Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 566

Xia Tian has a dream cannot think one first time see mother-in-law unexpectedly such to see, he has not gone to see the Bing Xin parents, first time has given Han Qingqing parents, moreover is a fake boyfriend. Bing Xin called a telephone him recently every day, in the words is the apology, because she must accompany Ye Qingxue, which day but she makes Xia Tian not be busy at moving back to Ye Qingxue there to go, like this they are away from can also be nearer. Xia Tian agreed that but was impossible recently, he must supervise Fan Jin and the others cultivation. The blue water 2-Japan current dagger he has given Bing Xin. Because Bing Xin is in itself the water attribute system, this thing gives to her is appropriate, Bing Xin heard the use of blue water 2-Japan current dagger, happy serious, grasps Xia Tian is one kisses. Almost pro- hoodwinked Xia Tian. The last bracelet, he also made the person send to Bai Yiyi, he has not gone personally, because Bai Family is at the condition of closing up now. In Bai Family had any important matter probably. Xia Tian had asked Bai Yiyi needs to help, Bai Yiyi told him not to use, moreover said that was the good deed. Therefore Xia Tian had not asked. After has changed new clothes simply, Xia Tian embarked, but he has thought of a very serious issue immediately, although oneself are only a fake boyfriend, but cannot empty-handed go. He knows himself, if such empty-handed goes, that opposite party will select the principle absolutely, then this fake boyfriend installs was really too amateur, moreover brought the gift to have the advantage. Puts out a hand not to hit the smiling face person. Similarly not the person who goes to scold directly gives a present. This is a truth.

Xia Tian went to a hot native place first, he said in his family to have the collection, Xia Tian looked, was unsatisfied, he was impossible to deliver this type to look is very expensive goods, like this not only will not make any good impression to the opposite party, will also play the opposite role, thinks that he was a second generation of rich. Is unreliable. Finally Xia Tian has chosen several types of Chinese medicine, these Chinese medicine are the most common formulas, but can actually play expulsion of toxin to raise the effect of face, this medicine affects not in a big way regarding youngster, but affects very in a big way to the 40 - 50 years old woman. Came, came.” Xia Tian enters Starbucks time, saw Han Qingqing. Han saw clear Xia Tian time has selected the head of Xia Tian with the hand directly: You, anything can forget, we quickly walk, went not to be late good, my father repugnant late person.” „!” Xia Tian complied with one to say. Now should be has been late to my family from this, but I have thought that the good excuse, when the time comes you to go to my family, little in a moment was as far as possible good, had me.” Han said clear directly. Em.” Xia Tian nodded, this is best. Was right, you also called Tashita, because their several might also go to my family several days later, I feared that said revealed.” Han Qingqing said. Xia Tian is the nod that keeps. On the vehicle, Han Qingqing has confessed with Xia Tian, when she saw Xia Tian also brought the gift, praises to Xia Tian, thinks that Xia Tian has a mind, but from packing her can also look, is not the precious thing, therefore she had not asked. If she noticed that Xia Tian is taking the precious thing, she will be will not make Xia Tian take absolutely, first, Xia Tian will be is helping her, next her father most repugnant will be these second generations of rich, the dandy. Her father most likes is that type person who has the cultural self-control. Arrives at outside Han Qingqing main house gate time, Xia Tian discovered that Han Qingqing family also is really the literary aristocratic family, moreover her father also very has the research to the calligraphy and drawing, because the corridor and on his family building the wall are the drawing and calligraphy.

Very attractive. Bites the bell! Han Qingqing according to making a sound doorbell. Come.” The Han clear mothers opened the door directly. Aunt is good!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Good, good, you said you, comes, but also takes any thing, is so polite.” Although the Han clear mothers on the mouth said that but has met the Xia Tian gift. She such does to give the Han father in room looked that having a look at the young fellow very to have a mind. Comes, you're welcome!” Han clear direct passing through the gate changes the shoes, Xia Tian also goes. Enters to the Han clear family, Xia Tian discovered that Han Qingqing is a second generation of rich, the Han Qingqing family usable area more than 200 draws, such big house, buys probably after obviously nearby several, makes a connection together completes. Although Xia Tian does not understand the house price, but he can guess from the environment and geographical position of Han clear family outside community that the house in this community will not be lower than 10,051 draws absolutely, but over 145 square meters house had the mansion tax, therefore this house entire added on interior decoration is 4 million. Thus it can be seen, in Han Qingqing family is how rich. Stands there looks at anything, sits.” Han held up the hand of Xia Tian to walk toward inside clear directly, sat on the sofa of hall directly, but Han Qingqing father was sitting in the opposite drinks tea. Father! He is my boyfriend, Tashita.” Han Qingqing introduced. The Han father nodded satisfaction looked at Xia Tian one, no matter what Xia Tian was also handsome and intelligent.

Uncle is good.” Xia Tian stands up, greeted on own initiative. Em, sits down, body strong.” Although the Han father unemotionally, but he is willing to speak on own initiative, proved Xia Tian his first pass, practiced physiognomy. The person who understands the politeness, will be liked to where. That was natural, he has become a soldier.” Han clear proud saying, resembles Xia Tian is her boyfriend is really same. „Have you also become a soldier? In what army, what when is what soldier?” The Han father also came the interest. Southeastern military region, Special Force.” Xia Tian this has not concealed actually. Good, is Special Force, that skill certainly was also very good, how not to have stayed with the army.” The Han father asked directly, he knows that general Special Force is will not retire, therefore he such asked that was also to the words slightly a little question of Xia Tian, after all Xia Tian fair and clear, seemed likely is not the person of becoming a soldier. Comes back the working sentiment, cannot treat for a lifetime in the army, so long as is the country has the need, I momentarily can on the battlefield.” Xia Tian firm saying, his these words send the inferior bottom of one's heart actually. But the Han father old Jianghu, any words have arranged, any words real, his eyes can look, Xia Tian speaks a moment ago neither arrogant nor servile, therefore he knows Xia Tian said should real. Em, good that said that your credential?” The Han father opens the mouth to ask directly.