Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 560

Xia Tian hears these words time, turns head directly. He has not thought that also really has does not fear death. Halts, wait / etc.!” The person who pursues was a moment ago the elder brother in that Xiaoya: Your package fell.” His such saying, Xia Tian discovered that originally Han Qingqing walks is too hurried, fell own package here. „, Thanked.” The package in Xia Tian result his hand said. All right, all right!” The elder brother in that Xiaoya said hurriedly. Han clear puzzled looks to Xia Tian, but she has not spoken. Which you go, or I deliver you!” Saying that the elder brother in that Xiaoya does everything to please. Does not use! We took taxi on the line.” Xia Tian nodded to him, as the saying goes, puts out a hand not to hit to smile the dough figurine, this person so does everything to please, the Xia Tian nature said anything embarrassed. Nearby Han Qingqing was getting more and more blurry, because he noticed that this person was too amiable, she is very difficult to believe that this person with a moment ago that Xiaoya was brother and sister. Moreover she felt this person amiable is not a little normal, he is afraid Xia Tian to be the same probably very much. Rental car.” The elder brothers in Xiaoya hit one to stop directly in the hotel entrance. That rental car started. Delivers to the place that them wants to go, these turn over to you.” The cousins in Xiaoya threw to the taxi driver 1000 dollars directly.

Sees elder brother action of Xiaoya, Han Qingqing hoodwinked thoroughly, she felt that her student was really too mysterious, the department head just started is very polite to him, now this mysterious Xiaoya elder brother also so is respectful to him. Please board.” The elder brothers in Xiaoya were Xia Tian and Han Qingqing opened the vehicle door. Em.” Xia Tian nodded, boarded directly, Han Qingqing also boarded: To Jianghai University.” An elder brother face smiling face of Xiaoya gazes after Xia Tian they to leave, leaves after Xia Tian he wiped away sweat, he knows that this matter was the past, must otherwise, offend like this big figure, he also really insufficiently died. He sees with one's own eyes Xia Tian to be fierce, Jiang Tianshu that figure also by him was made left Jiang Hai City. The Jianghai four young masters die now, silly, remaining two also left Jiang Hai City, although he does not know that actually what happened, but he understands that all these were certainly related with Xia Tian. Thinks that his Little Sister was threatening a moment ago still Xia Tian, he feels the fear, was good he came because of today, otherwise his Little Sister might the family bring the total destruction to him very much. „Did you know a moment ago that person?” Han clear puzzled asking, she has suppressed was very long, after boarding, asked. Did not know.” Xia Tian shook the head. Why he fears your appearance probably very much.” Han Qingqing asked. How I know why he fears me, I am also first time see him.” Xia Tian said. Did not say that knocks it off.” Han thinks clear Xia Tian is deceiving her, the direct vitality turns the head to look to out of the window, no longer paid attention to Xia Tian. Xia Tian knows one explained that she will not believe that therefore simply does not explain.

The drivers have delivered to Jianghai University outside Laofandian them, before this hotel is Han Qingqing them , a home that always comes, Han Qingqing their several are the Jianghai University students. You came finally.” Yan Xiaoyu saw they come in said. Xia Tian looked at this old restaurant, suffices really old, seemed least also more than 20 years, in the room was not clean, but the health of main position was good, moreover this Laofandian has not reserved a room. Their five people sat on outside dinner table directly. Old fogy, but also remembers us?” Yan Xiaoyu very polite said to Boss of hotel. Naturally has remembered, your several little rascal have not changed, is your five.” Boss of hotel over 70 years old, the eye was a little also colored. Volume!” Han Qingqing and the others stare, although they are five people, but the fifth person has changed players, Zhiming changes into present this Tashita, Yan Xiaoyu looked said awkwardly to Xia Tian: Do not mind.” All right!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Generally speaking, the new boyfriend who they quite like Han Qingqing, because his manner is very low-key, is easy getting along with, moreover is useful in the crucial time, dares to stand, looked like a moment ago that situation, if others, already frightened to hoodwink, best phenomenon also like Dingshan them, although dares to stand, but solution any actual problem. But Han Qingqing now this boyfriend, usually the manner low key, once something happens, unexpectedly will directly have levelled, first did not say he really frightened the opposite party, solely dares to speak these words from him, can see that this person management ability was absolutely good. Therefore impression of their three to Xia Tian are good. Brother, we were also knew today, my Dingshan has not admired anyone, but today you are one, if you thought highly of my Dingshan, we starting today were the brothers.” Dingshan has held up the wine class in oneself hand directly. I, I once became, although did not have what skill, but later had the place that had a need for me once becoming to speak.” Once became opened the mouth to say directly.

Xia Tian has not spoken, but stands up, holds up the wine class in oneself hand. Sees the Xia Tian action, they nodded, although Xia Tian has not said anything, but he has proven with the motion. Your boy is good, I like.” Yan Xiaoyu nodded to say. Was good, was good, anything has not eaten, opens drinks.” Han clear discontented saying. Yo yo! How long then to locate, started on the control.” The Yan Xiaoyu direct accent said with a smile. Since has been familiar, she also starts to crack a joke, she is such person, careless, is originally ripe, likes cracking a joke with anyone, but she also divides the person, she only with herself thinks that relates the good person to crack a joke. The person who these she cannot have a liking for he directly starts to taunt. Vegetable!” The service personnel are also that Boss son and grandson. Such big food dish!” Xia Tian saw that the food dish is so big, stares slightly, he has not looked at such big tray in Jiang Hai City. Naturally, before Laofandian is us, most is willing to come, at that time went to school, poor, came out to eat meal is luxurious, was good because of having Laofandian , the food dish of their family was big, moreover was cheap, what was main was the vegetable is specially good, the chefs of their family were the Boss son and grandson, the cook hand down from generation to generation from Qing Dynasty.” Yan Xiaoyu answered. That must taste.” Xia Tian excited saying. When his chopsticks just extended, a beverage bottle child fragment collapsed, that fragment has passed through him directly, shot at sat in his opposite Yan Xiaoyu, saw that this fragment must grip on Yan Xiaoyu's face.