Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 569

Hears Han Mu words, Xia Tian stands up directly, afterward moved toward Han Mu position directly, at this time Han father and Han Bingbing reported that breath, Han father also worried that his wife has any mistake. Han prayed in the heart clear that Xia Tian must succeed, otherwise she own mother harming. They have not spoken, but looks to the Xia Tian movement. The hand of Xia Tian, has rubbed on the face of Han mother gently, he in using Inner Strength catalyzes the absorption, after a half minute: Aunt, you can open eye, wash.” Xia Tian sat on sofa afterward directly, but Han Qingqing mother directly has crashed in the washroom. Crash-bang! The washroom has broadcast the sound of flushing water. Ah! calls out in alarm from the washroom transmits, Han father and Han Qingqing simultaneously run to the washroom. Mother!” Han has crashed in the washroom clear. When Han father and Han Qingqing open the door of washroom, they see Han Mudun on the ground, held own face to cry, sees such scene, Han father stared Han Qingqing one eyes: Visits fine-looking man friend who you look.” Han does not know clear should say any was good, but anxious looks to her mother: Mother, you how?” Old man, do not speak at a venture, I was just too excited.” The Han mother stands up afterward, gaining ground of gradually, when she gains ground, Han Qingqing and her father were shocked completely. This. This. This.” On Han father's face has written all over inconceivable. Like has looked like, Han Qingqing mother probably returned to the young time is the same, looked like he just knew Han Mu that time, exactly the same, then delicate beautiful.

She with Han stands clear looks like the two beautiful sisters is simply same. Han clear is also dumbfounded looks to own mother, now her mother cannot believe to oneself young, this was too young is really attractive: Mother, how your skin becomes such well . Moreover the wrinkle also all vanishes to disappear.” Em.” Han female eye tearful looks to their father and daughter two, afterward she has thought a very important matter, that makes her change the young son-in-law, her direct probe head exits: Son-in-law, your medicine was really effective.” Heard son-in-law name, Xia Tian their three is all shocked. This change was also too rapid, others said that wanted to marry to go home the girlfriend, the first matter must handle mother -in-law, it seems like Xia Tian achieved. Han Qingqing has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly was so simple has handled her mother. The Han clear fathers is a heavy line of face, in the heart the infinite feeling, this saw first to call others sons-in-law. Aunt, in this medicine, is externally applies uses, what the effect is best is in uses, that medicine can enhance the blood circulation, activates the metabolism, in other words, you from now henceforth each month legal holiday will turn with the young girl is the same, just started several times is the expulsion of toxin stage, the color of blood will be blacker, later will turn bright red.” Xia Tian answered. Called any aunt, called mother.” The Han mother hears the Xia Tian words, was very happy, the whole person smiles grins with ear to ear, will call directly changes Ms. Cheng. Hears Han Mu words, Han Qingqing collapsed, she has not thought that her mother unexpectedly was so easy to be bought, such simply gave to sell her, present situation or development was quite good. So long as her mother has approved the whole person, then after her mother, every day like mad will not give her to introduce the boyfriend. Your this.” The Han father does not know that should say any was good. Old man, you accompanies the son-in-law to chat a meeting first, I go to add several vegetables.” The Han mother said that ran directly to the kitchen, now she was really too happy, will wait for her same important contract to make her old friends tomorrow, she can imagine the appearance that these old friends shocked now.

She believes that such scene will be very certainly good. Her friends will certainly envy dead her, thinks of here, she was more excited, she must unfold the cook today greatly, making her son-in-law eat. She fully has approved this son-in-law now, the moral behavior is good, talent, what is main was also makes her restore young, this simply was the matter that he had a dream cannot think, her unexpectedly can also become such young. Xia Tian they sit on the sofa time, Han father unexpectedly does not know that should say any was good. He has not responded now from the matter. Tashita, how you that medicine so will be a moment ago mysterious.” Han clear surprised looked that asked to Xia Tian: „Can I use.” This is the inherited formula, you use not to have what effect now, that medicine will just make the female over 40 years old restore young, reason that the aunt becomes such attractive , because aunt's young time is big beauty, yes, Uncle.” Xia Tian introduced that looked asked to the Han father. Em, with your mother's young time exactly the same.” The Han father nodded, afterward continues saying: This medicine is very certainly difficult to match.” Is truly poor matches, the raw material for medicine request is also very strict, but in just right my family has some raw materials for medicine, I tidied up all give to be joined.” Xia Tian answered, actually this he has not spoken the truth actually, although this medicine was poor matches, but also was not that difficult. Reason that he said that on the one hand is demonstrates the raw material for medicine to be precious, on the other hand he is also telling Han the father, this medicine can only match this, this avoided the later Han father making him go to the mass production the thoughts. Graciousness Han father nodded, he had guessed correctly before, how such good thing possibly casually matches. „, That looked like I do not use.” Han clear regrettable saying. Has not related, after me, matches you to use to you.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile.

Good, that settled.” Han shows a faint smile clear, excited saying. Bites the bell. Doorbell sound. Qingqing, definitely was your Little Sister came back, went to open the door to her quickly.” The Han mother shouts. Little Sister came back.” Han stands up clear toward the entrance walks. Is I asks her to come back, today is not your boyfriend comes, therefore I came back your Little Sister first bid.” The Han mother said. Han opens the door clear time, her Little Sister threw to her bosom directly. You.” Han clear helpless saying. When sees Han Qingqing Little Sister, Xia Tian also can only sigh with emotion the molecular genetic to be good, Han Mu stature is very good, Han Qingqing that is the upper body is more perfect, big to not having the words said that but her Little Sister stature, is not worse than her. Elder sister thinks that I do not have.” Although Han clear Little Sister on the mouth said that but the eye is actually the ancient spirit demon is sizing up, when she sees Xia Tian, the corners of the mouth revealed have badly smiled.