Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 584

Shows me, Ye Wan clear unexpectedly has made such result.” Deeping frown of big elder whole face, he has not thought of Ye Wan clear unexpectedly to be able such extraordinary, reason that in the past they sent Jiang Hai City to be that specially Operations Office department head Ye Wan clearly, was because there was chaotic enough. In the past Xia Tianlong offended their Ye, if were not the threat of Xia Tianlong, they were impossible to give the Ye Wan clear this position. However they have not thought that Ye Wan clear unexpectedly has made such proud result quietly. Moreover unexpectedly became a energy strongest person. After the big elder looked at one simply next, nod: extraordinary, extraordinary.” Big elder, that Ye Wan clearly is a cheap person, their Jiang Hai City Operations Office that chief teacher, called Xia Tian that specially, was a little animal, this person damn.” Ten elder angry saying of Ye, he has eaten many owing in the hand of Xia Tian. Snort, you shut up to me, do not think that I do not know what good deed you have done outside, why above has the excuse to get rid to us suddenly, you think that I don't know? Your courage was really bigger and bigger, unexpectedly dares to change the live round in the competition, do you know, if the real deceased person, will cause the big consequence.” The big elder pounds on the table to curse angrily. Was good, calms down.” Two elders persuaded. You make me calm down, clear(ly) knows that the recent rumor is tight, on facing our Ye more looked that is not pleasing to the eyes, then also intentionally such does, you said that this special Operations Office competition, actually have you done how many ghosts in the middle? Do you work as the above person are the blind person?” The big elder more scolded more is angry. Old ten, has not admitted mistakes.” Two elders have caused a meaningful glance to ten elders. Big elder, sorry, I knew mistakenly.” Ten elders apologized hurriedly, he knows that two elders were good for him.

Snort, do not have the next time, your several follow me together, takes Expert of Ye, we this time on visit this final together.” The big elder of Ye stands up said directly. Meanwhile another, in Kunlun Mountain. These many days passed by, you think?” An old man of white beard white hair looks to front of oneself is kneeling Junior asks. Ancestor, Xia Tian is my brother, I must spell, the day that outside Heavenly Connection the hole opens he will face innumerable Expert, cannot add on his any busy by my present strength, therefore I must such do.” Kneels in that person Brother Xiaoma of ground. In the past I for loyalty, for everybody will turn into now this appearance, I am 115 years old, here secure did not enjoy the old age this year.” Old man light saying. Ancestor, you were also single-handedly dare to do with the Islander gun in the past, haven't you feared? Moreover you have also helped that many people, not because of loyalty two characters? You hope that your Junior all does abandon this loyalty two characters?” Brother Xiaoma asked. Good, since you have chosen, I help you, this is the rare book of electric light god leg, you take away cultivation, under that hydraulic pressure, you, if can live coming out, you should have that strength.” Mr. Bai Huzi threw to a Brother Xiaoma rare book. Many thanks ancestor.” Xia Tian they and the others arrived at a primitive big forest, this time inspection place is here, here and beforehand district match is completely different, district match on an island, but here is one piece looks at forest not to the end, here is a China biggest piece of jungle, this is also the inspection place of this final. This time four team minutes besides our Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office, other three separately are Kyoto specially Operations Office, black Harbin specially Operations Office and Xin boundary city specially Operations Office.” What Ye Wan is clearly patient is the people explains: These three special Operations Office are Expert like clouds.”

Especially Capital specially Operations Office, they every year are almost the champions of final, only then one time by the Xin boundary city specially Operations Office person winning the first position, but black Harbin Operations Office has sat specially quietly the second third position.” Ye Wan the old times tactical situation also will say clearly. Brothers, you confident?” Xia Tian looks at the people to ask. Has!” All people also shout. Has well, this time jungle warfare, but here solely is not the jungle, here also has the bog, the mire and mountainous region, the rivers wait / etc., this place carries on the competition, the death probability was very high, therefore I hope that on you brought the good rope, other things discarded have not related, so long as there is a rope, that had the opportunity of maintaining life.” Xia Tian serious looks to the people, 11 of his vision on the people have swept. Teacher, relax, we have also attended this exceed field operation.” The big cow strikes one's chest to say. Kills the stubborn mouth, is drown to death to swim, this place can who you think oneself infallible like this to hang.” Xia Tian unemotionally looked that said to big cow: I do not hope that your any person has an accident, this is only a competition, I do not hope you die such does not have the value.” Teacher, we understood.” Seven groups of Leader nodded to say. Understands well, we go.” Xia Tian said that moved toward the region of competition with Ye Wan clearly together, the region that at this time competes was being guarded with large army, enough the army of master in , the people who because this time comes are big figure. But these big figure still rest in behind, does not have to come now. Xia Tian they are first come here team, they sit on the chair directly rest, is waiting for the arrivals of other teams.

Indoor observation. „Are they the Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office people?” A person opens the mouth to ask. Em, is they, that female is Ye Wan is clear, her background is clean, moreover she also has the relations with Xia Tianlong, this year the Jiang Hai City crime rate reduced 90%, the mission finish rate reaches as high as 100%, moreover they entered the final from the region match first team from the bottom this year directly.” Good fierce girl, attention to observe her, if possible, uses her to substitute for the status of Ye.” That person said again. Yes, Senior Official, but she fiercest place is her chief teacher, that chief teacher is called Xia Tian, is the Xia Tianlong son, strength very formidable, moreover he has also had the honor to receive the national top grade merit, has saved the person in entire Hong Kong, is No. 2 figure personally to the top grade merit badge that he issues.” Good, well.” That person continually said three good, continue to say afterward: Good, this Ye Wan mild this Xia Tian is good, remaining looked at their today's performance, did the Dragon Group people prepare?” Prepared, 300 Dragon Group member whole staff sent out.”