Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 570

Although this expression is only the flash, but Xia Tian actually saw, who makes his eyesight so good. Perhaps this girl very ancient spirit demon, she will make anything probably.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, he is passed Han father and Han's female test a moment ago, but unexpectedly presented Little Sister now. Solely from Han clear Little Sister a moment ago that smiling face, this absolutely was not one lord who was good to cope with. Tashita, this is my Little Sister Han tinkling.” Han Qingqing introduced. Brother-in-law is good.” Han tinkling speaking of face smiling face. Hears this name, Xia Tian does not know well, he knows that this Little Sister is not absolutely good to deceive, although a moment ago Han father Han Mu has also carried on the test to Xia Tian, the procedure that but they just started can make Xia Tian see very much obviously is the test, therefore Xia Tian can deal flexible. However Han Qingqing Little Sister does not press the repertoire to play a card completely, therefore Xia Tian is very difficult to find out the correct means to deal. She the move, how oneself meets to incur radically. Hello.” How although Xia Tian has been considering to deal with Han Qingqing the Little Sister, but the response of his very politeness said. Brother-in-law seems young, Elder sister, you in together how long?” Han tinkling opens the mouth to ask directly, question that she asked although very ordinary issue, but said that has no intention, the listener had a mind. Han Qingqing has not waited for Xia Tian to speak, she directly opens the mouth saying: Your brother-in-law this year already 26, but is seems young, our two in together already over six months.” „, No wonder the elder sister usually does not go home, said that lives in the dormitory in school, originally is.” Han tinkling said here time shows a faint smile, has not said thoroughly. Tinkling, do not make.” The Han father reproved, heard father to open the mouth, Han Lingling has not continued anything, but sat on the sofa. Han clear is also very helpless shaking the head , this Little Sister, one makes her unasnwerable in a moment.

Works smoothly.” The Han father opens the mouth to ask. Em, is not too busy.” Xia Tian nodded the response to say. Brother-in-law, do you have the car(riage) to have the room?” At this moment, Han tinkling opens the mouth to say once more. Vehicle does not have, the house has an one-story house in suburb.” Xia Tian not any covering up, this, if others replied, may take boasted, possibly took other topics. For example, although did not have now, but will buy immediately, again or money accumulated was similar, needs time will buy wait / etc.. However Xia Tian said the truth. Hears his words, Han father not only does not have the slight disgruntledness, instead is nod of slightly, thinks that he is very honest. „, When does the brother-in-law you plan to buy the car(riage) to purchase homes?” Han tinkling launched her to attack violently, the question that her parents asked a moment ago embarrassed was asked by her. Temporarily had not considered that I will not drive, have bought also uselessly . Moreover the place that I live in now is also familiar with.” Xia Tian said directly that he will not drive, moreover he does not need to drive temporarily, the Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step speed must too be quickly more than car(riage), therefore he cannot use. Once some people together, need to use a vehicle time, he will also make to rent a car, or telephones to come itself on Xu Laopai person. If buys the car(riage) to be used for act high and mighty, he absolutely does not have any interest. „, You planned, has made my elder sister live with you in the suburb together? You plan to live in our home.” Han tinkling the words, more asked that is sharp, but Han father has not prevented her, the issue Han father who because she asked was also very interested, therefore such was stopping. Tinkling, are you doing.” Han clear discontented saying, she does not do clearly, this small girl today's words why these many.

If she continues such to ask that perhaps anything will expose. Elder sister, I just casually asks.” Han tinkling answered hurriedly. „A your little girl, asked that many to do, Tashita, you came my room.” Han Qingqing said that moved toward own room directly, but Xia Tian also directly followed. Han tinkling looks that the Xia Tian back shows a faint smile, innermost feelings secretly thought: I will certainly see through an affair your.” Boyfriend who Han tinkling does not believe this person chapter of matter elder sister, because one week ago she also goes to Jianghai University to see her elder sister, at that time her elder sister lived in the dormitory, moreover she had not heard that the elder sister had the boyfriend. Therefore she guessed that this brother-in-law definitely has the issue. After Xia Tian arrives at Han Qingqing room, sat on the bed directly: Your Little Sister is really not good to cope.” How I did not know this girl today, how that many issues, but today was really too thank you, my parents there should very be good to your impression, moreover you also made my mother change young, these raw materials for medicine were very certainly precious, how much money, my commutation gave you.” Han Qingqing is looks for the Xia Tian help, therefore she knows that she cannot take the Xia Tian advantage absolutely, otherwise is insincere. Does not use, these raw materials for medicine are my friend, I just have also made a favor done at little or no cost.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he how possible to take a money of woman. „It is not good, one yard normalizing code, the money of these things I must to you, I unable to take your thing in vain.” Han clear very earnest saying. Naturally was not Bai Na, you were not already Fu Guo the reward.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Han knows what clear Xia Tian refers to was she has kissed Xia Tian that. I have not kissed any man, you are first.” Han very earnest saying, she has not kissed other man clear , the previous time was she worried, therefore has thought of this means.

Volume, I was really am honored.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Our two sit a meeting in this, otherwise they this endless.” Han is also afraid them to ask any serious question clear again. Several times had almost an accident a moment ago, is Xia Tian responds quickly, must otherwise, they expose now, she has not thought that wanting of this matter in compared with imagination was more difficult, in the imagination, she has thought this matter, her several words can cope. But the reality was really too difficult. Em.” Xia Tian nodded to say. Was right, you have lived in suburb?” Han opens the mouth to ask clear suddenly. Volume, lives there most of the time, sometimes also lives in my older female cousin that but I little go to her.” Xia Tian answered. Your older female cousin is also Jianghai University?” Han asked clear again. Thump! At this moment, the door was sounded.