Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 564

This group of people also were really lawless, we spelled with them.” Yan Xiaoyu was also angry, she is half female man, she sees has bullied the person, for example a moment ago Zhigang's that girlfriend Xiaoya. However he has not seen such has bullied the person, Boss exited to mediate, their unexpectedly also Boss hitting. Then, their several walk toward outside directly. But they arrive at the entrance time, has been shocked completely, a dense piece of person, now is the black day, therefore looks at these many people, probably one type completely looks at feeling not to the end to the person. In hotel person also flushed, when they rush to the entrance, has anchored the footsteps, the Boss grandson ran hurriedly goes to help up his father, simultaneously whole face hate looked to front these people. He wishes one could to rush to kill these people now directly. However he knows that he cannot such do, words that otherwise hits, he belonged to harm oneself behind that group of people. Is who has hit the person in our Shenlong martial arts school?” Is person of light saying of head, his voice is not loud, but atmosphere very peaceful, therefore everybody hears clearly. His behind that person looks wickedly to Xia Tian, he by Xia Tian has hit that person, but he has not spoken, because he does not dare to speak now. In front of him the person has a very monster custom, whose that is he asks question, that cannot make others interrupt, otherwise he can not divide the enemy and ourselves, gets rid directly. I hit.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. Good, dares to acknowledge on line.” That person nodded to continue saying: Injustice has the head, the debt has main, has hit the person in our Shenlong martial arts school, cannot such consider as finished, I give you now an opportunity, kneels on the ground with my person apology, I can put your one time.” The expression of that person is very tranquil, the matter that he said seems very simple as. However regarding anybody, admits mistakes is very difficult matters, especially kneels down to admit mistakes, moreover is not wrong time kneels down to admit mistakes.

You kneel down to admit mistakes to me now, I can let off your one time.” Xia Tian said with the opposite party with the similar tone. He he.” That person of coldly has smiled one, has not spoken, but waved to behind person, these people simultaneously to first walked three steps. Although is only three steps, but had a formidable imposing manner, this imposing manner seemed was saying that we momentarily may begin. youngster, do not fight.” At this moment, Boss unexpectedly of hotel walked, his body was not quite flexible, but leaned on the walking stick to walk. Old fogy, your so was old, but also comes out to join in the fun.” Person discontented saying of that Shenlong martial arts school, although he is very discontented, but he is also insufficient to eradicate an old person unable to pass directly. That appears his manner will be very mean-spirited. How I was old, this shop was I opens, you cannot cause trouble here.” Boss of hotel said. What to do can I probably cause trouble you to say should?” Saying that person who that Shenlong martial arts school takes the lead disdains. You know why my Laofandian did open these many years not to have problems?” Boss of that hotel opens the mouth to ask, he is an old person, said such words from his mouth, sounded very strangely. Why?” That Shenlong martial arts school person of very optional asking of lead, his appearance probably is teasing this old man to be the same. Boss of that hotel shows a faint smile: So long as because I spoke a few words, many people will give me the face.” When dāng! As his sound falls, the person in surroundings these hotel and store all walked, in their hands with anything had.

Old fogy, you frighten me, you think that I will fear your ineffective and worthless troops?” That Shenlong martial arts school the person of lead stares slightly, afterward angry saying, the surroundings were least also 30-40 people to walk. Naturally continues these.” That old man said. ! The surroundings presented more than ten vans instantaneously. On the van 70-80 individuals, in their hands were all taking iron bar. Snort!” That Shenlong martial arts school person of cold snort lead: Old fogy, it seems like you wants to put together with me.” No, I am legitimate citizen, if must hit, whom no matter who loses to win, that side these people will begin to make an arrest.” Boss of hotel has referred to the right front position with his walking stick, there stopped more than ten police vehicles, these police got out, but they have not come, but stands there is waiting for seeing a play. Quite fierce, unexpectedly called these many people all of a sudden.” Dingshan surprised saying. Cannot think that Boss unexpectedly of this shop is so fierce, I have thought he is just an ordinary old man.” Once became inconceivable of face. Old man unexpectedly is so aggressive, I knew that his these many years, first time saw he such aggressive oh Yan Xiaoyu whole person was shocked there. Han Qingqing does not know how should say, she thinks that this shop Boss time is not short, saw that the present scene also completely was also shocked. This old fogy is not simple.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. The Boss face smiling face of hotel looked that said to the person of that Shenlong martial arts school lead: Hits does not hit? The words that hits momentarily can begin, if not hit, dispersed.”

Good, the old fogy, calculates that you suppress.” The person of that Shenlong martial arts school lead stared hotel Boss one angrily, afterward turn around must leave. „, Was right.” That hotel Boss opens the mouth to say suddenly. Hears him to speak, that Shenlong martial arts school the person of lead turns the head: „Are you how is it?” I who if later eats meal welcome, if causes trouble, I am impolite.” Boss of that hotel shows a faint smile, very optional saying, his words said is very tranquil, but the meaning in words is actually threatening. His meaning is very simple, if the person in your Shenlong martial arts school also comes my this to look for trouble, I will find the person to start to them. Snort, we walk.” Person who that Shenlong martial arts school person of cold snort lead was bringing directly his left. After this time interlude, Xia Tian they did not have any mood to eat, therefore Xia Tian and Han Qingqing said goodbye to their three, when Xia Tian delivered on Han Qingqing road, Han Qingqing has stopped the footsteps suddenly. Both eyes lift, earnest looks to Xia Tian. Volume.” Xia Tian stares slightly, puzzled asking: „Do you want to do?” Han showed a faint smile clear, has shown the mysterious smiling face: My also matter wants to ask you to help.”