Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 568

Han had not asked what clear Xia Tian brings is any thing, moreover Xia Tian seal is also very good, on the road that comes she has not smelled the taste, reason that she knows her mother can smell the taste is because her mother turned on the bag. Hears the Xia Tian words, Han Qingqing had doubts, the beauty shop of woman, this is any thing. The Han father just to the Xia Tian a little good impression, listening to a Xia Tian such saying also very to have doubts. We have a look, how I teach the aunt to use this thing.” Xia Tian said that walked directly, when he arrives at Han Mu front, received the bag: Aunt, this is two medicines, one type externally applies, so long as one type is in uses, has used, the ten minutes of after externally applying will have the effect, can activate the flesh that gets older, making the flesh contract the vigor, another type is in uses, is this medicine together cooks down the soup, matches the brown sugar to drink, half a month later you can like the young young miss.” „Does any thing, spirit.” The effect that Han clear puzzled asking, Xia Tian said was good, making her a little have doubts. The Han father hears the Xia Tian words, knits the brows slightly, he has not heard this type of thing . Moreover the effect that Xia Tian said was too good, this little made people unable to believe that if such good effect, that got rich. Outside attains sells, that definitely falls short of demand. This reminded him of Xia Tian to say a moment ago one were the Special Force matter, this was the same with that was not completely reasonable. Listens well.” The Han mother shows a faint smile, she a little does not believe. Relax, the aunt has the words of time, can try.” Xia Tian could see that three people do not trust themselves, Han Qingqing do not trust themselves, therefore he has not said anything, thing have brought in any case, the use also said that they like with not using. Volume, mother, did the food complete? I am starving.” Han clear hurried shift topic. She a little has not believed a moment ago really Xia Tian words, no matter what she is also half study medicine, but she had not heard can match such medicine, Xia Tian is she looks, she naturally cannot make Xia Tian seem is extremely awkward. Otherwise after her, how may explain to Xia Tian.

Since the child such has a mind, the clear mother, you tries.” At this moment Han father opens the mouth to say directly that he said time Han Qingqing of these words to stare slightly, felt not well, she knows that father this was must examine Xia Tian to lie. The Han mother also understood what is heard Han father's meaning, she also knows that medicine type of thing cannot abuse, if wore out that to trouble, but she planned to spell for daughter, she went forward to respond directly: Said is also, I thought that my skin was very not recently good, moreover gets older was getting more and more serious, now had such good opportunity naturally to try.” On the face of Han mother has filled excitedly, however her is at heart disturbed. Xia Tian saw in Han Muxin disturbance, he has not explained anything, this is the first time sees mother -in-law, the opposite party tests him is very important matter, but after all daughter parents' personal small cotton-wadded jacket, the parents naturally must close good first for her. Mother, do not try, later said again.” Han is afraid her mother clear uselessly really good, saying that therefore worries about. She wants to make her mother not try first, waits possibly to forget this matter after a period of time. How can not try, I am thinking every day can be possible to be young thinks was insanely same.” Han mother very earnest saying, looked asked afterward directly to Xia Tian: „Can ten minutes of this externally applying good?” Em!” Xia Tian nodded. You help me spread, I am afraid do not do well.” The Han mother opens the mouth to say directly. Good.” Xia Tian nodded. Summer. Tashita.” Han worried almost to call the Xia Tian real name clear, but she responded immediately, afterward directly had doubts looked to Xia Tian: This thing does not have the issue.” Em.” Xia Tian has not said anything, but nodded.

The Han father is a face anxious looks to Xia Tian, was praying at heart that this thing does not work do not have any fault. Xia Tian opens that to externally apply directly, then makes the Han mother lie low on the sofa of living room, his bit by bit the thing of black medicinal plaster shape, spread on Han Mu face, the entire process 30 seconds relieved. Aunt, do not open eyes, feels how is it?” Xia Tian asked. Han Qingqing and Han father also anxious looks to the Han mother, is waiting for her reply. Is a little itchy, moreover braves cool breeze.” The Han mother responded. Em, was good, do not speak, after ten minutes, washed off is good.” Xia Tian sits on nearby sofa directly. „Do you also understand the medical skill?” The Han father looked that asked to Xia Tian. Slightly understands, slightly understands.” Xia Tian nod of slightly, he did not boast, Jiang Hai City could not discover second compared with his medical skill wiser person. „It is modest, you said a moment ago your also slightly understands to the calligraphy, what however your character writes is very attractive.” Han father this was also first time said the commendation words to Xia Tian. Many thanks the uncle praised.” On the Xia Tian face does not have the too big change, like this appears his honor or disgrace is not startled. What do you make to work now?” The Han father opens the mouth to ask suddenly, he was also asks the subject, after this topic saw the parents, one question that most often asked that this issue has not certainly come up to ask. Han father's repertoire first looks at the person, is the moral behavior, will then look at the ability.

A moment ago modesty of Xia Tian performance, moreover honor or disgrace not startled, this is the person who the literary aristocratic family institute most needed, but on the other hand, wanted to probe Xia Tian to have the best means of lying is to look at a response of Han Mu meeting. If she has not changed, that showed that Xia Tian is speaking, if some changes, that Xia Tian goes through a strategic pass, if went bad, that Xia Tian will directly be expelled Han, even might be taken to court. He is a young general manager in a company now.” Han said clear hurriedly, this is she before Xia Tian has reached an agreement, if there is this kind of issue, she for the Xia Tian reply. „, Which company is that in makes what?” The Han father continues to ask. He.” Han also wants to say clear. I was speaking with Odamaki, did you do, was too overbearing, did not make others say the speech, sat down, you were listening on the line.” The Han father has stopped Han Qingqing the words that directly continued, but looked to Xia Tian. I in Xia Group, make the market introduction.” Xia Tian direct said his a department position of company casually. „.” Han father nod of slightly. My this similar.” At this moment Han Mu started talking.