Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 580

Hears Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll time, the Xia Tian whole person directly maintained the highest vigilance, but Bai Yu also stands up, prepares to get rid at any time, regarding Xia Tian and Bai Yu, this is the strongest enemy. They must provide against contingencies. Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll, is the Xia Tian secret, although Bai Yu knows that Xia Tian has Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll, but Bai Yu will not get rid to Xia Tian absolutely, at present this person is actually completely different. He is the Fire Cloud evil god, more than ten years ago on famous Assassins. At that time was known as the king of Assassins, his method is very very ruthless, moreover his strength is also not allow to neglect. Although he by Quicksand Wei Guang being defeated, but this does not affect his reputation, these years concealing identity, his present strength already became immeasurably deep. But as soon as he opens the mouth is Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll. This may not be joking. Earth Grade Expert opens the mouth to want Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll to Xia Tian, Xia Tian will be absolutely not, the secret that because Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll will involve was really too big. „Do you do anxiously, I will not get rid suddenly, if copes with you also to need to get rid suddenly, my Fire Cloud evil god may really be disgraced loses to the family.” The Fire Cloud evil god shows a faint smile, saw that their intense appearances answered. Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll I will not give you.” Xia Tian knows that he does not acknowledge also uselessly, a moment ago him and Bai Yu response now told opposite party Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll in his hand.

Is so astute by the Fire Cloud evil god, he will not be how possibly able to look. Therefore Xia Tian said directly that he does not have slight covering up, his meaning is, Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll I have, but I will not give you. I had not said that wants your Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll.” Fire Cloud evil god very optional saying: I can help you cope with Quicksand and Mount Hua sect, but you must promise me, after arriving at outside Heavenly Connection hole most deep place, gives me your Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll quota.” Xia Tian does not know that actually outside Heavenly Connection in hole to have anything, does not know that actually Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll means anything, therefore he does not know that this quota what's the matter, he had not answered, but looks to Bai Yu. Outside Heavenly Connection in the hole has filled various treasures, similarly has also filled the crisis, some treasures even have their life, therefore outside Heavenly Connection the hole opens, regarding entire China, no, even the entire world is an important matter, naturally, the overseas also had their entrances, this world temporarily discovered altogether eight entrances, China is strongest, only allows Expert of oneself country to enter, therefore Expert of other countries also can only infiltrate several other to have in the entrance country.” Bai Yu explained: Outside Heavenly Connection in the hole has the treasure and efficacious medicine that in this world has not had, regardless of everybody if picks with competing, next opening time, inside same can fills the treasure.” So that's how it is.” Xia Tian nodded. Outside Heavenly Connection hole treasure, although is good, however the genuine good thing in the Heavenly Connection Neidong, there not to have been able to be called the hole, but is the tower, is the Heavenly Connection tower, the genuine treasure there, now all Spirit Tool in this world brings from inside.” The Fire Cloud evil god answered, he knows that has not entered outside Heavenly Connection at the Xia Tian age absolutely the hole, what therefore he was also patient was Xia Tian is explaining. Such extraordinary, what relations does that Heavenly Connection tower have with Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll can allow a person to enter the Heavenly Connection tower, four Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll in can allow five people to enter the Heavenly Connection tower together, eight Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll in can allow 12 people to enter the Heavenly Connection tower together.” The Fire Cloud evil god spoke of here time looked that continued to say to Xia Tian: I want in your hand that Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll quota.” Xia Tian hears here to understand that actually Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll is representing any significance.

What originally the Fire Cloud evil god settles on is my Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll quota, but he does not know that I altogether have four Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll, in other words, I can lead five people to enter in the Heavenly Connection tower, since five quotas, that did not miss this, happen to can take this matter with his chatting well.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, regarding him, a quota is not the important matter, but Xia Tian has the plan, he must knock Fire Cloud evil god maliciously. He is Earth Grade Expert, moreover can with Quicksand Boss Wei Guang fight Earth Grade Expert, that strength naturally be too more than beam current of that any Tong on. Has such Expert, how Xia Tian possibly well does not use. That quota I can give you, but my request.” Xia Tian said. Mentioned listens.” The Fire Cloud evil god has not been angry, but looks directly to Xia Tian, was waiting for Xia Tian said own condition. From now on, outside the day of hole opening to Heavenly Connection, so long as I have the need you to momentarily get rid to help, once I in Jiang Hai City, you cannot shoulder to protect my family member and friend heavy burden.” Xia Tian said own request directly. Ha Ha Ha Ha, your boy, the real discussion condition, unexpectedly makes me give you to work as the goon, but I like your individuality, having the condition can show that you are the sincerity want to trade with me, therefore your this condition I complied.” The Fire Cloud evil god laughs was saying, if Xia Tian complied directly, without any condition, then he will not have thought that butt buffer, but now Xia Tian put forward the condition, regarding him is also the good deed. Good, said it and meant it.” Xia Tian extended own right hand. ! The hand of Fire Cloud evil god patted with the hand of Xia Tian in one: Said it and meant it.”

Bai Yu had not spoken, he is this silently looks at Xia Tian and Fire Cloud evil god's negotiations, he finally knows why now Xia Tian has an accident presented very many people willing to help him. Because this is the charisma. Including the Fire Cloud evil god, normally, the average person was absolutely does not dare to add the condition again, but Xia Tian has actually added on the final that condition. Such being the case, I walked, manages well your neurosis subordinates, side that building is my company, do not let them disturb my person.” Xia Tian does not think that person Tiantian of company was harassed. You came, I also want them to exit to do.” The Fire Cloud evil god shows a faint smile. Xia Tian then understands that originally the Fire Cloud evil god already knew him is side Boss of that several company, reason that he lets these neuroses, to direct Xia Tian, this can negotiate the matter of Heavenly Connection tower. „The thing of your this wily old fox.” Xia Tian said that the roof from sixth floor jumped directly, Bai Yu also directly followed. Looks trace that Bai Yu and Xia Tian vanish, the Fire Cloud evil god shows a faint smile: Good interesting kid.” After Xia Tian returned to residence, started cultivation Heaven Absolute Wake, he must conserve strength recently well, because especially the final of Operations Office must start.