Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 585

Xia Tian they have sat on the chair, is waiting for other teams in that. Can enter the team of final, that is the strongest team, each thinks one is a God's favored one, therefore they will not come absolutely ahead of time, they as if are felt that ahead of time comes very much to lose face to be the same. However Xia Tian they are different, they think that this is the most minimum respect. Do not be anxious.” Xia Tian looked at Lin Bingbing to say. Em.” Lin Bingbing nodded, she is not anxious because of the final, because she might see that man very much, man who that will abandon the wife and daughters. She is thinking now how then she will go facing that man. You, relaxed were good, did not need to care, you see that man are sooner or later matter, but temporarily was not you with the opportunity that he spoke.” Xia Tian has seen through the Lin Bingbing thoughts. Why?” Lin Bingbing puzzled asking. Here person were too many, moreover one can come is resounding big figure, this situation said that the words of this matter, perhaps will cause the popular anger, moreover today here will light one not to have the gunsmoke war, we should better not to mix.” Xia Tian answered. Em.” Lin Bingbing nodded. Now the person of heavenly surface very much may negotiate with Ye Jia here, when the time comes will have lots of troubles, our low key point was good, does not have the fault.” The Ye Wan clear reminder said. „Does teacher, we then fight in this inside? This also too Freshman selected, if this has run, no one could find us.” Big cow puzzled asking, this forest was the China biggest jungle, in this anything might meet. Like you imagine will not be simple, but meets you except for eating and string also has outside the dagger, other anything do not bring, including the big cow, we do not allow the belt live round to go, these paintball could not cope with inside wild animal, brought actually to increase carries a heavy load . Moreover the person of this going was Expert in Expert, the earlier period can sneak attack the probability of success is very low.” Xia Tian earnest looked that continues to say to all people: This competition true eliminates certain meeting in the earlier period, therefore we must do is the earlier period saves the life.”

Yes, teacher.” All people shout together. Actually Young Aunt, I most do not feel relieved is you, we do not fight anything in inside, but you outside does not have the gunsmoke war is most fearful.” Xia Tian looked that said to Ye Wan clearly. Relax, I have discretion.” Ye Wan nodded clearly. No, Young Aunt, you must listen my, no matter they said that any do not answer, when were a deaf person is OK.” Xia Tian very serious saying. Good, I did not speak and that's the end.” Ye Wan saw clearly the Xia Tian appearance said. In this time, another team also arrived, their symbols are the black Harbin specially Operations Office people. Northeast, since the ancient times is the Expert place. Because there the common social practice was long ago valiant, they spoke with the fist, therefore black Harbin Operations Office can attain the second third name specially each time, although they have not taken first, but has not taken fourth. Hello!” The people in black Harbin greeted on own initiative. Hello!” The Xia Tian response said. I am the black Harbin specially Operations Office chief teacher, one will compete, you may probably show mercy.” The black Harbin specially Operations Office chief teacher is bald, several other people are also the board cuns (2.5cm), very clean, moreover seems also specially capable. Was polite.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile.

Good, we also sat to that side.” The black Harbin Operations Office chief teacher said specially walks toward inside directly. The Ye Wan mild black Harbin specially Operations Office department head is also the slight bow, has greeted, but they each other did not know. „The people in black Harbin are good.” The big cow said. Northeasterners are specially hospitable, there does not bully the people from other place, this was also entire China most open one group of people.” Xia Tian is very clear, even if the Jiang Hai City person also a little takes advantage of strangers, visits you are the people from other place, regardless of you make some anything people black you. Went to Hong Kong this situation more serious. The Hong Kong people look down upon all people who came from other places. Also one group of people walked, this crowd of person facial colors ice-cold, the beard on face is very heavy . Moreover the skin is very coarse, the eye is very big, understood at a glance that was the Xin boundary city Operations Office person comes specially. They have not greeted with anybody, but sat there directly. But the Xin boundary a China most chaotic place, there will frequently present the hoodlum, therefore the Xin boundary people are almost everybody are the skilled people of fight, they fight outside since childhood. Therefore their overall strengths are specially strong. Last comes is Kyoto specially Operations Office person, they have not greeted, moreover is the nostril faces upwards, their these people the appearance or the makings good be too more than several other places, moreover their clothes are the process specially have custom-made, although is also the camouflage clothing, but they put on is the designer specially designed. Capital that is the China capital, there is also the dreams of all youngster.

In their opinion if can in Capital standing firm heel, that be the ancestor has done good deeds, but the fact showed that a city that Capital is most difficult to mix, in that everywhere is the rich men, regardless of you have how much money or the big officer, you must be low-key. In Capital, the dormitory is most common, these monthly salary several thousand can only rest this dormitory. Even if monthly salary tens of thousands people , can only live in the suburb. This is Capital that everybody yearn. These person of real arrogance.” Big cow discontented saying. That was natural, they definitely had their house in Capital, therefore such arrogance, people in Capital, so long as had own house, they think one have compared 90% people, will therefore have this superiority feeling.” Xia Tian answered, his voice was not loud, but was heard by Capital specially Operations Office person, these people all wicked looked to Xia Tian. Your unexpectedly dares to speak our idle talks in the back.” The Kyoto Operations Office chief teacher walked specially, disdains looked at Xia Tian their eyes, because they have not seen this team, obviously rushes newly, such team, he always does not pay attention. No, I was praising you.” Saying of Xia Tian face smiling face. „Are you are provoking we?” Kyoto specially Operations Office chief teacher coldly looks at Xia Tian to ask. At this moment, an important goods person walked from behind suddenly, all vision all looked to that group of people.