. Volume, my name was Han Qingqing.” beauty leading said. Han Qingqing, good name.” Xia Tian said. First do not praise my name, what to do first thinks your pants!” beauty leading depressed saying. I go to a washroom, you wait / etc. I.” Xia Tian said that ran, after two minutes, Xia Tian ran, his pants also did. How did this do quickly?” beauty leading surprised asking. Secret!” Xia Tian has shown the mysterious smiling face. beauty leading was really was getting more and more curious to Xia Tian, she impression to Xia Tian was very simple, just started to skip classes most that male students, was in classroom the only male student, afterward the directors tacitly consented to his skipping classes. Let her to Xia Tian has a new look in a big way is, Xia Tian had saved her night. Generally speaking, she thought that Xia Tian is an odd person. Did not say that knocks it off.” beauty leading Han Qingqing has taken up the package directly, then walks toward outside. Xia Tian also followed.

All the way, Han Qingqing simple explained with Xia Tian situation, tomorrow before is her, day that the boyfriend marries, she before her the boyfriend is the schoolmate of university time, therefore before tonight her , before the boyfriend invited, some quite good schoolmate. She is also person who invited. She did not plan, but after having considered carefully, she decides, because she thinks that she has put down, a such man is not worth her making the piffle. That night if were not Xia Tian has saved her, she definitely will be tarnished, she knows after one were tarnished, oneself will not live on dishonorably absolutely in Shi. Therefore she will again definitely not have for this person any is sad. Reason that she today also attended her wedding banquet, regards the opposite party is an ordinary friend, moreover he also needs to come to mediate by himself, this mediates very simply, before she must have a look at actually oneself where are inferior to her , the boyfriend present girlfriend. Xia Tian accompanied her to go to the hotel together. The person who today goes to is not only then their several friends, some friends and schoolmates of bride's side. This is the Jiang Hai City custom, marriage previous day must entertain own good friend and schoolmate. This is to express thanks to the brothers who these come from far away. Can for he marries person, but arrives, that should have this treatment, therefore today is both parties receives cordially the day of oneself friend together, together friend who reason that receives cordially both parties. To let everybody mutually knows. This also to give these single male and female good opportunities. Therefore everybody is also willing to attend such banquet. When Han Qingqing and Xia Tian arrive at hotel, the entrance stopped many good car(riage)s. Han looked at the arrangement location of banquet clear, the brow wrinkled the wrinkle, before she had heard her , the girlfriend who the boyfriend looked for was very rich, this hotel he has heard, was one of the entire Jiang Hai City most famous several hotels. Nearby Jianghai University that she knows has a hotel of this rank, is the day of auspiciousness gate, but the day auspiciousness gate does not make the banquet.

The scale of this hotel is very high. The entrance security is directing the parking there. We go.” Xia Tian sees Han Qingqing there god, therefore he walks toward inside directly. Han saw clear Xia Tian walks to inside, she goes forward directly, the right hand pulled the Xia Tian left arm. Xia Tian looked at Han Qingqing, shows a faint smile, walks toward inside directly. Relaxes, you are best.” Xia Tian is Han inflates clear, they walk toward inside directly. Just entered shortly after the entrance, Xia Tian saw a man and a woman there tend shop, that male seeing Han Qingqing time gawked slightly, that man has sized afterward up Xia Tian one, afterward walked forward. Qingqing, you came late, one must drink several cups much.” That man shows a faint smile to say. Husband, who this is, did not introduce.” His girlfriend walked to ask from behind. Her name was Han Qingqing, was my beforehand schoolmate.” That man introduced. „, Han Qingqing, before is your , girlfriend!” Saying that female disdains, her vision contemptuous has swept one on Han Qingqing, afterward looked at Xia Tian: Vision was really more and more bad.” Qingqing, you such already came.” At this moment Xia Tian they behind walked three people, two male female, saw these three people time, on Han Qingqing face one happy. You also came.” Han looked said clear to that three people. That man sees the time brow wrinkles of these three people.