Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 561

Bang! A sound of beverage bottle child disruption conveys, at the same time a fragment of beverage bottle from behind flies. Saw that beverage bottle child fragment must grip on Yan Xiaoyu's face. On Yan Xiaoyu's face presented the panic-stricken expression, when she thinks when one lowest are the result of disfiguring one's face, the sudden two fingers appear in his front, that two finger unexpectedly this stiffly gripped the fragment. Puff! But that two fingers gripped the fist. Narrow squeak Xia Tian a moment ago two fingers the fragment gripped, he suddenly thinks that was not right, if he clamped with two fingers before the people like this directly, that appeared too the monstruous talent. Therefore he gripped fist hurriedly. Like this looks like in nearby person, he with the hand holds, but with double does not refer to gripping, moreover he also intentionally makes an effort to grip, making the glass lacerate the palm, like this seems is more lifelike, everybody can also believe. Xiaoyu.” Han ran up to Yan Xiaoyu's side clear hurriedly. Ah! Yan Xiaoyu has not restored from the shock, she is also afraid, she never had so the feeling death of short distance, she knew that fragment, if gripped directly, the probability that she died will be very big, disfigures one's face to add on the blind probability is very big. In brief is a few words, she is impossible not to have the matter. However she was now safe, thinks that here she looked suddenly to Xia Tian, was Xia Tian got rid to save her a moment ago, saw the hand of Xia Tian in the drop blood, her a few words had not said that ran hurriedly to Xia Tian, broke off the hand of Xia Tian directly, at this time that glass piece has gripped in the Xia Tian meat. You are all right!” Han also saw the wound on Xia Tian clear, ran hurriedly, but she sees the glass piece on Xia Tian actually not to dare to have any movement, this looks. Brother Tian.” Dingshan and once helped tight looks to Xia Tian.

All right!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, the left hand cramps out to the control of right hand directly. Do not move, here does not have gauze and liquid disinfectant, the words that you such directly pull out will infect, will cause the large surface area hemorrhage.” Han clear after is leading of nursing department, her thing understanding the nursing aspect are many, prevents Xia Tian hurriedly. Relax, all right.” Xia Tian that grinning appearance, the left hand directly cramps out to the glass piece. Puff! Yan Xiaoyu does not even dare to look, this was too cruel, she seems feels the pain. The blood keeps comes out from the wound class, said exactly the same that to Han Qingqing a moment ago. Was bad, quickly goes to hospital.” Han said clear hurriedly. Does not use!” Xia Tian that calm appearance, his calm makes the surrounding several people very admire, his hand such bleeds his unexpectedly also to be so calm. When Han also wants to say anything clear, in the left hand of Xia Tian presented an silver needle directly, the direct thorn to own right hand, the blood stopped instantaneously, sees this, several other people all stare. Volume, cannot.” Dingshan stares slightly. unexpectedly has stopped, too god.” Once became said. Silver needle, unexpectedly is an silver needle.” Yan Xiaoyu finally restored. This. This. This is how possible.” But Han Qingqing leading of nursing department, she has very deep research to nursing, but her unexpectedly saw such inconceivable one today. He he, I had studied the little medical skill before.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, answered.

Calm, calm, mysterious. This is Xia Tian gives these people of impressions. Xia Tian said, turns head to look, glass piece from there round, moreover now there is having the quarrel, one table of 78 youth were quarrelling with the service person. Han Qingqing and the others also look to there. How you want, refusing to accept, to believe me to put down your this broken hotel.” Do not go too far, our Laofandian opened for dozens years, the person like you I saw, however can also open our hotels to the present well.” The hotel Boss son looks angrily to these people. Do not make, the jar was injured by falling down.” Hotel Boss said that his over 70 years old is, although the memory also has, but eye anything has spent. Oh, is a hard stubble, but I do not believe you to be harder than our Shenlong martial arts school.” That several people are the people in Shenlong martial arts school, nearby this most famous two universities are Jianghai University and person in Shenlong martial arts school. The person in Shenlong martial arts school is usually very wild, if usually the Jianghai University student will bump into the person in Shenlong martial arts school intentionally to make way outside. Because this group of people usually like asking others to trouble. Moreover they got rid dozen of people are very famous matters. Shenlong martial arts school, is the person in Shenlong martial arts school, your Shenlong martial arts school was simply lawless.” Hotel Boss son angry saying, he usually has not been obviously short, because the person in Shenlong martial arts school worries. How, to refuse to accept, the words that refuses to accept, exit to try!” The people in these Shenlong martial arts schools are very wild. The hate of hotel Boss whole face, the person in this group of Shenlong martial arts schools comes to look for trouble each time . Moreover the person in their Shenlong martial arts school almost is a welldoing, which arrives stirs up trouble, like.

This group of person unexpectedly must eat hot pot, this is a hotel, which on looks for the hot pot, moreover a few words disagreement falls beverage bottle. The people in these Shenlong martial arts schools have been used. They become famous in nearby all hotels, they eat meal absolutely are not sole eating meal, but must on hotel noisy, they first probably convince here Boss, making here hotel Boss fear them. Moreover they also regard the capital of this matter being shows off. They conquer a hotel every time, will exit to show off, as if this is their must the class be the same, these many years passed by, nearby the Shenlong martial arts school all hotels were almost conquered by them. There hotel Boss saw them to go, was polite. Therefore they extended nearby the hand this. Just started is very smooth, but also two hotels were afterward difficult to do, one is now here Laofandian, another is neighbor the maximum day auspiciousness gate, these two are to become famous was difficult to do. Therefore they believe that so long as has conquered these two, that can become famous in the martial arts school absolutely. They here is finds fault today. Originally you are find fault.” Hotel Boss son angry dun said. Right, we are find fault, that has what kind, I heard that your family hotel very punctures the head, therefore comes to see today.” The person in that Shenlong martial arts school said directly. Hey, you almost injured to the friend of mine.” At this moment, the coldly sound appears in the side of that Shenlong martial arts school together.