Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 573

The Han father they also knows that what the present person is, the meaning of therefore not having opposed. Naturally, they had not approved that daughter unmarried lives together. But the present society is this, unmarried lived together to turn into very universal matter, therefore they have not said anything, moreover Han father was an astute person, he could look, Xia Tian absolutely was an outstanding child. But he feels is a little strange, before his a little this feeling, but he has not thought toward here that now passes through his daughter tinkling such to ask, he suddenly had a problem. Is this Tashita daughter looks to deal with specially his? The question that because tinkling asked has had the trend in this aspect, including that issue, if they do not dare to live together, that showed that this Tashita was his daughter looks absolutely. Em, so was late, stays, happen to tomorrow you can with tinkling go to the company, avoid this also troubles.” The Han father nodded to say. Old man!” The Han mother stares slightly, she cannot think that ideological quite conservative Han father unexpectedly will always say such words. Han tinkling understood father's meaning directly, because she and her father are an idea. But Han Qingqing heard the father saying that also gawked slightly, she knows own father's thought conservative, but always ideological conservative father unexpectedly proposed that today made them stay together. She understands that she must expose probably, but now is a test, if she rejects, her father will certainly get suspicious: Em, good, you today live here, tomorrow happen to with tinkling together will walk.” Em!” Xia Tian nodded. Xia Tian absolutely does not have any hesitation, because he also saw Han father's question. Was good, early, you earlier did not rest.” The Han father said that went to the room directly, Xia Tian set out to help to clean up the aftermath, but was rejected by the Han mother.

He also has to return to Han Qingqing room with Han clear together. We exposed probably.” After Han returns to the room clear, first few words that spoke. Your Little Sister performance, so long as is individual looks comes out to have the issue.” Xia Tian light saying. My father is an ideological very traditional person, he also has definitely discovered anything, how otherwise he possibly makes you live here.” Saying that Han worries about clear, she quickly by own Little Sister irritating. Matter that was very good to deceive, now unexpectedly became is so difficult to manage. Em, your father had not discovered before that after your Little Sister such saying, this chapter was to affirm to discover.” Xia Tian nodded to say. We what to do?” Han Qingqing asked. On your bed, I rest the ground.” Xia Tian thought also can only like this. This is not good, after all you are help.” Han clear awkward saying. On our two beds.” Saying that a Xia Tian face badly smiles. You rest underground, otherwise I rest underground also good.” Han hears the Xia Tian words to say clear directly. Ok, I rest the ground, the pretty woman will rest the ground also to catch cold.” Xia Tian said that lay down on the ground directly. He has been used to it, what open country, the jungle and cave he has rested, but can also fear that rests the ground?

How you rested the ground directly.” Han saw clear Xia Tian rests directly on the ground shouts hurriedly, afterward she must give Xia Tian with the new quilt. Do not take, your Little Sister and your mother one can inspect the ward.” Xia Tian knows that a moment ago Han Qingqing Little Sister and father have certainly gotten suspicious, since they have gotten suspicious, that can come the ward inspection, Han father personally will certainly not come, but he will certainly make the Han mother come. When the time comes if sees him to rest the ground, that may not be good to explain. Ah! cannot!” Han stares clear slightly. Naturally met.” Xia Tian said directly. „Does need to rest the ground?” Han clear depressed saying. Has not related, in the army, I rests in the jungle and cave frequently, was used to it, in most minimum your family room will not have the insect.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. „Have you worked as Special Force really?” Han asked clear directly, she has not thought a moment ago this issue, listens to Xia Tian spoke of the army the time now, she thought that just started her to get ready to ask, is today's atmosphere is too anxious, made her give to forget. Em, Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team.” Xia Tian very optional saying. What is the life in army? Is specially bored arid.” Han clear seems turned on a record player to be the same, she has filled curiously to Xia Tian, along with her with many that more and more Xia Tian contacts, she is interested in Xia Tian this exceed. Because Xia Tian was really too mysterious. Naturally is not arid, in army has many activities, for example has contended in martial arts, party, moreover sometimes must leave mission.” Xia Tian answered, he just went to the Fierce Tiger Special Warfare team time attended a war, and has wiped out these entries mercenary. Was right, my issue, how you will also know the Xia Group person, moreover you gave back tinkling fell a department, will you go to work tomorrow do not expose?” Asking of Han clear doubts.

Relax, that telephone had arranged a moment ago.” Xia Tian has shown the mysterious smiling face. I was really cannot completely understand you more and more, you said that you were just a student, but how you resembled anything to understand, moreover any matter can manage, the department heads so were polite to you.” Han clear very puzzled saying. Has anything unable to completely understand that I just am an ordinary student, possibly the luck is good, knew compared with others person who has the skill.” Xia Tian looked at Han Qingqing one eyes to continue saying: Reason that department head is polite to me is very simple, because I helped her handle one class, moreover she also asked me to help.” Handles one class? Has helped?” Han as if heard two news to be the same clear, the women liked Eight Trigrams: Said quickly that said quickly, I want to listen, a class is very formidabe, how you have helped the department head, won't you disguise her boyfriend?” Volume.” On the Xia Tian forehead is heavy line, he must by the Han clear rich thought being defeated simply. Said quickly that I most liked listening to Eight Trigrams.” Han clear excited looked that said to Xia Tian. Is very simple, Ban an Boss is my friend, therefore has handled, I helped the department head attend and exchange competition of Island Country, and has won, the principal complied saying that was a big fund is used to purchase the equipment and construction to us uses.” Xia Tian answered. Thump! Thump! At this moment, the gate of room was sounded.