Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 589

The Xia Tian team, these person of weapons only brought the string and dagger, afterward walks toward inside directly. Their unexpectedly only brought string and dagger, a (spear|gun) does not have the belt, is really interesting.” „Is their this must fight handata-titleo-hand with the Dragon Group person?” I guess that they want to run away, these (spear|gun)s are not the live rounds, brought unable to cope with inside wild animal . Moreover the Dragon Group people were very vigilant, probability that quietly hit less than 1%, therefore they have seen through this point, will reduce carries a heavy load, plans to open directly runs away, so long as after all were last is held, had the opportunity to win the championship of competition.” These people in spectator seat were discussing. Champion is our.” The black Harbin Operations Office person is the second wave goes in specially, they were shouting what is with the Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office same slogan. However what their equipment belts is quite complete. The Xin boundary city Operations Office person is the tertiary wave goes in specially, they have not shouted any slogan, but is high has raised the (spear|gun) in oneself hand. „After going, if there is an opportunity to smash the Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office team to me, naturally, what is main wins the champion, yes?” Kyoto makes ready especially the Operations Office department head to say in a low voice. Mentioned Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office time, he is the hate of whole face, that his honor lost completely a moment ago simply. His unexpectedly apologizes to others, this is the situation in his dream not having. But he a moment ago unexpectedly recognized instigates. Hateful, I will tidy sooner or later certainly up your.” Department head angry saying of Kyoto specially Operations Office. Kyoto Operations Office team also entered inside specially. All people patiently are all waiting , the department heads in four places all are confident sitting in the four directions position.

Ministry of Defence vice- Section Head on referee seat nodded, the large screen was opened. Screen what most place above demonstrates is the satellite investigates the Coordinate that currently the Coordinate altogether five colors on screen, green, yellow, blue, purple have white. What the green represents is Kyoto specially Operations Office team. What the yellow represents is the Xin boundary city specially Operations Office team. What the blue color represents is the black Harbin specially Operations Office team. What the purple represents is the Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office team. What the white represents is the medical team and army. Below arrived at a link that we have most liked, which team we bet can win this year's championship, the supporter who guessed, can obtain other tripartite supporter next year a half year of welfare, remember, the welfare that I said was not your wages, but was the resources that under you can mobilize, this point I have related with above, had the safeguard.” Vice- Section Head light saying of Ministry of Defence. His meaning is that team that you support, if wins, you can divide to arrive at the advantage, the team that you support if lost, you must put out you in army next year a half year of army welfare. Draws an analogy, Captain of group, if he lost, then their army next year welfare will cut in half, then the training equipment and location will cut in half. shit, Senior Official, you were also too mean.” Is, don't we participate good?” This, if lost, how goes back to confess with the brothers.” These person of depressed saying in spectator seat.

Who made you such like watching the fun, a bit faster elected, does not participate good, now directly do not walk, to you calculates automatically lost.” Vice- Section Head evil saying of Ministry of Defence. Saw that Senior Official is so earnest, they also can only start to choose their team. The flash, sat in Kyoto specially Department Head Operations Office behind person has reached as high as two-thirds. Nonsense, who does not win, won has been able to divide to arrive at the welfare, but the Kyoto specially Operations Office almost each time final was the chief champion, therefore everybody chose to support Capital as before is specially Operations Office. The Xin boundary city Operations Office department head behind also sat part of people of specially, because Xin boundary city Operations Office also has won specially the chief championship, moreover their people seem are very strong, stamina is also good, perhaps this time can also attain the position of chief champion. Black Harbin specially Operations Office department head behind only then three people, moreover these three people also come from the eastern Northern Army area, knew with this department head that has therefore not walked for the face. Most pitiful was the Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office team, although Xia Tian a moment ago big show invincible might, but a strength of person cannot achieve the success of competition, they had inquired before, the Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office ten people were not the people who Dragon Group was kicked, in other words, these ten people besides chief teacher Xia Tian, other people were only the ordinary people. Therefore and nobody favors them. However Ye Wan clear sits a person, sees this person time, Ye Wan stands up to bow clearly: Thanked to support.” Do not misunderstand, I must walk, but the leg sat the hemp a moment ago, has not stood.” That person awkward saying. Hears the words of that person, the surroundings have heard a laughter. Ye Wan also has to sit clearly, was too awkward, she behind a unexpectedly person does not have. Ha Ha Ha Ha, was too funny, your Jiang Hai City Operations Office unexpectedly supporter does not have specially.” Kyoto Operations Office place grows up specially said with a smile. Who is are not many who to win.” Ye Wan clear discontented saying.

Who said that nobody does support? I support, if Jiang Hai City Operations Office won specially, your rewards turned over to me, if the Jiang Hai City Operations Office person lost specially, I also lost the person half welfare of me and my subordinate.” Vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence opens the mouth to say directly. Hears his words, surroundings these people all is a smiling face of face. Senior Official, it seems like your this time wanted the massive hemorrhage.” Senior Official, we do not bring to act shamelessly.” How you can say that Senior Official will act how possibly shamelessly, moreover Senior Official definitely fair in order, when the time comes perhaps half the welfare and resources of Ministry of Defence must give to us.” These people create a disturbance to say together. „Was time up?” Dragon Group vice- Leader opens the mouth to say suddenly. Hears his words, all people were peaceful, because they know that a grandest scene must appear, this scene is not casual can see, has possibility this is their this for a lifetime is also only one time to see these many Expert opportunities. Em, lets the person admission of Dragon Group.” Ministry of Defence vice- Section Head nodded. Afterward walks on 300 to put on the red to unify the person of camouflage clothing from outside, their fronts are hanging the Dragon Group badge. All people all reported breath. Such scene has really shocked, this is 300 Dragon Group Expert, one of the China strongest strengths.