Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 583

Their several people are to all harbor disturbedly follows Xia Tian at heart, currently on their eight has the wound, although is not serious, but the feeling of that aching makes them walk very uses energy. When they enter the training ground, they saw a giant basin. instructor, is this following training?” Several people have doubts looks to Xia Tian, if the soaking-bath is their following trainings, that this training was also too comfortable. Naturally, this is your following trainings, some meal people will carry, before embarking, your here soaking-bath was good.” Xia Tian has shown the mysterious smiling face, sees Xia Tian this smiling face, they always felt that has one unlucky premonition. „It is not right, this is spirit!” The nose of big cow spirits, he heard directly. What? Spirit!” All people have all been shocked, they may all be the wounds now, once these wounds bump into the spirit, but that pain unequalled. This solely is not spirit, I have matched 36 types of Chinese medicine in inside, has very big advantage to your bodies.” Xia Tian answered. Teacher, won't this kill?” The big cow worries looked that said to Xia Tian. Relax.” Xia Tian looked that said to them: You died words, calculates the injury on job, calculated the sacrifice, the country will be will subsidize to you.” „When my Fuck! all people simultaneously said with emotion, just started they heard the Xia Tian words, the mood was better, but after hearing Xia Tian, half a word words time, they completely could not bear. Also is gawking doing, gives under me, if you are motionless, I kick you to get down.” The Xia Tian immediate danger said: „, You must wear the underpants to run to me, a meeting department head can inspect.” I come!” The big cow forever is that fiercest person, he knows that hides definitely unable to hide, therefore he also can only clench teeth. Ha! After the big cow has taken off own clothes, gives a loud shout, a foot stepped on directly in inside. Oh my mother.” The tears of big cow fell directly.

Several other people did not endure to look straight ahead. Gets down you.” Xia Tian trampled in the following foot, the big cow entire body has rolled into the spirit pool directly. Ah! Teacher, I must kill you.” The mouth of big cow has sent out a pitiful yell. Your several, are goes , do I come?” Xia Tian looks that several imitate Buddha's Portrait is the several people of frightened person said that his expression was very evil, making Leader of that seven group fight a cold war from top to bottom. Sees the pitiful condition of big cow, how they possibly also dare to let Xia Tian. Jumped. Before they jump, expression that is being unafraid of death, after jumping, is the emanation pitiful yells as if by prior agreement. When Ye Wan arrived here clearly, listens is being different cries. Was good, do not call, the food came, these food are I make one with the Chinese medicine modulation, after having eaten, can rapidly restore stamina, making your body strengthens strong, must therefore finish eating to me, these beef concoct after the traditional Chinese medicine.” Xia Tian this time has prepared the maintenance of complete set to them, first presses out to do their stamina, forces their limits, then uses the spirit for their wound disinfection, finally uses the traditional Chinese medicine to be nutritious, repairs the body thoroughly. These people just the pitiful yell that started or keeps, however after one hour, they did not have any sound, moreover was the appearances that ten shares received, pool inside had can lie down specially the sleeping place, afterward they also all soaked in the pool fall asleep. Next day before embarking, Xia Tian has awakened them. These people have changed clean new clothes, afterward and Xia Tian walked together. Your several try now their strength and speed.” Xia Tian looked that shows a faint smile to their several.

I come first.” The big cow runs directly to the front. Bang! Has fought afterward with the fists. shit, the big cow, your unexpectedly became such quick.” Several other people worship looked that said to the big cow. My strength also doubled.” Big cow excited saying. Was good, should to your several.” Xia Tian looks that their several said. Afterward their several also directly forward run, the speed is one by one fast. I force to go, you became such quick.” Big cow dumbfounded looks that seven people said. Ha Ha, the teacher, I was the clothing die really you.” Seven groups of Leader excited saying. You finally had the maintaining life skill.” Xia Tian looked at the time on watch, afterward looks to the distant place that waited for about ten minutes, Lin Bingbing also arrived. Since the person were in attendance, that preparation.” Ye Wan looked at people to say clearly. Xia Tian has arranged the matter before departure, told Xu, had the matter to go to the attic in mental hospital to look for person who called the Fire Cloud evil god, said that was the Xia Tian introduction, then he also told Witchcraft Sect that two people helped him favor Jiang Hai City. After all arranged, Xia Tian also feels relieved. Preparation how?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Lin Bingbing.

All prepared, this time will certainly not make you protect me.” The Lin Bingbing biggest desire can protect Xia Tian one time, but is not protected by Xia Tian for a lifetime. Moreover this time she is also hopeful can see that person. Although she has not seen that person, but she believes herself, so long as sees that person first eyes, certainly can recognize, she must make that man pay the price sooner or later, that throws the wife to abandon the female person. Ha Ha, I am very delicate, you must protect me.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Meanwhile, Ye ten big elders sits in one today. Said, above wants our Ye now, what to do should we?” The big elder of Ye opens the mouth to ask. Our Ye foundations are stable, is not the country persuades on active, we do not need to be afraid.” Ye light saying, this person that has traded that Ye of live ammunition, he is ten elders of Ye. Stupid, fool.” The big elder scolded directly. That Ye scolded a few words do not dare to say. Big elder, we pass together, this is above has any movement, we also well deal.” Two elders proposed. Em , can only like this, on the other hand, helping me collect, which Operations Office background is specially cleanest, moreover result also continuously good.” The big elder opens the mouth to say. Big elder, has prepared, this year result best was Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office . Moreover the Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office department head Ye Wan clear background was also very clean, the Jiang Hai City this year's crime rate dropped 90%, mission finish rate 100%, moreover they from the region match first from the bottom, several years entered the final last year directly.” Three elders open the mouth to say.