Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 563

Hears the issue of Dingshan, Han Qingqing and the others all looked to Xia Tian, this was also their common questions. Xia Tian can hold glass a moment ago fast, moreover can a palm of the hand the person Shenlong martial arts school overthrow, this absolutely is not an average person, the people in Shenlong martial arts school all is a person skilled in martial arts. But that person unexpectedly was overthrown by a Xia Tian palm of the hand. „, I have become a soldier.” Xia Tian very optional saying, he cannot certainly say one met Martial Arts, this was the custom on Jianghu, met the Martial Arts person as far as possible before the person do not use, especially the person many places, do not disclose the related Kungfu matter to the average person. You have become a soldier!!” Hears the Xia Tian words later all people to stare. Front this looks like emaciated person unexpectedly has also become a soldier, this was really too inconceivable. Moreover Xia Tian usually was really too low-key, he wanted is a little movement time, that was almost the big movement, like a moment ago that several times, he either did not speak, a speech, retreated in fear that many people. Then sits there is very tranquil, has the matter to get rid. Also got rid to help to teach the person in that gang Shenlong martial arts school. Really many thanks your several.” The hotel Boss son comes out to say. Do not be impolite!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Son, stirs fry several hard vegetables to me, I must entertain these honored guests well, today their vegetable all exempts the list.” The hotel Boss son shouts directly. Good.” The hotel Boss grandson shouted ran directly after kitchen.

Does not use such politely.” Han said clear hurriedly. „It is not good, must well asked you to eat, for a long time has not bumped into such to my taste kid.” The hotel Boss son said. Since Boss has entertained lavishly, you also coy doing, goes to chat.” Yan Xiaoyu very happy saying, she works is always such happy, moreover she knows that Boss is wholehearted, therefore is impolite. Several people nodded also directly to follow. After entering the room, the first matter, Yan Xiaoyu mentioned one glass of liquor: Tashita, had saved me a moment ago thank you, if not you, really actually I am unable to imagine what happened.” All right, this is a man should do, moreover you clear good friend.” Xia Tian said here tender feelings looked is clear to Han. Han clear was really was at heart full of admiration to Xia Tian, this expression, this saying said that simply was the god, has deducted the status of this fake boyfriend perfectly. Good, I picked you, clear, you had a look, a good man, in 180 times compared with that Zhiming.” Yan Xiaoyu said loudly that she thought Xia Tian was really good. Asks the boyfriend to look for this, no matter is rich, the moral behavior is good enough, moreover he spoke to the people in these Shenlong martial arts schools a moment ago, is very honest, main he is a man of becoming a soldier, loyal Monarch is patriotic. Like this good man to hit the lantern unable to find simply. Dingshan and once became is also was full of praise to Xia Tian, Han Qingqing was planned to acknowledge that acknowledged relations between him and Xia Tian, but such was stirred to gather by their several, kept her from saying all of a sudden, if she now says, turned into the object who the people have attacked simply. Yan Xiaoyu they definitely will be when the time comes mad at her, is mad her also to deceive including oneself this group of people.

Moreover she knows that the temperament of these people, they will certainly urge themselves and Xia Tian in the same place, but Xia Tian is own student, she may unable to accept relations between this teacher and student. Was good, was good, first eats a thing.” Han can only shift the topic clear. Brother Tian, you that two were very a moment ago fierce, has the opportunity words, must learn from you well study.” Dingshan excited saying. Good, you have the words of time, momentarily can look for me.” Saying of Xia Tian face smiling face. Good, we settled.” Dingshan hears is so happy, naturally was very happy, he who Xia Tian complies hopes since childhood one also met Martial Arts, moreover can be very fierce, but since this became his dream, is unable to realize. Currently with great difficulty has this opportunity, he naturally must two incur with the Xia Tian study, after this, can serve as the self-defense. Inside person leave to me.” When the people eat hi, outside has broadcast a moment ago the voice of person of that Shenlong martial arts school, his sound is very unique, probably with the falsetto shouted that therefore the impression of people are very most. Really is one flock of flies, catches up cannot expel.” Son angry saying of hotel Boss. I have a look!” Xia Tian stands up directly. You sit this, I go out to chat with them.” The hotel Boss son has not made Xia Tian exit, but was he walked. We eat first, opens the door to do business, no one wants to stir up trouble.” Yan Xiaoyu's light saying, she knows that Boss exit, to level this matter, if Xia Tian they currently, very much may make the matter increase. Good!” Xia Tian nodded, he felt Yan Xiaoyu said is very reasonable.

„The Shenlong martial arts school is this, we go to school, they everywhere bully the person, this many years, are this welldoing.” Dingshan discontented saying, they had also eaten owing of Shenlong martial arts school before. „, This group of people did not hit the person to go, some Shenlong martial arts school also people guaranteed them, therefore radically useless.” Once became helpless saying. Doesn't have the law of the land?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. This law of the land has not related, once fights, that does not have the means to comment, hand that who moves first, when the time comes was either , either, neither , neither, therefore has let finally it go, moreover under the person in this group of Shenlong martial arts schools the stingy had the discretion, generally will not injure your semblance, was the face and arm leg and so on, because these wound can look, they will not make foolish matter like this generally, they hit the person are under the evil behindata-titlehe-scenes manipulator, since the police looked do not come out, can by the hit person least in several days. Is whole body severe pain.” Dingshan has heard the techniques of these people. Em, I had also heard related to their matters, in brief, Shenlong martial arts school these years little has not queered, however their students actually little have an accident.” Once became nodded. Ah! At this moment, outside has transmitted a pitiful yell, hears this pitiful yell time, all person complexions changed, because they can hear, this pitiful yell shouted from the Boss son's mouth. Hateful!” Xia Tian was a little angry, this group of people have really gone too far, unexpectedly also really dares to begin.