Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 581

Regarding present Xia Tian, the biggest three matters are, the final of special Operations Office, outside the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure and Heavenly Connection the hole, these three matters are articulating one point, so long as he can succeed passed these three points, he naturally passed these crises. Now nearest was specially the final of Operations Office. The bureau match and region match have the district match to be completely different. Final only then four teams, moreover these four teams the emerge from land, Xia Tian had inquired, these four teams separately are Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office, Kyoto specially Operations Office, black Harbin specially Operations Office and Xin boundary city specially Operations Office. In these four teams, besides Jiang Hai City Operations Office, several other quarters has the participants uniform Dragon Group retirement personnel of specially. All is Expert in Expert. Moreover in these places is not only then these ten participating Dragon Group personnel, likely are Capital specially Operations Office, in they locate are least the personnel who also more than 20 Dragon Group draw back, therefore these ten participating personnel are selective. Next morning, Xia Tian early went to specially Operations Office. Discovered that several participating personnel in exercise of going all out, they know that immediately must participate to compete, knows that what person the matches are, therefore they do not have careless of moment. You came, looked at a thing to you.” Ye Wan has given a Xia Tian book clearly. Xia Tian opened the book directly.

Humph! Good, crime rate unexpectedly reduced 90% compared with last year, the mission finish rate is 100%.” Xia Tian looks that this number of classes it is said that said. This is your merit, you have all tidied up the Jianghai four young masters, other these sons of the influential naturally do not dare to stir up trouble, even some sons of the influential started other city to mix, therefore big cut the Jiang Hai City crime rate, moreover these fellows and Lin Bingbing start mission to come completely not awfully, therefore this year our 's mission finish rates are 100%.” Ye Qingxue excited saying: What is main, Jiang Hai City Operations Office, has renovated specially before this year, all records, we not only won the championship of region match, but also has obtained the district match first, enters the final officially, if you can also win this competition, I simply am happy must to dying.” He he.” Xia Tian awkward smiles, where is so easy, he is not Superman, copes with these Expert, if he in the one-to-one situation, the achievement probability is 100%, if others gang up on him, he also has to guard, moreover he biggest skill kills people, but is not defeated, but the final of Operations Office cannot casual kill people specially, will otherwise be delivered to the court martial. „Can Xia Tian, help Young Aunt complete this wish, champion who wins the final.” Ye Wan clear excited looks at Xia Tian. Confidence has.” Xia Tian has been full of confidence with oneself, but he does not know subject that this competition inspects. I know what you are worried is the subject of competition, this I do not have the means that this is secret, nobody knows, but I heard that on this country will have the big movement, therefore this inspection will be very strict.” Ye Wan shook the head clearly, she does not know the inspection the subject. Your Ye is so wild, present special Operations Office quickly turned into the private armed forces of Ye, the country will not have how possibly the big movement, but your Ye definitely also heard the rumor, it seems like that this final met is blustery.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Em, but wish makes Ye Jia fall from power does not have is so easy, the foundation of Ye is very deep, has been grasping entire specially Operations Office from founding a country to the present, therefore the country has the big movement, is impossible to erase Ye directly.” Ye Wan also knows what clearly the people of these year of Ye are, they abuse the authority, takes bribes and perverts justice, special Operations Office that serves for the country will turn into own private army. The crime rate not only has not reduced, instead grew, the mission majority that but also they complete contribute no work but be undetected because of others. Should renovate.” Xia Tian remembers he had seen at that time that several special Operations Office person, these people simply were lawless, the elder of Ye also replaced the live ammunition at the competition, thus it can be seen, they disregarded the law of country.

Was right, Lin Bingbing there does not have what condition, she very long had not come specially Operations Office.” The Ye Wan clear start to talk asked. Em, she is closing up.” Xia Tian nodded, since previous Xia Tian and Xia Family after that fights, Lin Bingbing started to close up studies diligently Kungfu, moreover she also started in the study Mechanism Technique. She wants to use Mechanism Technique to shine the brilliance at final greatly, moreover she also heard a very important matter. This Dragon Group head No. several figure of surface will also watch specially the final of Operations Office. Lin Bingbing thinks can see that person time, cultivation that she goes all out, these many years, some of her finally opportunities saw that she had a dream in the man of hate. Your several, give me to get up.” Xia Tian also has the big cow to shout to that several Leader. Teacher.” All people salute to Xia Tian, they respect that are from the heart to Xia Tian. They know that can have today's result, is the Xia Tian merit, because of Xia Tian, behind their names added on the glory corona, they have the opportunity to carve into the annals the name. This is the most honorable matter. Therefore in their hearts, Xia Tian is that perfection war-god.

However they also know that cannot all matters depend on a Xia Tian person, they must and go for this glory diligently, therefore they such go all out in cultivation. You have remembered to me, procrastinates, quickly the light, I do not want is not you raises the overall quality, but wants you to raise the speed, this most at least you had the ability of escaping.” Xia Tian looked that shouts to the people. Teacher, we do not want to run away.” All people shout together. Country bumpkin, I told you to escape is also a strategy, you said that if the opposite party had 100 to pursue you personally, but we had ten people, did this hit? Is direct to go all out that is fool, the true strategy should retreat in order to advance, first runs, running of breaknecking, making the opposite party pursue, when the quickest person who when the opposite party runs pursues, our ten hit his one two, fires off continues to run, they run quickest after pursuing, we hit their one two again, this is the strategy.” Xia Tian looked that said to the people. Teacher, you are quite shameless!” The big cow shouts directly. Your boy, dares to scold me to be shameless, does 1000 push-ups, cannot complete not to permit.” Xia Tian shouts directly. Yes, teacher.” The big cow lay on the ground directly starts to start the push-up. „The time also remaining two days, I give you one hour of setup time, after one hour, starts the devil to train.” Xia Tian looked that said to the people.