Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 567

Although Han father's expression is tranquil, but he asked that such topic, this is he does not believe Xia Tian obviously, actually this is also very normal, because Xia Tian seems is not old, moreover is very difficult to see him to become a soldier from his skin color. And Special Force. However a moment ago way and imposing manner truly a little that meaning of Xia Tian speech. The Han father a little has also believed that but afterward listened to Xia Tian to say one are Special Force time, he completely does not believe that because he is unable to believe that Special Force unexpectedly can achieve this point. Special Force is not black, because Special Force year to year trains under the sunlight, moreover in the Special Force ordinary circumstances so will not be absolutely young retires from the armed services. Therefore he has had the question. Has not brought.” Xia Tian knows an own such saying, definitely will make the Han father not trust him, but he has not brought, that type of thing, he does not bring on the body. Em.” On Han father's face does not have any change, but Xia Tian knows that he started not to trust itself. Father, you saw that becoming a soldier also along is bringing the card, that seems like showing off itself to become a soldier to be the same simply.” Han looked at clear father's meaning clear, therefore his hurried going forward answered. Em.” The Han father nodded, he was a little convinced by Han Qingqing, but he maintains the neutral manner. Father, we came up a moment ago time, he also praised your picture and character is attractive.” Han started to pat her father's flatter clear directly. „Do you also understand the calligraphy and drawing?” The Han father looked that asked to Xia Tian. Hears oneself father's words, Han Qingqing stares slightly, she just wants to change the topic, but has not thought that her father unexpectedly also asked this issue, if Xia Tian cannot say that was he was also false, if he said that then by the Han father's disposition, that must let the Xia Tian coming up gesture gesture absolutely. Xia Tian has also understood what is heard the meaning in Han father words, but this time not modest, but said directly: Slightly understands.”

Although previous time he, when competes with the calligraphy with Island Country that several people the character that writes is crooked. However that is he intentionally. He practices the calligraphy with the father since childhood, as for drawing , he although has not obtained father's true line, but also absolutely takes gets rid. „? Such modest, in my family thing is happen to complete, tries together.” The Han father hears words excited saying of Xia Tian, he is person of the literature, most regards as important is this. Happen to this is also one probes the Xia Tian good opportunity. Therefore he stands up directly, walks toward study room. Makes you blow, what to do now may, you unable to say cannot, but my father calligraphy Senior.” Han said clear in a low voice. All right.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he had not explained that but followed directly, Han Qingqing also can only helpless followed, now how she is wanting to meet to say. She knows that father's temperament, most hates is the person who that type pretends to understand. Any skill has not come out to boast. Therefore Xia Tian one once writes is not good, perhaps that will drive out by her father, the present university student has several will write the writing brush character, even if will be can write any good character to come. Possibly how to enter her father's discernment. Was bad, what to do this may.” Han clear depressed saying.

Han father's study room is very big, the surrounding bookshelf chocked up the book, book side had a big table, this time words paper inkstone all on table, moreover on the table also had a character of writing. Is a clear character. The ink has not done thoroughly, obviously before is Xia Tian they come, Han father writes. Good character, bold and vigorous brush stroke, the neat handwriting, to have a unique style completely.” Xia Tian said. You also try, wrote a Qing.” Saying that the Han father unemotionally. Father, Tashita just now comes, do not frighten him.” Han said clear hurriedly that she does not want to make Xia Tian make a boner directly, otherwise her plan must be scrapped, if she did not say one have the boyfriend, her mother Tiantian will call to say this matter her, will give her to prepare the blind date meeting. This is she most cannot bear. Just started her also to hide, but afterward, her mother simply directly went to the unit to look for her, if she did not go, her mother must jump from the building. You understand anything, look.” The Han father spreads directly for Xia Tian the paper. Then Xia Tian has arrived in front of the square table directly, has taken the writing brush gently, he takes the posture of writing brush to be strange. This pig head, takes the writing brush not, unexpectedly also dares to tell me is all right, this time was really miserable.” Han feels clear very speechless, she has not thought that Xia Tian takes the posture of writing brush unable. How this also writes, basic skills will not write, this is cracking a joke completely. The Han father looks at Xia Tian to grasp shaking the head that the way of pen is to also keep.

At this moment, Xia Tian with one stroke of the pen. A Kuangcao clear character appears in their front, sees character that writes, Han father was shocked directly, Xia Tian that seemed like optional let his incomparable being startled a moment ago, the speed and effort of because a moment ago starting writing were really good. Moreover now this clear character simply can say perfectly, can write the person of this Kuangcao like Xia Tian this age, absolutely does not have. Volume!” Han stares clear, afterward a face strange looks to Xia Tian, she suddenly felt now Xia Tian probably is versatile, anything can, moreover anything makes is very good. It looks like present writing is the same, she also thinks a moment ago Xia Tian will not write, but now looks like, the skill that Xia Tian writes is not small. Her father is also full of praise. Good character, the good character, this Kuangcao simply could be said as perfect, the handwriting connection was appropriate, perfect.” Nod that the Han clear fathers have kept, his vision all by this clear character attracting. „Do you do, others now is a guest, you gave back to get the study room to write.” The Han mother looks to Han father discontented saying, her these words on looked outwardly is speaking for Xia Tian, but in fact is the people of long brain can hear, she regarded the bystander Xia Tian at this time. Em.” The Han father possibly was the feeling somewhat is also disrespectful said directly: We exit to drink tea.” After the matter, Han father had very big new face to Xia Tian, he was the literary person, his family was the literary aristocratic family, person who he naturally was appreciates these to have the talent, the Xia Tian that character in his eyes, very much had the talent. This is any thing, how such in Freshman stock taste.” The Han mother mentioned the bag that Xia Tian has carried to say. What inside installs is the beauty shop of woman.” Saying of Xia Tian face smiling face.