Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 556

These people come time, the mood of that man is not top-rated, before their five, is the best friend, at that time they were carefree, he overtook Han Qingqing with the help of people. At that time their five people in were very together happy. Until they bid good-bye, he has not drawn the Han clear hand, afterward he knew his present girlfriend, is the female of his side, they know first late rested in one. Then they officially in together, him is a poor diao silk, without any money and capital, this woman is different, in her family has a lot of money, married this female he little to struggle for dozens years, therefore he decides to marry him now this girlfriend. Zhiming, long time no see.” The following that man opens the mouth to say. Your three also came, come.” Zhiming's light saying. Your this is any friend.” That female discontented saying. Zhiming, good, married the wife.” That female light saying of three people, her words one hear is not praising the person, but is dirtying that Zhiming. Xia Tian has not spoken, but is static looks at these people. Whoops, looks that the appearance of clothes just got off work.” Saying that Zhiming's girlfriend disdains: This has the management, the custom service, the peddler, Zhiming, you have not selected the friend of having prospects.” Volume, everybody sits advanced.” Zhiming was a little also awkward, after all was said does not have the face matter very much. He he.” That female coldly smiles, afterward takes the lead to walk toward inside: Qingqing, we go to sit.” Em.” Han nodded clear, therefore their five same places walk toward inside.

Snort!” Zhiming's girlfriend coldly snort. Several people arrive at inside time sat on a table directly, at this time that several talented people discovered existence of Xia Tian, because the Xia Tian existence feeling was too low, his a few words had not said. Qingqing, you did not introduce to us.” That female shows a faint smile to open the mouth to say. Right, clear, introduced that is a handsome and intelligent son of the influential.” Another two men also with a smile said. „, He said.” The Han clear words added that Xia Tian directly first said: My name was Tashita, was the clear boyfriend.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, Han Qingqing is a face strange looks to Xia Tian, does not understand that Xia Tian is any meaning, but she has not seen through Xia Tian but continues saying: She is my boyfriend, the summer. Tashita, I gives you to introduce, this careless girl is my good sisters Yan Xiaoyu, this wears the uniform is Dingshan, this small Boss was called once becomes.” What Han clear 11 is the Xia Tian introduction said. Good, boy, long is very graceful, I warned you, if you later dare to bully our family to be clear, I will not let off your.” In Yan Xiaoyu's words and well-meant, she is just is cracking a joke with Xia Tian. He he!” Xia Tian awkward smiles, has not spoken. Good Xiaoyu, do not frighten others.” Dingshan said. Is, Brother, do not care, Xiaoyu usually is this, careless.” Once became answered hurriedly. Relax, he is not mean-spirited.” Han shows a faint smile clear.

The surrounding person were getting more and more, but majority are the good friend and schoolmate of bride's side, naturally also came some Zhiming's schoolmates, but these schoolmates are not too familiar with Han Qingqing and the others, is not familiar with that Zhiming, but they came. Because they heard good that now Zhiming mixes, therefore planned that spills the relations with Zhiming. Zhiming drew their them to stand. The people come was similar, Zhiming and his girlfriend also came back, after they come back, has said a hello with the surroundings quite familiar person, nodded with these not ripe person, afterward moved toward Han Qingqing their this tables directly. This middle Han Qingqing their several chatted very fiery, they very long had not met, now meeting of naturally was very happy. Xia Tian has sat there hear of them chats has not spoken. After Zhiming's girlfriend and side several friends fire off greeting, walks directly to Xia Tian their this tables, Zhiming noticed that she walks to here, followed hurriedly. Yo, chatted good.” Zhiming's girlfriend looked at Han Qingqing and the others several saying that on the face has filled disdaining. Originally is the new bride, sits down chats together.” Yan Xiaoyu very impolite saying. You are serve or sell insurance? Or is the clerk of lodging only real estate?” On Zhiming's girlfriend face has filled disdaining, her look also specially much looked at several on the professional clothes that on Yan Xiaoyu wore. Yan Xiaoyu naturally understood her meaning: I am the house agent.” „, Also is not sells the young clerk in house.” Zhiming's girlfriend said that and turned the head to look to Dingshan: Management, hears now management very fiercely.”

I am the administrative enforcement.” Saying of Dingshan coldly. Also is not smelly management.” Saying that Zhiming's girlfriend ridiculed, she turned the head to look that afterward to once has become: You in which night market spreads one's wares on the ground for sale, is right, has, when the brothers of management are covering you, does this line also to be able relaxed many.” Zhiming's girlfriend clarified one by one taunted. She knows these people's relations with Zhiming, knows Han Qingqing their several relations, therefore she has not planned and these people becomes friends, moreover she felt that she became friends with this group of people falls in price. That is, how we possibly compare with your this daughter young lady, we eat meal by our both hands, cannot eat the parents.” Yan Xiaoyu is on the mouth does not forgive the lord of person, she looked to understand, the opposite party was finds fault, therefore she will be certainly impolite. Once some friends asked me, said why the person must struggle, I told him, because was poor.” Saying that Zhiming's girlfriend disdains, turned the head to look afterward to Han Qingqing, when appearance and stature when she saw Han Qingqing, in the look revealed the envy. „Does Miss Han, where take a higher position?” A that female face ponders looked that said to Han Qingqing. Jianghai University nursing is leading.” Saying that Han clear unemotionally. Yo, is a teacher, is really Top Grade, why has, Zhiming, your friends are also complete enough.” After Zhiming's that girlfriend looked at people, arrogant saying: Has a look at these friends who I come, the senior official of your administrative enforcement unit, developer Boss, in addition clothing big shot.” Was good, let alone.” Zhiming goes to his girlfriend hurriedly. Viera I, one crowd of trash.” Zhiming's girlfriend very loud saying.