Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 574

Who?” Han Qingqing asked. Elder sister, is I, I have cut a fruit to you.” Han tinkling said directly. Is my Little Sister.” Han said clear in a low voice. Opens the door.” Xia Tian nodded. After Han opens the door clear, Han tinkling rushed directly, when she comes in actually discovered that Xia Tian by in the bedside, just must sit, although this movement is very ordinary, but had actually indicated he has lain on the bed a moment ago, moreover other one side also has her elder sister has pressed the trace. She remembers one exited a moment ago, very smooth, in other words, they who the bed makes were lying down on the bed a moment ago, moreover the Xia Tian shoes also place on the ground, in other words, he does not go to bed suddenly. Was good, puts that the fruit, tomorrow earlier will get up.” Han pointed to the door clear directly. „.” Han tinkling disappointed nod of: „The elder sister and brother-in-law also earlier rest.” Em, exits.” The Han clear direct general's family has closed, afterward has raised up the thumb to Xia Tian: Your response was really too quick, moreover your speed was also too fast, you also lay down on the ground a moment ago, now unexpectedly goes to bed.” How otherwise can say that is specialized.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, lay down the ground. „Will your this odd person, tomorrow what to do you plan? Won't put on the gang really?” Han asked clear again, she was afraid Xia Tian there to have any mistake each time, because happened the mistake, that result was different, when the time comes she not only need face scolding of parents, but also by mother infinite compelling marriage. Went to the company to know, if you did not feel relieved to be able together with, if had any condition, you went to say with your Little Sister.” Xia Tian saw Han Qingqing thoughts, he knows that this matter trades to be done is everyone did not feel relieved. Good, I together pass with you, if that small girl discovered anything, I caught her, then combined threats with inducements.” Han has grasped own pink / white fist clear. Most poisonous woman will of the people.” Xia Tian depressed saying. He like this chatted with Han Qingqing for one hour. Thump!

The door was sounded again. I must come.” The sound is Han Qingqing mother, moreover Han Qingqing forgot to lock a door a moment ago, therefore Han Qingqing mother has opened the door directly. Han saw clear the gate was shoved open, immediately is panic-stricken, but she saw inconceivable one at this moment, Xia Tian unexpectedly lay down in her side . Moreover the clothes have removed completely. This speed was really too quick. She felt that all these probably occur in the flash are the same. Volume, you have rested.” The Han mother arrives at opens the door time directly to the bed looks, when she sees Xia Tian stripped, nod of silently , to continue to say afterward: I have cut a fruit to you.” Heard Han Mu words, Xia Tian and Han Qingqing collapses. She and Han tinkling worthily are the biological mother and daughter, reason unexpectedly is exactly the same. Em, thanked the aunt.” Xia Tian said hurriedly. Also called the aunt, called mother.” Saying of Han mother face smiling face, this time she has felt relieved finally, Han father her told a moment ago these two people are possibly fake, her surprised soon could not bear, such good son-in-law unexpectedly is false, therefore she and Han father has reached an agreement, must come to probe. Has not thought that Han Qingqing unexpectedly forgot to lock a door, how such good opportunity she possibly let off, therefore she opened the door directly, coming an surprise attack to inspect, this inspection discovery did not have anything. Two people truly on bed, moreover Han Qingqing also wears the night clothes, Xia Tian clothes and pants also on stool. Whistling!” Han saw mother to walk clear, relaxed finally, then the hurried general's family locked. You were really good.” Han looked said clear to Xia Tian. These clothes are very good to escape, therefore the nature is quick.” Xia Tian said that has worn own clothes directly directly.

„The instance that I turned the head a moment ago, you completely towed, your this speed was quickly to is simply inconceivable.” Han Qingqing by the Xia Tian speed being shocked. Was good, sleeps!” Xia Tian lies down on the ground starts cultivation Heaven Absolute Wake directly. Han has closed the lamp clear, but she has not rested, but there secretly looks at Xia Tian, Xia Tian rests quickly, she sees the appearance that Xia Tian sleeps, finally can see a point his childish appearance. Appearance that usually Xia Tian displays is maturer than her, but falls asleep was the same with a child. You so are big, but you are more outstanding than anybody, wants mature many compared with any contemporaries, actually to have had what matter on you?” Han clear innermost feelings secretly thought, she felt that the body of Xia Tian has written all over the story, because Xia Tian took off the clothes to go to bed a moment ago that flash, she saw Xia Tian scar, although afterward Xia Tian intentionally covered up with the quilt, preventing her mother to see. However she actually saw, Xia Tian wears the clothes time she also saw. She never sees on any person to have that scabs. These scabs have many distance hearts is very near, especially that several scabs of Xia Tian back, were almost break out the Xia Tian whole person probably were the same. She has not gone to ask that Xia Tian scabs matter, she knows that this possibly is the Xia Tian secret. Actually are you what person?” Han did not have anyone clear, she such static looks at Xia Tian. A night passed by, Han Qingqing has only rested for 34 hours, just started her to stare at Xia Tian, then spoke with oneself, afterward she gradually fell asleep. Next morning, Han Muwei several people have made the breakfast. Han clear sober time discovers Xia Tian there exercise. Single-handed push-up. Cool.

Xia Tian unexpectedly is using a hand to make the push-up, moreover does is so standard, the movement is so smooth. You awoke.” Xia Tian saw that Han Qingqing awoke, greeted directly. You are quite fierce, a unexpectedly hand can make the push-up.” Saying of Han clear worship. Is fiercer, do you want to take a look?” Xia Tian asked. Thinks.” Han Qingqing said. You sit on me.” Xia Tian said directly. Sits on you?, How this will be impossible.” Han clear puzzled asking. You sit to try.” Xia Tian had not explained that but is a face smiling face looked that said to Han Qingqing. Han holds manner of suspicion was sitting after Xia Tian directly to carry on the back clear, but just started her foot not to dare to takeoff. But at this moment, she felt suddenly her body moved, she looks down, Xia Tian unexpectedly makes the push-up in a hand, this was also too mysterious, a hand also had the situation of person in the back, unexpectedly can also do was so standard. Gets up!” Xia Tian gives a loud shout suddenly, afterward Han Qingqing felt suddenly own body flew.