Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 559

Now Han Qingqing their five, are stranded completely here, walks is not, remains is not, first wants to go out not to have from here directly is so easy, next they exited now, definitely also by the person ambush that Xiaoya will arrange. Is anything is not very dry depending on their these people. You go too far.” Yan Xiaoyu's angry saying. Bullied you, again? One group of poor diao silk.” In the vision of Xiaoya has filled disdaining. Who is she? The God's favored ones, have the golden key to grow up since childhood, she most looks down upon was the poor person, especially these do not know that the profound poor person, unexpectedly also dares to talk back to him, exactly sufficed simply. Apology, must apologize, otherwise today's matter does not consider as finished.” Right, moreover must be kowtows the apology, otherwise your several cannot walk absolutely.” Kowtows the apology to be good? Must be kneels down to kowtow the apology.” These people more said stranger. Dingshan and once became Yan Xiaoyu protected after behind, they knew today's matter definitely unable friendly, but they will not recognize absolutely instigated that the head may break, the blood may flow, cannot recognize instigated. Han clear face anxious looks to Xia Tian, from the face of Xia Tian look that but she has not seen any fear. If I do want to walk?” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say suddenly. Heard this from arriving not to say the people of several words, opened the mouth suddenly, everybody looked to him, has saying that Xia Tian from arriving at the present existence feeling was really too low, by his present status, was Han Qingqing boyfriend status, that absolutely aimed at object, however his existence feeling was too low, caused to neglect him proficiently. Person unexpectedly that this continuously neglected started talking.

Moreover opens the mouth so to taunt, all drew simply the hatreds of all people. How is it? He he!” Xiaoya coldly smiles. !!! The surroundings have spread immediately a series of broken beverage bottle sound, obviously is in these people's pounds hand beverage bottle in the table corner, touches broken, this is the omen of fight, such does to be possible not only for act high and mighty. According to the science statistics, the advantage that such makes has three points, the first point, the imposing manner of one's own side will rise \; Second, can condense team, falls, all people all fall, the jar edges and corners that the third point, shakes off are distinct, the sharp degree is not inferior to the dagger. You words will again say now.” Saying that Xiaoya disdains. Xia Tian shows a faint smile, has arrived at the front of Xiaoya directly: „Do you frighten me?” Frightens you to be also what kind of?” Xiaoya looked that said to Xia Tian. We walk now from this, I looked that who dares to begin, I ensure his latter half of life passed in the firmness, if we exit to bump into any danger, I can also guarantee that you will unable to see tomorrow's Sun.” The Xia Tian corners of the mouth move slightly open the mouth to say directly. Your unexpectedly dares such to speak to me.” Xiaoya said that takes up beverage bottle to Xia Tian throw directly, she knows, so long as begin, these people with together will all begin. However at this moment, a big hand held her wrist|skill directly. Elder brother, how is you, when you come back.” Xiaoya saw that was own elder brother came back, on face immediately one happy. I do not come back, you caused trouble.” The elder brothers in Xiaoya open the mouth to say directly.

He he!” Xia Tian coldly laughter, holds Han Qingqing hand afterward, walks toward outside directly, Dingshan several people also directly followed, nobody dares to begin, in entire banquet hall very peaceful, they like this look that Xia Tian they exit. „Does elder brother, why you let go them?” Xiaoya puzzled asking. You know that who he is?” The elder brothers in Xiaoya asked. I listened to him saying that a moment ago he called any Tashita.” Zhigang said hurriedly that he knows actually own this uncle elder brother has the big skill, therefore he saw his uncle elder brother to grovel. Snort, he called Xia Tian, the death that the Jianghai four young masters died, running of running, because of him, I had seen him on the Jiang Tianshu gambling ship, although I am unable to record to be clear he appearance, but saw his time, that makings will definitely not have the mistake.” The elder brothers in Xiaoya said hurriedly: You if a moment ago began, you all abandoned.” Anything!” Xiaoya surprised saying, she has not thought that low-key person unexpectedly so has been fierce: Was bad, the elder brother, I have arranged the good person to hit in downstairs to be remnant they.” These people were given to expel, next time will work brain.” The elder brothers in Xiaoya looked continually has not looked at Zhigang one eyes, he genuinely is looking down upon Zhigang. Zhigang hears boyfriend unexpectedly that Han Qingqing looks for newly to be so fierce, his is uncomfortable at heart. He is this, oneself cannot obtain, does not hope others to obtain, moreover he only hopes to see after Han Qingqing leaves itself, is very miserable. But he has not thought that Han Qingqing unexpectedly looked for a such big backer, backer who his uncle elder brothers do not dare to offend. Han is clear they to arrive at downstairs continuously in disturbedly, was worried that behind that group of people get rid suddenly, but they have not thought that these people really by Xia Tian fooling, Xia Tian a few words have made them not dare to begin. Perhaps everybody, they have ambushed carefully in downstairs the person, we got down on.” Saying of Dingshan cautious and solemn. Relax, not some people, if they want to begin, already began.” Xia Tian very optional saying.

The people have arrived at downstairs directly, with exactly the same that Xia Tian said that has not ambushed. Qingqing, has not looked, your this boyfriend skill is very big, a few words retreated in fear them.” Yan Xiaoyu shows a faint smile, saying of admiration. Volume!” Han Qingqing also a little hoodwinks now. This has anything, they are one group of sons of the influential, usually knows to bully, they can also bully one group to be afraid their people, if comes across the real matter, they will also be afraid.” Xia Tian answered directly. In other words, were you deceived a moment ago their?” Yan Xiaoyu surprised looks to Xia Tian. Naturally, then a son of the influential of important goods, feeds in the prison them, that least also needs the rank of state leader to have that authority, moreover you think that I am the leaders in club country's, said that whom kills to kill anyone.” Xia Tian answered. shit, your unexpectedly is explodes their, we also wait for anything, a bit faster takes taxi to run.” Yan Xiaoyu said that has hit a rental car directly: We run separatedly, then goes to the old restaurant set near Jianghai University.” Yan Xiaoyu said that was leading Dingshan and Zeng Chengjiu boards. Halts.” At this moment, Xia Tian they behind broadcast together the sound.