Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 572

Mother, you thinks anything, Xia Group was entire Jiang Hai City stably has worked now, you think that who wants to go in can go, must result in looks at the requests in many aspect . Moreover the present Xia Group wages are on the 10 th each month provide, did not fall behind the wages of any staff, in Xia Group, so long as you had the skill, you can gain to a lot of money, the young manager of our department the income had more than 20,000 every month.” Han tinkling answered. That many, work outside now can gain that many.” Han mother surprised saying. That was natural, but Xia Group was filthy rich, it is said Boss of these listed companies on own initiative flattered Xia Group.” Han tinkling proud saying, can enter Xia Group regarding her is a very honorable matter. Was right, Odamaki is not a manager.” The Han father suddenly thought a moment ago and dialog of Xia Tian at this time. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. Brother-in-law, your unexpectedly is so fierce, which department you are?” Han tinkling asking of doubts. Makes the market introduction.” Xia Tian answered. „.” Han tinkling surprised looks to Xia Tian: Brother-in-law, your unexpectedly such extraordinary, my market introduction, but the company fattest assignment, each month wages unexpectedly can achieve two times of other departments . Moreover the business trip gives back to the high quota subsidy, is the hotels that lives.” Volume!” Xia Tian stares slightly, he does not know that Xia Group unexpectedly also has such cushy job. Was right, the brother-in-law, your unexpectedly or the manager of market introduction department, can you also arrange me.” Han tinkling a face anticipates looked that asked to Xia Tian. Tinkling, do not deliberately create trouble, since the treatment is so good, how possibly was saying that entered.” The Han father reproved. Son-in-law, do not listen to your Little Sister to talk nonsense, eats meal.” Although Han mother also a little that meaning, but she is embarrassed opened mouth.

I try.” Xia Tian has put out the telephone, has dialed Xu directly telephone. „Does Xia Tian, what matter have?” Xu opens the mouth to ask on own initiative. „, I want to ask that can help me arrange a person.” He he, did not speak conveniently, you spoke frankly.” Xu hears knows that side speech that the Xia Tian words cover up is not definitely convenient, otherwise his Xia Tian arranges a person, that also with saying help. That was really thank you, called Han Qingqing, arranging her to go to the market introduction department.” Good, does not have the issue, what need but also there is I to help?” I, although is the manager, but cannot be casual, this did not ask you to help.” Good, I knew.” Xu has tacit understanding with Xia Tian, so long as were Xia Tian says, he understands that was any meaning. That was really too thank you, another day I will ask you to eat meal.” Xia Tian said that has hung up the telephone. When Xia Tian telephones, all people visit him, hears the Xia Tian following words, they know that Xia Tian has completed the matter, therefore on Han Mu and other faces presented some happy facial expressions, but they have not displayed extremely in obvious. From start to the present, most ignorant was Han Qingqing, she just started is just thinks that Xia Tian said.

However she has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly was in front of all person to telephone, moreover this telephone, unexpectedly also really matter handling. Completed?” Han tinkling a face anticipates looks to Xia Tian. You will go to the market introduction department to ask me to be good tomorrow directly.” Xia Tian nodded. „, The brother-in-law, I loved you.” Han tinkling excited shouting. Sits down.” The Han father saw the appearance that own daughter acts like a madman said that afterward turns the head to look continues to ask to Xia Tian: Can some troublesome families.” „, It is not my friend, therefore is good to speak.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Eats, the son-in-law, eats.” The Han mother was simply getting more and more satisfied to her son-in-law, the person was charming, the moral behavior was good, but also understood the medical skill, wrote also attractively, was polite, was good to the person, now also manifests his skill. She was really more and more appreciates Xia Tian now, she from now henceforth did not need to be the daughter matter is worried. Before reason that she still in thinking Xia Tian lived in the countryside, possibly was few, but now looks like, a point that this gained were many, can gain in this age these many years, that can be in the contemporaries depends on own effort well, the development. Such person may gnaw the actual benefit that the old person comes compared with these. In the process of eating meal, Xia Tian keeps clamps the vegetable to Han Qingqing, this satisfied the Han mother, but Han tinkling was because Xia Tian gave the reason that she arranged the work, therefore she has not created obstacles for Xia Tian once more.

The Han father is also same as everybody, is quite satisfied to Xia Tian, but he is a household head, he must a little manner, therefore he has not displayed on the face. Brother-in-law, is the market introduction department difficult? I heard year to year sees is each region's big Boss, what unspoken rule can have and so on matter occurrence?” Han tinkling is impolite, asked the matter on related work directly, she was too excited, therefore from has been thinking this issue to the present a moment ago. She knows this matter, if said that listens to these little friends, certainly will envy them. Not, outside these with the person who Xia Group works, on own initiative visits, moreover by the Xia Group reputation, some people to have how possibly the idea of Xia Group staff, if this matter passes to the Xia Group high level, after that definitely will not have any opportunity of cooperation.” Xia Tian answered. That was good, was right, the brother-in-law, was the achievement difficult to do? Does one month need to travel on official business several Heavens!?” Han tinkling asked again. Travelled on official business for several days to look at the arrangement of company, the Xia Group achievement should be is not difficult to be completed, because we were passive, the opposite party was driving, opposite party these companies also affirmed that hopes one sold the product, made money.” Although Xia Tian knows about Xia Group are not many, but has heard some scales. „, Said also right.” Han tinkling nodded. Listens to your chats, this Xia Group seems also really good.” The Han father nodded, such company he listens to be very good. After having eaten meal, everybody chatted has met the day, was the time of sleeping. Brother-in-law, you rests here with the elder sister today, you go to other place to rest in any case are also same, might as well rests here.” Han tinkling said directly, although she was also bought over by Xia Tian, but she must test these two people, before her the elder sister had also tacitly approved and Xia Tian stays together, if now their mixed reaction types, that absolutely is fishy.