Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 557

The girlfriend who hears Zhiming scolds directly, the atmosphere immediately becomes specially awkward, but these friends of Zhiming girlfriend, then all stood to look to here, wanted to have a look what happened, needs to help. Hears own girlfriend to scold directly, moreover scolded before , best friend, Zhiming also felt that his honor somewhat could not hang. Zhiming, good, your wife is very good, the quality is very high.” Yan Xiaoyu ridiculed looked that said to Zhiming. Zhiming is been red by the entire face that Yan Xiaoyu said that but he did not have any means that who lets him is to live by pimping now, he looks attractively before others, was driving over a million car(riage)s, where arrived at others to call his general manager. However he knows all these that own present obtains are the father of his girlfriend give. Therefore his innermost feelings are afraid lose all these. She possibly a little drank a moment ago.” Zhiming is also a little saying of apology, after all before these people, is he best friend. I have not drunk many.” Zhiming's girlfriend shoved open Zhiming to say. Xiaoya, how?” Zhiming's girlfriend Xiaoya behind these people go forward to ask. All right, you sit down to drink your, I one will look for you.” Xiaoya looked that shows a faint smile to these people, very optional saying. These people nodded sit down afterward. Do not make.” Zhiming feels very awkwardly. I not noisy, sits to drink two cups together.” Xiaoya brought two glasses of red wines from nearby table directly: Comes, on but actually.” She but actually got up one glass of liquor for all people.

No matter what, you are Zhiming's friends, today can come gives him the face, everybody does one.” Xiaoya has held up the wine class in hand directly. Everybody drinks one.” Zhiming said. Hears Zhiming's words, Han Qingqing they have held up the wine class in oneself hand. No matter what, tomorrow was the day that you married, wishing you newly-married.” Dingshan opens the mouth saying that although they do not like Zhiming's new girlfriend Xiaoya, but before them , the relations with Zhiming is truly good, therefore this glass of liquor they must drink. Thanks!” Zhiming nodded, he knows that his relations with these people was getting more and more far, brothers who in the past had nothing unsaid, now also almost shape with stranger, brothers but who for these years, his such several were worth missing. He acknowledged that he likes the present life, he also likes money, but he solely clear does not bid good-bye with Han for these. He could not find the feeling of man on Han Qingqing, Han Qingqing thought was too conservative, even touches does not make him touch, he is also a normal man, therefore he proposed bidding good-bye. For the desire, he proposed bidding good-bye. Good, you chatted, I had a look at the friend of mine.” After Xiaoya drinks up this cup, unexpectedly walked directly, moreover makes Zhiming accompany very much naturally here. A moment ago was really embarrassed.” Zhiming noticed that his girlfriend walked, opens the mouth to apologize directly. Has anything to be good to apologize with us, crosses us everyone not to know in any case today, we drank your celebration drink because of the beforehand friendship, passed tonight, the beforehand friendship all considered as finished.” Yan Xiaoyu opens the mouth to say gratefully that she has not said anything. Em.” Zhiming nodded, he knows that their friendship to the end, he has taken a completely different road. Yo, Zhiming, drinking, these are your friend, drink one together.” At this moment, side walks a fatty, fatty is not old, but walks truly sways.

„, Wang elder brother.” Zhiming goes forward to greet hurriedly. Wang Dui!!” Dingshan stands up suddenly, originally this fatty Wang elder brother unexpectedly is Captain of administrative enforcement place. He he!” Xia Tian silently smiles, has not made perfectly clear, he does not need to guess that knows this person is that Xiaoya looks certainly, clarified must pour liquor down the throat. „, You said.” That Captain Wang elder brother a little could not think his name. Dingshan, I called Dingshan.” Dingshan said hurriedly. „, Little Ding, has not thought that your unexpectedly knew Zhiming such friend, that must drink one.” That Captain Wang elder brother raises the cup directly. Everybody drinks one.” Zhiming said. Han is clear they to see this person is the boss in Dingshan , can only accompany is drinking one cup, they can not give the face of that Xiaoya, but they have no alternative but to this Wang elder brother face, if they do not give this Wang elder brother face, after that Dingshan day was difficult to mix. The people all drank. Come, tomorrow was Zhiming's the day of big marriage, you were also Zhiming's friends, we said that anything must drink one again.” That Captain Wang elder brother has held up the wine class in oneself hand once more. This time besides Dingshan, has raised glass without any person, everybody looked to understand, this person clearly was pours liquor down the throat. Dingshan looked at Han Qingqing awkwardly their eyes, afterward he also put down wine class in the hand. What's wrong? Doesn't Little Ding, show due respect for the feelings?” That Captain Wang elder brother's face pulled down immediately.

Wang Dui, you , to drink, I accompany you to drink and that's the end, is my these friend alcohol capacities is not good, they.” Dingshan looked that said to the Captain Wang elder brother. Snort!” Captain Wang elder brother cold snort, fell the wine class directly on the table: Dingshan, do you want to do.” Bang! Dingshan also fell the wine class directly on the table: „A work, does my Dingshan do not to matter, but my Dingshan absolutely is not that type person, for the work and money can betray the friend.” Hears the words of Dingshan, Zhiming feels his face burning fever. Good, Dingshan, you will not need to go to work tomorrow.” That Captain Wang elder brother said that direct turn around left. This.” Zhiming's awkward saying, he also thought that was somewhat embarrassed, Dingshan attended his wedding, but unexpectedly lost including the work finally, his eye looked in all directions randomly that wants to alleviate awkwardly, at this moment he had discovered a man, this man has sat in the Han clear side, he had not said to the present a few words from start that as if no any existence feeling to be the same. Qingqing, you to me did not introduce that your new boyfriend, sat there a few words did not say.” Zhiming direct jump topic. You can call me to be clear for Han, thanks, he is my boyfriend Tashita.” Saying of Han clear coldly. Hello, my name was Liu Zhiming, you asked my Zhiming to be OK.” Zhiming has not cared about Han Qingqing expression, but extended the right hand to Xia Tian directly. At this moment , the person has arrived at front of their table.