Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 577
Xia Tian still remembers that now that night matter, the mental hospital will have made some different pitiful yells and strange sounds to the evening. Reason that Xia Tian and Bai Yu the choice, for is unremarkable in the evening, the mental hospital monitors everywhere, if were patted to is unamusing, solemn Jiang Hai City most famous figure and Quicksand great Expert, if were monitored to pat, this face may lose in a big way. Besides Xu there has the Xia Tian picture, other photograph surreptitiously the Xia Tian person, is unable to shoot to his face. „After going, I make the security of control room fall asleep first, then you destroy all monitoring.” Xia Tian said to Bai Yu. Em!” Bai Yu nodded to say. Good, that.” Xia Tian and Bai Yu rushed in the mental hospital directly, just entered Xia Tian of mental hospital on the incarnation to the empty shade, the whole person vanish in together same place, presents again time arrived in the control room. His silver needle projects, shot directly above the scruff of that security, that security slowly but actually, then Xia Tian and Bai Yu destroyed mental hospital's monitoring together. After two minutes, they exterior all monitoring will destroy, therefore they intruded the mental hospital directly. Ah!! Transmits mental patient's pitiful yell in all directions. I am a fish.” I am a ship.” I have not gotten sick, I have not gotten sick.” To the evening, neurosis will have been locked in own room, this for does not fight mutually, although in the evening will have the nursing personnel, but these nursing personnel will be loaf, therefore they little come out to go on patrol. Xia Tian and Bai Yu walking swaggering in mental hospital, their sees a monitoring on destruction one. Where is the Fire Cloud evil god at?” Xia Tian lay directly in a gate vent asked. „The Fire Cloud evil god, I am the Fire Cloud evil god.” That neurosis shouts loudly.

You is a your younger sister, goes back to sleep.” Xia Tian fought with the fists directly on his face. Such looks is not means that here neurosis these many, how we confirmed that which is the Fire Cloud evil god?” Bai Yu frowns to say. Em, right that you said that waits here.” Xia Tian stands in same place, the X-Ray Vision eye opens directly, his five senses instantaneously become specially sensitive, the voice in nearby all rooms he hears clearly. Which ordinary gates the X-Ray Vision eye has also swept. Goes to the building, in the building has the sound of walking.” Xia Tian said that walks toward the building directly. Bai Yu also followed. They arrive at two buildings time, discovered that has a person to sweep the trash, but Xia Tian and Bai Yu all cast the vision of doubts to this person, because the ground absolutely did not have the trash. „Are you doing?” Xia Tian opens the mouth to ask directly. Here was too dirty, I must sweep.” That person has made a gloomy terrifying sound. „The ground what does not have, what are you sweeping?” Xia Tian asked again. No, has the thing, moreover dirty is very very dirty, has the bone, the flesh, everywhere is the blood, when I swept to scratch again.” That person links not to lift. I want to ask that you know where the Fire Cloud evil god is at?” Xia Tian looked that asked to that person. Hears Fire Cloud evil god these four characters time, that person has put down the broom in hand, has lifted the head slowly, his face is very terrorist, everywhere is the scars, moreover blind an eye, on the lip was ripped probably. Can the clear seeing tooth, his tooth also merely have several. „The Fire Cloud evil god, I am the Fire Cloud evil god.” That person has made incomparably gloomy terrifying sound, afterward directly they flushed to Xia Tian. !

A Xia Tian silver needle has shot, shoots directly on that person of neck, afterward that person directly but actually. Walks, should be more and more near.” Xia Tian light saying. It seems like the Fire Cloud evil god must leave here, now this mental hospital is all strange, a moment ago that person obviously by person depth has suffered.” Bai Yu nodded to say. Their this gradually walks toward building. When they have arrived at three buildings, discovered that the entire three buildings all are jet black one piece. Is unamusing.” The Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye opens instantaneously, he sees front has more than ten individuals, in the hand is all taking all kinds of weapons, these people they are walking to Xia Tian. Although Bai Yu does not have the Xia Tian vision to be good, but by his strength, can hear the sound of footsteps that in the corridor hears. Our two should expose, rushes directly, you follow me.” Xia Tian knows that any Expert, is sealing up not to have the ray place unable to see anything completely, even if Bai Yu such Expert is impossible. Naturally, Xia Tian his X-Ray Vision eye is the monstruous talent, can regard as another matter. Em.” Bai Yu nodded. ! Xia Tian is more than ten silver needles projects directly, afterward he runs directly to the staircase, through the sound, Bai Yu can judge the Xia Tian position and staircase, therefore he also followed. Then is fourth! The fourth all rooms are opening, the mouths of these neuroses have exuded the inhuman pitiful yell sound. Xia Tian gets rid fast, then rushed to five buildings. Shasha!

The sound of sweeping the floor, dresses up with two building that exactly the same people appears in the Xia Tian eye, but here is still jet black one piece, Bai Yu also can only hear the sound, he hears Xia Tian to anchor the footsteps, therefore he also stopped. Shasha! The sound of that sweeping the floor reaches in their ears. „Are you Fire Cloud evil god?” Xia Tian opens the mouth to ask. I am not!” That person responded. Finally came a normal person, after you were I came, first said one were not person.” Xia Tian looks that person said that although this time is jet black one piece, but his X-Ray Vision eye can clear looks at the appearance of that person. How here possibly has the normal person, I am not, you are not, so long as enters to here person becomes is not normal.” Sound ice-cold saying of that person. Where is the Fire Cloud evil god at?” Xia Tian asked again. What matter do you look for his?” That person asked. I want to chat with him, Jiang Hai City has such formidable Expert, I cannot fall asleep.” Xia Tian said directly, he since knows after existence of this Fire Cloud evil god, his entire heart hung, if this Fire Cloud evil god made suddenly in Jiang Hai City, that Jiang Hai City will be inconceivable. He he!” That person coldly smiles: „Who are you? Also wants to see the Fire Cloud evil god depending on you.” Yeah! It seems like could not convince, that only then hit.” Xia Tian sighed, he knows that this person is not simple, but he must see the Fire Cloud evil god.