Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 575

Ah! Han Qingqing frightens called directly, her body unexpectedly made an effort to throw to fly by Xia Tian. When she thinks one must fall the ground, the Xia Tian sudden skill grasped her, caught her directly. Elder sister, you how?” Han tinkling directly flushed, Xia Tian gets up to go to the washroom to come back in the morning not to lock a door, therefore Han tinkling directly flushed, when she comes to see Xia Tian to hug her elder sister, her awkward smiles: He he, you continue, I walked first.” Volume!” Sees Han tinkling the expression, Han Qingqing was thoroughly speechless, but she does not have to explain, because this is better: Has not put me, you want to scare to death me.” Wanted you a moment ago.” Xia Tian answered. I thought that you want to scare to death me, I also think that this time I must be fallen by you maliciously.” Han Qingqing said. How I give up, walks, exits, your mother has completed the breakfast.” Xia Tian said that Han Mu has knocked a door, but Xia Tian looked Han Qingqing rests is so ripe, has not gone to disturb her. „.” Han nodded clear, they walked directly. Han tinkling a face badly smiles looks at Xia Tian and Han Qingqing: Elder sister, brother-in-law morning.” Small girl.” Han clear helpless shaking the head. The Han father has eaten, had been sitting there reads the newspaper, this is his custom, after having had the breakfast, must read the newspaper. After several people have eaten, the Xia Tian three people prepared. Embarks beforehand Han Mu also to warn that tinkling do not stir up trouble to Xia Tian, will tell Xia Tian to next time again. Xia Tian has hit a rental car directly, yesterday evening Xia Tian sent Tashita's name that an information told him to use to Xu, moreover made Xu Laojiang address send to him.

Xia Tian has not thought that this market introduction department unexpectedly near mental hospital, is that he and Lin Bingbing searches for the valuable the mental hospital. Xia Tian they just got out, the security directly salutes: Tafusa is good.” Hears Tafusa this name, Xia Tian nodded, knows that certainly is Xu arranges. Han sees that security decent name Xia Tian for Tafusa clear, she also very admired Xia Tian, unexpectedly finds such one group of people to accompany him to act in a play, she knows that she this time must rest well Xia Tian. Han tinkling is very excited. When they enter the office building, welcomed guests beauty to walk: Tafusa is good, Xu Zong already in three buildings your office you.” „!” Xia Tian nodded, she knows that this welcomes guests beauty is telling him, own office in three buildings. Han tinkling the present was to was simply full of admiration, she who oneself this brother-in-law admired did not have to think own this brother-in-law unexpectedly such had the surface, some where arrived at people to greet. Three people sat the elevator. Tafusa is good.” In the elevator also has the special ritual girl. Em.” Xia Tian signals by nodding. Han Qingqing was shocked completely, she does not know that actually Xia Tian found the how fierce person, unexpectedly had these many people to accompany him to act in a play together. After three people arrive at three buildings, these people of inside work have stood.

Tafusa is good.” All people said together. Em, you were busy at your being good.” Xia Tian very optional beckoning with the hand, these people sat. Xia Tian said that walks toward own office directly: You in this I, I go.” Em, you are busy first.” The Han clear vision took a fast look around in the surroundings, here also is really very luxurious . Moreover the these person of overall imposing manners of here working are different, looks at the wear and appearance of these people are very upscale that. After Xia Tian enters to that writes the room in Tafusa office, to Xu has raised up the thumb: Xu, you handle matters I most to feel relieved.” That was natural, your matter I must manage personally.” Xu shows a faint smile, he can be careless to anything, but he never at matter of Xia Tian confession careless, because he knows, reason that he now can become figure that entire Jiang Hai City becomes famous, because of Xia Tian, these corona is Xia Tian gives him. Before he only then arrived at an antique street, everybody can call his Xu, but that large-scale banquet, nobody invited him radically, he forever could not enter that upscale circle. However was now different, these banquets not only invited him, will also regard him is the special guest, treatment very high. Good, troubled you, was right, this office left me, outside these person of you should arrange.” Xia Tian satisfied nod. Early arranged, what I told them, you were two years ago went to this company, was the manager of market introduction department, usually always travelled on official business outside, they do not dare to disclose the news, will otherwise be dismissed directly, moreover they did not know your true status, because our unit each department general manager office was emptying, was I prepares for you, was worried that what you suddenly had matter, like this was also good to arrange, because their has believed at heart that in a that office has had one not to like making an appearance. General manager.” Xu answered. Good, you handle matters are really watertight.” Xia Tian said. Reason that Xia Tian such appreciates Xu, because of Xu management ability, since his first time has arranged Xu to handle matters, each time Xu achieves surpasses his anticipated, his first time needs Xu to help is on the day of his older female cousin birthday. From then on, Xia Tian discovers a Xu Laoshi management very safe person, therefore he any matter gives Xu.

But Xu is also very willing to help Xia Tian. In bystander opinion, Xu is the Xia Tian spokesman, because of him for member of Xia Tian management. This is also he most is worth the proud place. Was good, this is her entering duty material, for does not cause her suspicion, I first walked.” Xu light saying. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. After Xu leaves, Xia Tian called Han Qingqing and Han Lingling. This is your entering duty material and employment contract, you look that not having what issue to sign, the basic salary was 8000, the sur- business trip subsidy and achievement deducted a percentage.” Xia Tian gave Han Lingling saying that bunch of materials. Oh, basic salary 8000, developed this time.” Han tinkling excited saying. A bit faster has a look to have the issue, then signed.” Han clear helpless saying, then cast the vision of thanks to Xia Tian. After Han tinkling looked simply, has signed directly own given name. Was good, goes out the later turn left that side that desk is you, your work can have the secretary to arrange, to you can ask the secretary who anything does not understand.” Xia Tian light saying. Tafusa, is not good, outside had a neurosis to rush.” A female assistant ran hurriedly.