Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 587

All dumbfounded, they do not know that should say any was good. Vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence has not worried to speak, moreover looks at everybody's response, he knows that this time contest rule definitely will make all people be all shocked. 300 Dragon Group elites, this is not cracking a joke.” Saying that Kyoto Operations Office department head sound shivers specially. This is how possible, 300 Dragon Group elites, that has no place to go simply.” The chief teacher whole face ear of Kyoto Operations Office is specially inconceivable, he has a dream cannot think that this time contest rule unexpectedly is this. The Xin boundary city Operations Office person has gotten hold of own fist specially, although they have not spoken, however their intense feelings are not less than others. This chapter of difficulty must be greatly many, wants to escape from their hands, really had the challenging.” The black Harbin Operations Office chief teacher shows a faint smile specially, on his face had not worried, but is excited. 300 Dragon Group Expert, the police spend the elder sister, you said that if you have all eliminated these 300 Dragon Group Expert, how that man will see you?” Xia Tian has thought of this issue suddenly. Others worry and are thinking there how to escape, but Xia Tian unexpectedly is thinking how to eliminate these 300 Dragon Group Expert. Monster. The Jiang Hai City Operations Office people like are looked specially monster looks at Xia Tian. Now all people all are discussing, then they can definitely hear the Xia Tian words, they certainly think when the time comes that Xia Tian is an idiot, through idiot.

Ye Wan clearly is also a face strange looks to Xia Tian, must know Dragon Group Expert, but elites in land, they lowest strength is Profound Grade Initial Stage, 300 such Expert, even if will be Earth Grade Expert directly is also killed. „Do you have the means?” Lin Bingbing at present one bright, she knows that Xia Tian will not say absolutely, therefore Xia Tian had certainly any idea. No, but I think that here thinks very amusingly.” Xia Tian very optional saying, hears the Xia Tian words, the surrounding several people all are the heavy lines of whole face. He said too a point, the unexpectedly such happy acknowledgment did not have at will. Good!” Lin Bingbing helpless saying. After vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence sees everybody's response, satisfied nod, continues to say afterward: This competition is very dangerous, everybody also knows that in this forest has filled the crisis, therefore I do not hope that everybody dies in inside, if some people were injured tear up their badge to be OK, your bodies have the most accurate position finder, so long as you tore down the name brand, will have the army and medical team goes to aid you.” Hears Ministry of Defence vice- Section Head speech, all people were all peaceful, they do not want to leave out any little news. Rule of competition is badge is torn up , then eliminates, because here is very big, therefore our every other ten hours will send out your Coordinate to the Dragon Group person, therefore you must favor the time, where do not hide sleeps is eliminated.” Vice- Section Head light saying of Ministry of Defence: Anybody cannot take off the watch and position finder, this thing does not have what weight, once this different thing has been missing, we will determine you dead.” Condition of achievement is, obtains a Dragon Group badge most side to win, if the quantity is the same, or nobody obtains the Dragon Group badge, then the survival time longest person is the chief champion.” Ministry of Defence vice- Section Head announced the rule: Was good, I did not lose everybody's time, inspected your equipment, everyone three pilot biscuits, one bottle of water, other visited you.” Hears Ministry of Defence vice- Section Head words, all people all stand up, walks toward the equipment area.

Was right, a matter forgot to announce.” Vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence said suddenly that hears his words, everybody stopped the movement in hand to look to him: Decided after the country that this time altogether has ruled 32 special Operations Office department heads, the bodies of these department heads carry the innumerable big crimes, when just I shouted the competition starts, that side has carried on execution by shooting.” Humph! Hears Ministry of Defence the words of vice- Section Head, scene in an uproar. These people on auditorium were also a surprised color of face, the country have gotten rid, the country this time has gotten rid to Operations Office finally specially, these before had the person of taking bribes and perverting justice to be tidied up, moreover circumstance serious were also carried out execution by shooting. The speed of country was too fast, radically not to the opportunity that these people responded, after sending for they carried off, the direct unification executes by shooting. Hears Ministry of Defence vice- Section Head words, ten big elder complexions of Ye all changed, their complexions become very ugly, they have not thought that the country gets rid unexpectedly to be so quick, has not given them including the opportunity of response. Executed by shooting these people directly. Part of plot quite light people, had been detained, now did not have special Operations Office of any issue, only then eight, is you four and another four has not entered the team of final.” Saying of Ministry of Defence vice- Section Head face smiling face, his expression is very tranquil, probably was saying a very ordinary matter, but he announced the matter that was not ordinary. Ten big elder a few words of Ye had not said that such facial colors pale look at vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence. Was right, starting today Operations Office has taken over control of by Ministry of Defence specially, we will set up a department head in total place, this quota we planned that gives Jiang Hai City Operations Office department head Ye Wan to take over specially clearly.” Vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence said directly.

Why? Senior Official, your this is unfair, why is she?” Department head angry saying of Kyoto specially Operations Office. Because her background is your here is cleanest, moreover she can specially chaotic Jiang Hai City, turn into one year of crime rate to drop 90% cities, the mission finish rate is also 100%, moreover she also makes the region match first team from the bottom enter the final directly, this is the reason.” Ministry of Defence vice- Section Head answered. Refuses to accept, Senior Official, we refuse to accept, when the chief department head must have the skill, this must look that whose person was fierce, otherwise is a mere show.” The words that Kyoto Operations Office department head spoke specially are also very reasonable, is just like a marshal, he does not have any fierce place , will not fight, under can his hand general take him? I thought actually this proposition is good.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say suddenly. Share that this where you spoke, you were any thing, your rank was insufficient.” Kyoto Operations Office department head looked said specially wickedly to Xia Tian. Whiz! The strange form appeared side that Kyoto specially Operations Office department head together: Apology, dies?”