Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 586

After the Kyoto Operations Office chief teacher sees these people's arrivals specially, cold snort led own person to sit above the seat directly, the Ye Wan clear complexion is unattractive. Ten big elders of Ye came, moreover their also with dozens Expert. After ten elders of Ye came, several other special Operations Office department heads are stand up to greet, but Ye Wan actually sits there clearly one moves has not moved, disregarded them directly. „The Jiang Hai City Operations Office person, how you such do not have the politeness specially.” Kyoto Operations Office department head stands up to scold to say specially. He noticed that Ye Wan has not notified ten big elders of Ye clearly, this makes him very discontented. Snort, one crowd does not have the fellow of education.” Ten elder cold snort of Ye said. Ye Wan clear had not answered that as if has disregarded them directly. Old fogy, you, if dares to say again one, I all shiver your tooth.” At this moment the ice-cold sound reaches in the ears of all people together, hears his words, all people all stare. Some unexpectedly people dare to threaten the elder of Ye, this simply not awfully. When their vision look to that person, they discovered that this person Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office chief teacher. These elders of Ye also stare, their first time hears some people to dare to threaten the elder of Ye. Xia Tian, should not be too wild.” Ten elder angry saying of Ye. I told the facts, did not believe you to try.” Xia Tian has shown the smiling face of pondering. Scene exceptionally peaceful. Ye was ten big elders came today, moreover behind also with these many Expert, but Xia Tian unexpectedly also dares to threaten ten elders, in their opinion, ten elders will certainly be angry, then made behind these people get rid to teach this not to know the profound boy directly.

Snort, courts death, unexpectedly dares such to speak to the elder of Ye.” Kyoto Operations Office department head cold snort said specially. All people all anticipate looks to the Xia Family ten elders. Snort!” Xia Family ten elder cold snort walk toward inside directly, sees the procedures of ten elders, all people were all shocked, ok, ten elder unexpectedly such consider as finished, this simply was too inconceivable. Xia Family ten elder unexpectedly have admitted defeat, after by a brat threat of being wet behind the ears, unexpectedly does not dare to respond. Interesting!” The black Harbin Operations Office chief teacher shows a faint smile specially. Ten elders usually are the people who most will not suffer a loss, today his unexpectedly acknowledges that the punishment is deserved, it seems like that the this Jiang Hai City Operations Office chief teacher is not specially simple.” The black Harbin Operations Office department head nodded to say specially. The Xin boundary city specially Operations Office people are strange looks to Xia Tian, but they have not spoken. Hateful, ten elders such will consider how as finished.” Department head depressed saying of Kyoto Operations Office, how he wanted to have a look at ten elders to teach this brat specially, but has not thought that ten elder unexpectedly such consider as finished. Snort!” After Kyoto specially Operations Office chief teacher cold snort, has not spoken. Big elder satisfied nod of Ye. If ten elders dare to have any movement a moment ago, he will directly certainly hurry back to look after the house ten elders. They here is not stirs up trouble today, does not come act high and mighty, therefore they cannot come to teach the person on the manner of according to superior, especially Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office person. Now Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office could be said as only energy strongest special Operations Office, if they looked for Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office intentionally troublesome, that will certainly be held the words to redicule about, said that their people of Ye will only bully the person of result, but person who tolerated these not to have the result. These people of Ye sat in the auditorium directly.

Afterward audience one after another rolled also came, person who these people had the military circles, person who also there is a political circle also had the senior official of each department, their common traits were the position are very high, at this time they all sat in the auditorium. Finally what comes is the referee of today's final. Altogether three people. Ministry of Defence vice- Section Head, national military commission vice-president and Dragon Group vice- teacher. These three people all were in China most extraordinary figure, usually this person only lived in the television, but all people look now clearly. Salute! All people stand to salute together. Until after these three big figure sit down, they sit down. Xia Tian felt obviously the Lin Bingbing aura is not right, afterward he turned the head to look to Dragon Group that vice- teacher, nod of silently, looked like from the semblance, his eye truly very much looked like with the eye of Lin Bingbing, moreover he with the Jiang Hai City mayor, was the Lin Bingbing uncle long was almost exactly the same. Therefore Lin Bingbing can recognize him. Low key.” Xia Tian patted the shoulder of Lin Bingbing to say. Both eyes of Lin Bingbing as if can emit the flame to be the same, stubbornly is staring at that Dragon Group vice- teacher. That Dragon Group vice- teacher is what kind Expert, he also noted some people to stare at him, therefore turned the head to look to Lin Bingbing here, when he saw Lin Bingbing, the whole person also gawked. However he will change to elsewhere immediately.

He saw you.” Xia Tian said in a low voice. He is dodging my vision, he certainly in afraid.” Lin Bingbing face angry saying. Was good, later I will make you have the opportunity to see his.” Xia Tian guarantees to say. Em.” Lin Bingbing nodded, she knows that now is not the time, but she, since saw this man, she was also leaves her goal to go a step further. After three referees arrive, all people will all focus in their three. Vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence sits in the middle, Dragon Group vice- teacher and military commission vice-president, then sits in his two sides, this does not represent the position of military commission vice-president to be lower than vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence, because today's main spokesman is vice- Section Head of this Ministry of Defence, he sits is just used to deter the people here. Welcome everybody to watch the final of China specially Operations Office, this final we changed the past rule, changes to the escaping war.” Vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence stands up to say. Nobody spoke, carefully listened to him to introduce this time contest rule. Believes that everybody also escapes to fight to this is interested very much, I spoke frankly, this time contest rule greatly becomes a fugitive, the person who last not eliminated is regarded as the chief champion, but why I said that is becomes a fugitive? Because this your team will go advanced for three hours, after three hours, the Dragon Group 300 elites will enter afterward, their mission capture and kill.” Ministry of Defence saying of vice- Section Head face smiling face. But at this time under the stage all people completely had been shocked.