Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 565

Can see Han Qingqing covering up expression, Xia Tian knows one must by her, when the (spear|gun) caused. I want to make you help me deceive my parents.” Han clear shy saying, hears her words, Xia Tian knows one this time wanted miserably, he has not seen the guardian of any person. He does not know how completely should go facing others' guardian, moreover disguises others boyfriend to see the guardian. Volume.” Xia Tian stares slightly, opens the mouth to say directly: I am incorrect, whose I have not seen guardian, I will be afraid, moreover I do not know how should say, if annoyed to trouble many to you were not good.” All right, you felt relieved that although my parents are poor speak, but I will help your.” Han opens the mouth to say clear directly. This.” Xia Tian does not know how really should reach an agreement. bo! At this moment, Han Qingqing has kissed one on the face of Xia Tian directly: This is the deposit, don't forget, came my this on Saturday.” Xia Tian touches own face, stares slightly, afterward helpless swung the request, now he can only accept, others have kissed him. Young he Kojiro, on school at the back of that book bag. At this moment, Xia Tian that incomparably dazzled to step and cell phone bell sound of tidal current. Hey.” I am your Young Aunt, haven't you saved my telephone number?” „The previous cell phone did not lose, this cell phone bought newly, therefore has not saved your numbers.” Fool, what you use is the kidney player machine, inside has the backup, you led to be good directly.” „, I cannot.”

Good, when there is a time I to help you make, was right, what I must tell you will be next week is specially the final of Operations Office, you recently any condition, if there is a matter, the person in giving place will telephone, they will help you solve.” Does not use, you also know that I do not stir up trouble generally, stirred up trouble, the person in place could not solve.” Volume, said also right, but you must remember, do not have an accident, the attention security, I promise your father, will take care of you.” Was good, I have the matter.” Xia Tian said that has hung up telephone directly, he has grown up, did not need the attendance of Young Aunt, does not hope Young Aunt, because he worried all day. Turned back the family, his present Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step speed was getting more and more fast. After he comes back, not with Bai Yu compared with speed, but he determined that he was away from the Bai Yu speed is more and more near. After going home, he continues cultivation Heaven Absolute Wake. Next morning early getting up cultivation, war nears, he knows that he must speed up cultivation, how he is also finding at the same time the way to process that crystal jade bone, this thing truly is a treasure. However he really does not know how now should use it. If I can fuse that to be good with my hand this crystal jade bone.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, is looking at the crystal jade bone on hand, he took great pains, this thing is very hard, the ordinary sword bumps into breaks. Naturally, Xia Tian has not dared to touch with [gold/metal] Dao, otherwise these two thing any have any mistake, he will regret dead. How this thing should make, moreover on this crystal jade bone has strong demon air/Qi probably.” Xia Tian remembers that this crystal jade bone has also rescued his life, is in that abyss of Shennongjia. His clear feeling in this thing has the demon air/Qi. At that time Gu Shengta the person should hold this idea the thing sells, otherwise my impossible flower several million to have bought the crystal jade bone.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, actually he finally a little clear Gu Shengta why must put now this thing.

This thing is in itself one will let the treasure that all people rob, greedy is the natural disposition of humanity, especially the treasure in this legend.” Xia Tian looks at the crystal jade bone in hand to say. Moreover on this thing also has the demon air/Qi, the person who if not know, use this crystal jade bone may be controlled by the demon air/Qi carelessly, direct fascinated.” Xia Tian mentioned demon character time shook the head. That thing is the legend, his father has told him, before being very long, in this world has existence of demon, but afterward these demons all were eliminated. Therefore now this world so will be peaceful. I believe that my willpower, will not be controlled by the demon air/Qi absolutely, moreover my present within the body also two different strengths, ancient Buddhist Relic and this hidden essence and blood, although ancient Buddhist Relic has the superiority now, but this hidden essence and blood has not caused anything to injure to me, instead has rescued my several times. Perhaps has used it, but can also play the effect of using poison to combat poison.” Xia Tian felt that own system is very special, moreover he as if can control these things to be the same. Ancient Buddhist Relic, this hidden essence and blood. This is the most precious object, the average person continually is the same cannot withstand. Once these things enter the body, that explodes the fate that the body perishes absolutely, but Xia Tian unexpectedly let these two strength coexistence. This is he biggest skill. Therefore after he also wants tries three strengths to fuse together, is anything felt. ancient Saint tower, Shennongjia Branch. Ran away, that person escaped successfully, nobody overtakes him.” Has not thought that unexpectedly will have such uncertainties, I planned that makes them spell well, makes the bigger the better, but unexpectedly presented a such strong fellow to destroy my plan, but this was also good.” Master, well what this has?” You think that a such strong person, after the crystal jade bone controls, in all directions slaughters, that also will become very lively.”

Director is wise.” Was good, do not flatter, investigated thoroughly the status of these people?” Temporarily did not have, these people are very probably mystical, but I think that should be very good to look up, at they that quick speed, in China should be few, so long as when the time comes went to 11 contrasts to be good.” Good, quickly gives me to look up, after finding out the status, tells me, when the time comes we let out the news again, will then be definitely more chaotic.” Compliant.” This time Xia Tian does not know that a catastrophe will soon approach. Whistling!” Xia Tian has practiced several Finger of Consonance. He recently cultivation very assiduous, so long as there is a time, he continuously in cultivation. Young he Kojiro, on school at the back of that book bag. Xia Tian, which you ran went, does not reach an agreement tonight to accompany me to see my parents.” „, Mr. Han, my this was not busy at forgetting, where were you at? I now on the past.” I in Jianghai University nearby Starbucks, you quickly come.” Xia Tian has hung up the telephone directly: Must see mother -in-law.”