Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 571

Opens the door, is your younger sister.” Xia Tian light saying, hears knock, his X-Ray Vision eye opened, when sees is Han Qingqing that Little Sister Han tinkling, Xia Tian knows that absolutely is not the good deed, this Han tinkling must certainly play any trick. How you know that is my Little Sister.” Han clear puzzled asking. Guesses.” Xia Tian optional saying. Han gets to the entrance clear, opens the door directly. The discovery also is really Little Sister, darkly sighed Xia Tian to guess was really too accurate: How did you come?” Hee hee, has not disturbed your good deed.” Saying that Han tinkling a face badly smiles. Small girl, thinks anything.” Han clear helpless saying. I come to see you, has not made me go, is handling what shameful matter really?” Han tinkling sees the elder sister to keep off in entrance depressed saying. Hears Han tinkling the words, Han Qingqing helpless shaking the head, she knows that she must make this Little Sister come, otherwise she plays any trick, but she just gave Xia Tian to look for a refuge shelter, such easily must face oneself this Little Sister. However this she decided that anything was not asked by own Little Sister. Your going in line, do not ask blindly that otherwise I was angry.” Asking that Han disguises to be angry clear. Em.” Han tinkling heard the elder sister to make her go, nodded directly. After entering to the Han clear room, Han tinkling sat in the Xia Tian side directly, Han Qingqing also hurriedly followed, she does not know that her Little Sister must play any trick.

Brother-in-law's watch is quite attractive, is very certainly expensive.” Han tinkling sees that watch on Xia Tian, surprised saying, this watch is attractive, regardless of looked that from any angle is the men and women sweeps the decks absolutely. Bargain-priced goods.” Xia Tian very optional saying, this watch is Zeng Ruo delivers his. Bargain-priced goods deliver me, I like.” Han tinkling excited saying. Tinkling.” Han clear discontented saying. All right, I give money.” Han tinkling sees the elder sister ominous appearance, disguises suffering from injustice saying. „It is not the matter of money, this watch is others delivers me, therefore I unsellable.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, answered. Is the former girlfriend?” Han tinkling asked again. He he.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, had not explained that this is not the former girlfriend delivers, but is Zeng Ruo delivers, Zeng Ruo is very high in his status, although Zeng Ruo did not acknowledge, but Xia Tian has regarded her is own woman. It seems like was said by me.” Han tinkling said that turns the head to look is clear directly to Han: Elder sister, my previous time goes to your school, how you have not said brother-in-law's matter to me.” Previous your brother-in-law went to outside area to travel on official business.” Han Qingqing answered. „, You conceal the truth real good, a half year, we do not know that this gives mother to be anxious, the middle gives back to you to introduce that many objects.” Han tinkling said directly. Has saying that in this saying has to break up their meanings, what if Xia Tian and Han Qing Islamic is the male and female friend's relations, that hears this words, Xia Tian a little will not be definitely happy, if Xia Tian displays too at will, that showed that two people's relations are fishy.

Is I lets.” Xia Tian said. His reply direct neutralize Han tinkling offensive. Do not chat, ate meal.” The entrance has broadcast Han Mu voice. Eats meal.” Han tinkling ran directly. Saw that Han Lingling left the room, Han Qingqing helpless shaking the head of: Your response is really quick, worthily is my specialty fake boyfriend.” Xia Tian and Han Qingqing moved toward the dining room directly, the Xia Tian feeling, the house greatly is good, anything is independent. Moreover good that the environment can also arrange, the dining room of common families not with kitchen in together with hall in the same place, but the dining room of Han Qingqing family is an independent dining room. This dining room is not small, the surroundings have various refrigerators and facilities. Places in that red wines and various types of drink wait / etc.. Son-in-law, you eat.” Saying of Han mother face smiling face. A moment ago Han Lingling when seeing her mother's change, surprised could not say incoming call, she was too familiar with her mother, she also thinks that her father looked for a concubine. Mother, you were also too good to be bought.” Han tinkling discontented saying, her mother unexpectedly saw the others first surface to be bought by others, start to talk son-in-law, silent son-in-law.

Do not speak at a venture, now like your brother-in-law, the moral behavior straight person were not many, you think that your old lady is a fool, was improved looks by others own daughter selling.” The Han generatrix has selected Han tinkling the head to continue saying: Passes through the gate after your brother-in-law, I have been observing him, his every action and every movement cannot escape from my discernment, I can determine that your brother-in-law's moral behavior absolutely does not have the issue, because of any speech and behavior of person, including walking also has the movement wait / etc. to expose a disposition of person with the look.” Mother, has not looked, you also understand these many.” Han tinkling saying of admiration. That was natural, otherwise I when how your mother.” Han mother proud saying , she age, any person has not seen this year, possibly several years ago she also hopes own woman found a rich man, but after these years change, rich man, although also has the good man, but only less than 1% probabilities. Moreover which rich man has not indulged in dissipation outside, she experiences too to marry into the person of rich and powerful family, finally becomes how miserable. From then on she most does not hope is daughter marries into the rich and powerful family, is the man must be good to own daughter, only then this point can make up for all. Brother-in-law, which are you at go to work? Has the time I to go to your unit to ask you to dine.” Han tinkling opens the mouth to say directly. Xia Group.” Xia Tian light saying. „, Is so skillful, I also in Xia Group, our Xia Group am a present Jiang Hai City most mystical group, few people know that who Boss is, under four major stockholder everybody are has also listened, it is said these four person Jiang Hai City once most famous several figure.” Han tinkling one hear of Xia Tian said that he is Xia Group, came the interest directly. Em.” Xia Tian nodded, Xia Tian most is worried is gets better -known, therefore Jiang Hai City, only then these genuine large investors know that Xia Tian is Xia Group Boss, under staff also knows. I had heard Xia Group has the background of Hei society.” The Han father opens the mouth to say suddenly. Right? Can that stabilize? Can monopolize you directly, then does not pay wages to you, makes you make the free labor force forcefully.” The Han mother hears the Hei society time asked hurriedly.