Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 590

Nobody spoke, scene exceptionally peaceful, their these people on the scene were almost first time see such big scene, more than 300 Dragon Group official personnel, these may be Expert in Expert. Their goals only then one, holds that four special Operations Office all personnel. Prepared?” The Dragon Group vice- teacher gives a loud shout. Prepared.” All people shout together. Admission.” The Dragon Group vice- teacher said that sat directly. The Dragon Group vice- teacher is very mysterious figure, nobody dares to joke with him, he sits there seems ornaments is the same, but all people know that he is not ornaments. The Dragon Group teacher, that is can with big figure of national figure to words. If here who most receives thinking highly of state leader, that absolutely is Dragon Group the vice- teacher. The enormous and powerful 300 people directly entered in the location, afterward on the large screen presented the red Coordinate, Dragon Group that this Coordinate represented. How long can this competition carry on?” Vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence looked that asked to the Dragon Group vice- teacher. Day was enough.” Dragon Group saying of vice- teacher coldly, his brow has been wrinkling, that female who he can very affirmative confirmation, he see a moment ago absolutely is her daughter, is daughter of that woman. He has a dream cannot think one can also see their daughter, but the anger from own daughter look he can see that daughter hates to the marrow of the bones to him. „Did reconnaissance meter let out?” Vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence asked. Has put, this time altogether has put the reconnaissance instruments of 10,000 fly sizes . Moreover the sound is very small.” Good, the use quickest time reorganizes to me inside situation.” Vice- Section Head satisfied nod of Ministry of Defence. At this time entered to jungle deep place Xia Tian and the others.

Team 22 points, two person teams, give me to run, do not turn head, I gave your devil training should before to apply now, has remembered, if eliminates on two people eliminates to me together, understood?” Xia Tian looked that shouts to the people. Yes!” The people shout together. Everybody understands that meaning of Xia Tian, here fills the crisis everywhere, if not pay attention to beset with a crisis, therefore two people in the same place, can rescue mutually, once some people have eliminated, another continues to go forward, that risk factor will be very big. „The police spend the elder sister, you follow me, I lead you to play amusing going.” Xia Tian has shown the mysterious smiling face, other four teams started to breakneck ran forward. „Do you want to do?” The police spend elder sister puzzled asking. Follows me.” Xia Tian said that directly to returning to run. Although Lin Bingbing cannot master Xia Tian what is this, but followed. At this time the outside large screen collected inside situation, was divided into ten, where regardless has the splendid fight to retransmit immediately . Moreover the side of person of each Dragon Group with miniature reconnaissance instrument. This can avoid missing some splendid scene. Dragon Group eliminates one person, surplus 299 people.’ At this moment, the inconceivable sound reached in the ears of all people together. What? The Dragon Group person was eliminated!” Vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence also slightly stares. Jiang Hai City Operations Office obtains a Dragon Group badge specially.’ The broadcast prompts to say once more. Hears the broadcast sound, everybody understood finally was the Jiang Hai City Operations Office person goes well specially.

shit, this was also too inconceivable, this just started some people's people to the Dragon Group to start, they were insane.” unexpectedly is the Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office person, actually that fellows how achieve?” Can be their chief teachers gets rid to kill a Dragon Group person?” Person in the spectator seat thought was too inconceivable, all these occur was really too quick, will record to analyze there not to have first to record to pass on. Definitely is that boy.” Ye Wan shows a faint smile clearly. How is this possible?” Kyoto specially Operations Office inconceivable of department head whole face. Other two city Operations Office department heads were also completely are specially shocked by this news. Several other teams that at this time run also heard this broadcast sound. What? Person who unexpectedly comes up to have Dragon Group was eliminated, this also too exaggerated.” Chief teacher surprised saying of Kyoto specially Operations Office, when he hears the following broadcast immediately, on the face presented the angry look. Teacher, we now what to do?” Snort, first lets his self-satisfied meeting, we run first, late stage said again.” Kyoto Operations Office chief teacher cold snort said specially. The Xin boundary city Operations Office chief teacher hears this broadcast specially time stares slightly, afterward makes his person start to escape directly separatedly. Ha Ha, good, interesting.” Chief teacher excited saying of black Harbin specially Operations Office. Teacher, the Jiang Hai City person went well.” Em, separates, can run many runs quickly quickly, spread out to say again.” The black Harbin Operations Office chief teacher nodded specially.

At this time outside is watching person of competition. Called the technical department that picture to replay to me.” Vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence said directly. Quick, that screen appeared on the screen. The side of person of that Dragon Group has the miniature detecting instrument, therefore the picture was patted completely, that Dragon Group person was killed by mechanism. 45 mechanism carry on together, afterward presented a man and a woman to rip the badge of person of that Dragon Group. Mechanism Technique, has not thought that her unexpectedly has learned Mechanism Technique.” Dragon Group vice- Leader innermost feelings secretly thought, whole face inconceivable looks at that female on screen, he is very clear, Mechanism Technique should be hidden to be right by that woman, but actually own daughter how learns. Dragon Group vice- Leader is a city palace extremely deep person, nobody knows that he is thinking anything. These many years passed by, he sees his daughter suddenly, on the face, not only does not have any joyful look, instead has had the strong interest to daughter Mechanism Technique. Meanwhile. The Dragon Group person with hitting the chicken blood was the same, their person unexpectedly were eliminated, this simply was too inconceivable, just came up some unexpectedly people not to go full speed to run, but turned head to sneak attack them. All people obey orders, counter-attacks to me, seizes the face.” A Dragon Group senior official said in radio that now their distance is also not too far, but can also use the radio, but was quick they to not use this thing. Therefore this is last order.