Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 591

The Dragon Group person got angry. They have a dream cannot think that first eliminated unexpectedly is the Dragon Group person. This simply is the most direct insult. Although this is specially the final of Operations Office, Expert like clouds, but they are true Expert. They are Dragon Group, the China strongest Special Force team. They are this time hunter, but the special Operations Office person is the game, but now the hunter unexpectedly first round by gift killing one. It seems like the Dragon Group person was angry.” That was natural, Dragon Group has not eliminated opposite party one person, but the opposite party has eliminated the Dragon Group person, this is very face-smacking.” Dragon Group is the China strongest special troops, inside Expert like clouds, this time them altogether set out 300 Expert, but opposite party only then 40 people, but their unexpectedly first had been eliminated one person, they were not angry blame.” Person in the spectator seat sees the Dragon Group person is the whole face angry appearance, they know that the good play must start. It seems like the flames of war were lit.” Vice- Section Head light saying of Ministry of Defence. Dragon Group vice- Leader a few words do not have, but is such coldly looks at the screen. Chase war compared with is the rapidness that who runs, naturally must also all calculate geographical environment wait / etc. factors in inside, runs the person who to have scruples many things in front, they are afraid a oneself foot to fall into the mire carelessly, or front has any monster to wait for them.

Therefore they do not dare breakneck to proceed to run, the person but who behind pursues is different, by the power of observation of Dragon Group person, can discover they have stepped on the trace, therefore they pursued quickly. Went well.” On Lin Bingbing face one happy. Em, we walk, here quick will be discovered that we choose the next place to continue.” Xia Tian said. Also comes?” Lin Bingbing thinks that Xia Tian will say runs. Naturally, more than 300 Dragon Group Expert so long as here we have eliminated part, the champion was our, your father was not simple, his city palace was too deep, since he came in I to observe him, he lowly was also Earth Grade Expert, moreover his happy anger did not show, this person was very dangerous.” Xia Tian just started to observe that Dragon Group vice- Leader, but Xia Tian is unable to discover that he has any clue. Em, from my mother's diary I can see come, but my mother is afraid me to see the diary to be the same probably, therefore does not dare many matter that writes that man.” Lin Bingbing deeps frown. Since he had discovered that your existed, we do not need to cover up, I most like is happy, since the Dragon Group people are his person, we made war with him are good.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he does not like waiting for that others cope with him, but likes attacking on own initiative. Good, our two give under him the war declaration.” On the face of Lin Bingbing also presented the excited look. Although I do not know that actually between your father and mother what happened, but I dare to confirm that your father stared at your Mechanism Technique, I made you use Mechanism Technique a moment ago intentionally, to cause him to your attention, if after you exit, he starts to observe you, that showed that he is harmful your heart, if after you exit, his on the face has the look that the pain and regrets, that showed that he cares your.” Xia Tian answered. He, if cared that I, did not need not to manage me for these years, was because busy? I do not believe that a Dragon Group vice- teacher can arrive at Jiang Hai City unable to go busily.” Lin Bingbing knows latter half a word words that Xia Tian spoke a moment ago to comfort her. Does not know that my father's death does have the relations with him, but directly hits obviously me with him now is also not the match, but sooner or later I will investigate thoroughly.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, he always felt that this person is not simple. His age his father is big, but he is actually father's subordinate.

Moreover in note that leaves behind from the Lin Bingbing mother showed that they should be father's subordinates before, then why the father obviously is Dragon Group Leader, but has actually hidden in Jiang Hai City? Why also will die? Is the China information so really bad? unexpectedly does not know that the Quicksand person does ambush there? Why the Quicksand person knows that the father passes there. These questions have formed a dashed line in the Xia Tian mind all of a sudden. He knows that absolutely why this person knows. However Xia Tian cannot go to ask him now face to face, otherwise he will certainly silence a witness of crime, here is not Jiang Hai City, nobody protects him. Naturally, Xia Tian has not believed that he dares to kill itself here. I hole after Heavenly Connection comes back, I look for this matter.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. Kyoto Operations Office eliminates one person specially, surplus nine people.’ Kyoto Operations Office eliminates one person specially, surplus eight people.’ The first company two broadcasts transmit, Kyoto Operations Office has eliminated specially two people all of a sudden. Outside is watching the person of competition is a hiss, specially because Kyoto Operations Office person eliminates really did not have the brain.

Their ten person unexpectedly are walking together, like this not only the speed will be slower, once was grasped that is one group of people all has the danger, Kyoto specially Operations Office behind these supporters keeps cursing angrily. Does not have the brain, was really does not have the brain, unexpectedly these many people walked together, wait for Dragon Group to have it all.” They definitely are want to attack Dragon Group, moreover is thinking met dangerously, left behind two people to front the back, such other people can run, was this not just right cheap the Dragon Group person.” Intelligent instead intelligently was harmed, many that once such Dragon Group person comes, belonged has given others in vain two people.” Kyoto specially Operations Office supporters are shaking the head that keeps, they were really too disappointed, early knows that situation such words, they supported Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office that nobody supported. This is the tactic, you understand anything, this is the tactic.” Department head angry shouting of Kyoto specially Operations Office, although he said that is the psychology lacks self-confidence, but he strongly was saying. His behind these people see his performance are helpless shaking the head. Yeah, you, other face-smacking sufficient fatty, everybody know that what's the matter, your saying but actually appeared you are so mean-spirited.” The black Harbin Operations Office department head reminded specially. Hears the words of black Harbin specially Department Head Operations Office, his face was red immediately, he also knows one said a moment ago a little like is the child mumps. Dragon Group eliminates one person, surplus 298 people.’