Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 588

The so strange scene made all people be all shocked, side Kyoto specially Department Head Operations Office that several Expert have not responded. Xia Tian Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step is exquisite, moreover what a moment ago Xia Tian use is the tiny step, therefore basic discovers his action on nobody, when he stands Kyoto specially Operations Office department head side, a [gold/metal] blade don't on his neck, [gold/metal] blade from the neck of Kyoto specially Department Head Operations Office, only then several millimeters, he even can feel that his fine hair shut off. Thus it can be seen, actually this [gold/metal] blade is how sharp. Xia Tian got rid to be too quick, Ye Wan clearly has not thought. shit, was good, unexpectedly was in front of these many people to kill Kyoto specially Operations Office department head.” Looked that his appearance must begin probably , the words that this begins, he must with meeting with a disaster.” I thought that he does not dare to begin, otherwise the consequence is very serious.” Watches shaking the head that these people on stage keep. That side Ministry of Defence vice- Section Head also by Xia Tian this sudden one doing to be shocked, he knows that Kyoto Operations Office department head spoke specially is coarse, however the Xia Tian procedure was also too extreme. However he has not spoken, but such static looks. Ten elder of Ye have not spoken, the present situation does not suit them to speak, since they knew the movement of country, then they are unable to change, they must do is becomes a backing of team, like this they can once more expansion of influence. It looks like the present, Ye was broke down, but the insect of centipede died but was not stiff, although Ye lost the control to specially Operations Office, the financial resource that but their family these year of institutes saved were the influence or are not small. The present is crest of wave Sheng time, if they meddle now, definitely will bring to the attention of above these people, now therefore they must do is the low key. After having waited for this crest of wave, they move again.

People in the spectator seat are whooping, but has not stood the speech, because their today's status merely are the viewers. „Are you doing, drops quickly.” The Kyoto Operations Office chief teacher looks specially angrily to Xia Tian, other nine people were directly have also encircled Xia Tian. You can have a look are under me deft, is under you deft.” The glance that Xia Tian disdains periphery that several people, looked this Kyoto Operations Office department head asked afterward to him specially: Apology, dies?” Frightened! Saw murderous aura that on Xia Tian emits, Kyoto Operations Office department head felt the unprecedented fear specially, but he had realized immediately a matter, here had these many people, moreover was the senior officials, if the homicide oneself, he could not be inescapable, thinks that here his energy was hard: Snort, I do not believe you to dare to kill me.” Right?” Xia Tian has shown the evil smiling face, afterward his [gold/metal] blade advances directly forward gently. Puff! A small mouth appeared, the blood flowed from that opening, the Xia Tian technique was very accurate, his [gold/metal] blade has lacerated a skin of Kyoto specially Department Head Operations Office, was away from his blood vessel, only then less than several millimeters distance. Feels the neck one coolly, Kyoto Operations Office department head, eye inside presented the fear specially, he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly dares to begin. Department head.” Chief teacher anxious shouting of Kyoto specially Operations Office. Shouted anything to shout that frightened my words, he really hung.” Xia Tian discontented stared one Kyoto specially Operations Office chief teacher one, afterward turns the head to look that continues to say to Kyoto Operations Office department head specially: I forgot to tell you, my weapon had the corrosion effect, in other words your skin little was corroded, was the blood vessel and artery, all these took two minutes probably.” Heard the Xia Tian words, on judgesbox some people must unable to sit still, was Dragon Group vice- Leader, but he actually held on by vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence: First do not move, I want to take a look at this good play actually.” Dragon Group vice- Leader nodded.

shit, was he insane? His unexpectedly dares to begin, moreover the technique was really too fierce, lacerated the skin not to shear the blood vessel.” It seems like he dares to begin , the lunatic, this absolutely is a lunatic.” Whom this Kyoto Operations Office department head offends not to be good specially, offends this kind of lunatic.” Watches these person of surprised saying on stage, they have not thought that Xia Tian dares to begin, Kyoto Department Head Operations Office the blood on neck is still keeping specially the subcrust current. I have made a mistake, sorry.” Kyoto Operations Office department head said specially directly, he fears death, he fears death really very much, he can feel that numb pain on neck obviously, he knows that Xia Tian has not lain, moreover he cannot bet. Even if Xia Tian will accept punishment, that is also what kind, he has paid with the life, a person on a life, he does not want to trade the life, moreover after he died, not necessarily can trade the Xia Tian life. Therefore he apologized. This was right, later managed well own mouth, this was the antidote, wiped two days on the neck is good.” Xia Tian threw to Kyoto specially Operations Office department head plastering directly. Overbearing! Xia Tian made all people all see his overbearing side, after this time matter, nobody dares to provoke this Xia Tian. Teacher simply was too graceful.” Saying of big cow face worship. Do not study him, if had an accident is miserable.” The Ye Wan clear heart has been hanging a moment ago, she knows that the Xia Tian temperament, Xia Tian dares to begin, once Xia Tian began, that consequence will be dreadful. Ha, was too interesting, good aggressive boy.”

It seems like today this final has the good play to look, I will pay attention to this boy well.” Came up to make such big noise, this was drums up support for that Jiang Hai City Operations Office department head specially, after him such one noisy, believes that nobody dares to oppose again.” Watched these people on stage is also the slippery customers, they saw the Xia Tian goal directly. Right, Xia Tian such does to let Ye Wan holds on to this China specially Operations Office clearly, the position of chief department head. Xia Tian very ruthless must tell these people, we are competent, moreover we dare to start, who if you when the time comes dare to refuse to accept, I definitely will directly get rid to kill people. I look at this, since there are to refuse to accept, then special Operations Office of this which city has attained the first position, then that place temporarily takes on Department Head represent in total place, in one year is the inspection time, if in one year does unusual is good, then he is official, if in one year he does is not good, when the time comes we will use other's method to elect.” Vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence opens the mouth to say directly. Hears his proposition, four department heads all one's blood bubbles up to the brim. The chief department head, this was the highest position, they who can not want to obtain, moreover this was also the symbol of honor, beforehand special Operations Office not chief department head position, but was managed them by ten big elders of Ye. Now so long as their teams can take first, then they have the opportunity become the China first special Operations Office chief department heads, this is written down the annals. When the time comes, their status and status all of a sudden will rise suddenly, directly becomes the senior official of Ministry of Defence. Although Ye Wan clear does not care about any official rank, but she has wanted to tell the people, her Ye Wan clearly able, therefore this is also she proves an own good opportunity. Brothers, embarked, the champion certainly is our.” Xia Tian shouts loudly.