Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 558

That person arrives at this table of times, puts on the table beverage bottle. I heard that your here has the house agent, I carry out the development, the person who although knows are not many, but if I want to lose the work, should very be simple.” This person opens the mouth to say directly that his words are very direct, he opens mouth threatens. His meaning is very simple, either drinks, either loses the work, moreover later you again could not do in this line. A moment ago his procedure must come compared with that Captain Wang elder brother directly. After that Xiaoya left a moment ago, made these people disturb directly, her goal was very simple, she must get drunk these people, then found the person to repair these people maliciously, no matter finally they do drink, the work can lose. She must make these fellows have a look at her fierce. Let them talk back to oneself, moreover tomorrow will be the big day that will marry, but before that Zhiming's that the girlfriend also really dares to come, right, the invitation to wedding will be she sends. Former girlfriend who she must be mad Zhiming, but she has not thought that Zhiming's former girlfriend also really dares to come. „Have I feared?” Yan Xiaoyu shows a faint smile. Drinks does not drink?” The person who that carries out the development looked that asked to Yan Xiaoyu. Naturally does not drink, must drink also drinks with the friends of mine, what thing are you?” Although Yan Xiaoyu is a female, however her temperament is very irritable, moreover on the mouth is always not the bountiful people. Ok, ok, he do not drink? I accompany him to drink.” At this moment, Xia Tian opens the mouth to say suddenly. „Are you also a man, looks does not understand that what situation now is?” Yan Xiaoyu's discontented saying, she in a moment is this, who annoys her, she will not be used.

„The multi- incident is inferior to few incident!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he is really very low-key. Snort, you are any thing, must drink is also I and she drinks is right!” Saying that person who that carries out the housing development disdains. Sees Xia Tian to admit defeat, that Zhiming instead some appearances of taking pleasure in others'misfortunes. Although he pretended the appearance of very big stomach a moment ago, but that he bumped Han Qingqing who has not bumped unexpectedly to pull him to come in a moment ago, this made him have strong failure feeling, therefore he saw inside and outside now Xia Tian did not flatter, showed a faint smile, has not said anything. Drinks in any case, she was definitely cannot drink with you, how you one can pass reports on accomplishments, you had a look at that caustic and mean woman to visit you in that.” Xia Tian is an appearance of face smiling face. However his words make Yan Xiaoyu stare slightly, because she thinks a moment ago Xia Tian is recognizes instigated, therefore she is looking down upon Xia Tian very much, but she hears the Xia Tian words to be clear now, originally the words make foreshadowing for the present these words. His meaning is very simple. You are the small role that was ordered, I drink one glass of liquor to let you with you quite back down, avoid your Boss one will blame you. Boy, my temperament is not good.” That carries out the housing development person coldly looks at Xia Tian to say. Changes!” Xia Tian very optional saying. Ha Ha!” Hears the Xia Tian words, Yan Xiaoyu smiled directly, Dingshan and once became is also helpless shaking the head, they look to understand now that did not speak a moment ago, very low-key that person, unexpectedly such had the talent. Brat, you court death!” Person who that carries out the housing development holds up beverage bottle in hand directly to walk to Xia Tian.

You must do!!” Dingshan and once became directly had stood. Person who that carries out the housing development gawked slightly, stands in same place. Yo yo, wants to fight, unexpectedly these many people bully my friend person, do you think my nobody?” Xiaoya said that walks directly to here, but her behind these guests also directly walked, inside men dozens people. The atmosphere coagulated all of a sudden. Zhiming was one looked at good play a moment ago the appearance, but he has not thought that the matter will turn into this: Your several walk.” Walks, we will walk certainly, but Zhiming, you and we from now henceforth describe the stranger, you continue to have your soft food.” The appearance that Yan Xiaoyu very polite saying, he took pleasure in others'misfortunes a moment ago was also seen by Yan Xiaoyu, therefore Yan Xiaoyu believes firmly that own procedure is right. Before this person is not them, that Zhiming who knows. Wait / Etc.! Did I ask you to leave?” Xiaoya opens the mouth to say. He has arrived at Yan Xiaoyu's front directly, looked at a Yan Xiaoyu, then looked at Han Qingqing: Tomorrow is the day of my big marriage, today my good intention held the banquet to entertain you, has not thought that your unexpectedly dares to cause trouble.” When did we cause trouble?” Dingshan contemptuous smiles. Added has not caused trouble, you offended the friend of mine a moment ago, now offended one, moreover scolded my future husband, you give to figure out, is their this causes trouble?” That Xiaoya direct shouts loudly. Fabricated, if this placed the ancient times, you absolutely were Qin Kuai.” Shaking the head of Yan Xiaoyu disdains.

Your present unexpectedly also dares to scold me!” Xiaoya angry saying. „It is not good, cannot ask them to leave, their this clarified bullies the person.” Right, his unexpectedly dares to bully our nobody, our here what people do not have, rich, is authorized, some people, fear anything.” Is, today they must kneel down to apologize, otherwise cannot put them to walk.” Xiaoya behind that group of people shout directly, can become the friend with Xiaoya such person, that absolutely will not be a poor person, moreover they could see that Xiaoya must deal with these people, therefore they have all stood. Saw that the enormous and powerful person walks toward them, Yan Xiaoyu also stares. „Do you want to do? I must report to the police!” Yan Xiaoyu puts out the cell phone directly. Report, I do not plan to kill you, does not plan to hit you, we are the civilized people, but you must kneel down to apologize to me, once otherwise you go out of here, I cannot guarantee that can some people make anything to you.” The Xiaoya corners of the mouth one continues to say slightly slantingly: For example manner gang up and beat, had been gripped several blades, delimited to quarrel face-to-face, towed to nobody's place XXOO.” You, you are shameless, Zhiming, this is the good wife who you look, we are attend your wedding, do you think so?” Yan Xiaoyu looked shouts angrily to Zhiming. I do not certainly look, my wife is very good, you also said a moment ago, from now henceforth we no one know anyone, how do you have what relations with me? If your several kneel down to beg for mercy now, perhaps I will look that was in schoolmate's share seeks the plea before with my wife for you.” Saying that Zhigang ridiculed, he has revealed his true countenance.