Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 592

All people have not restored from the matter, suddenly together broadcasts the sound to transmit, after hearing this broadcast the sound, all people burst with joy. Oh I go, today this group of Operations Office person was takes the stimulant specially.” To have eliminated how one, this was also too scary, how long this just started, two Dragon Group Expert were eliminated.” This time is which team eliminates? Isn't and is the Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office person?” That group of people in spectator seat do not know that should say any was good, today's competition was really too intense, shortly after this just started, but Dragon Group unexpectedly has eliminated two Expert. Jiang Hai City Operations Office obtains a badge specially, altogether two.’ Hears this broadcast time, all people want to shout'mother-fucker', Jiang Hai City Operations Office unexpectedly that most is not favored came up to attain two badges specially. It seems like my this time wanted the bumper crop.” Vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence laughs was saying. Replayed the video, then sent out 20 miniature detecting instruments to track that Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office person to me.” Sits opens the mouth to say in nearby military commission vice-president directly. The video was moved, sees is that a man and a woman time, all person all shock could not say incoming call. Follows these two people to me that 20 miniature detecting instruments.” The military commission vice-presidents order to say directly that his expression is very serious, if here discussed the true real power biggest person, that was he. „Were you also interested? I heard that he is the person in southeast military region.” Ministry of Defence vice-president said. „Becoming a soldier? Good, I like becoming a soldier, when I observe again, if a good seedling, I go to the southeast military region important person.” The military commission vice-president, that is grasping national soldiers and horses reassignment big figure, his a few words, who dares not to give the person. Dragon Group vice- Leader that appearance, sitting of coldly there, a few words did not say that his vision has locked on the screen.

How he how has attacked today on own initiative, is not normal.” Ye Wan deeps frown clearly. „The Jiang Hai City department head, your person is good, two people started to attack on own initiative, it seems like that this time champion you ninety percent sure.” The black Harbin Operations Office department head cracks a joke to say specially. He he, how I did not know them today.” Ye Wan clear awkward smiles. Snort!” Xin boundary city Operations Office department head cold snort, had not spoken specially, after this was he came today, first time has made the response. Hateful, is he.” Kyoto Operations Office department head sees Xia Tian on screen specially, root that he is mad straight itchy. In this time big forest. Teacher was good.” That several person excited shouting of Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office. But Kyoto Operations Office person has anchored specially the footsteps. Teacher, we what to do? Such has run is not means.” Mother, actually Jiang Hai City Operations Office these fellows is doing anything specially, words that such gets down, we ran not to have the shade unable to win.” Chief teacher angry saying of Kyoto specially Operations Office. Teacher, do we also run?” Running your younger sister runs, our two are also Dragon Group inside person, I do not believe our two unable to hold one to complete the order form now.” The Kyoto Operations Office chief teacher also planned specially started to sneak attack to fight. Although the Xin boundary city specially Operations Office person is separates, but has also anchored the footsteps, the first Dragon Group person eliminates, they can also calm runs away, but the second Dragon Group person eliminates, they cannot run away.

Moreover was a person in place obtained two badges. Black Harbin specially Operations Office chief teacher who escaped, has stopped the footsteps: My little darling, actually Jiang Hai City Operations Office that fellows is doing anything specially, comes up to eliminate two Dragon Group people.” Teacher, do we also run?” Runs, why does not run, we do not rush first are going, but second we must take, when we run up to inside time, person who at that time had Dragon Group pursues, definitely is completes the order form, holds completing the order form by our strengths should not be difficult.” The black Harbin Operations Office chief teacher adopts the way of motion specially is this. Therefore their past competitions were not second are third. Because they are discrete enough, moreover goal is not first. Dragon Group eliminates one person, surplus 297 people.’ Jiang Hai City Operations Office obtains a badge specially, altogether three.’ At this moment, made the sound that person collapsed transmit together, this everybody rushed to burst thoroughly, was too quick, between the people who the person and third Dragon Group that second Dragon Group eliminated eliminated the gap was really too short, ten minutes. Outside this time watched person of competition all unable to bear. Because their this time sees clearly, that Dragon Group person is urinating, but unexpectedly had been sneak attacked, Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing they sneak attack directly successfully, launched an attack. This badge simply with picking is the same. Three badges.” Lin Bingbing excited saying.

Has not thought that this group of Dragon Group person unexpectedly is so negligent, just started them not to think that some people will sneak attack, therefore the move, second thinks that we ran, has incurred, these three unexpectedly dare the flagrant back to our two urinations, this and courts death to have anything to distinguish.” Xia Tian helpless saying, he has not thought that national strongest special troops unexpectedly will have such big problem. The Dragon Group strength he also acknowledged that absolutely is Expert in one group of Expert, but they actually fatal weakness, that is the general idea has a low opinion of the enemy. How in Dragon Group to have this type of ordinary army not to have the problem that?” Lin Bingbing puzzled asking. Easy and comfortable makes people lazy.” Xia Tian helpless shook the head to continue saying: They have thought one are the strongest special troops, moreover is 300 people gets rid to deal with 40 special Operations Office people together, therefore they think that they are ninety percent sure, therefore they have not paid attention to our these 40 people, has like this big problem, we should the competent several tickets be big.” Dry?” Lin Bingbing excited asking. Alone they walk so is negligent, the person who walks together will be definitely more negligent, we select three people to four people of teams, with your Mechanism Technique, in addition my sneak attack, at one fell swoop all kills.” Xia Tian excited saying. These people who at this time outside watched stare suddenly. You looked quickly that they are doing?” They had discovered that squad unexpectedly has not run away, but was ambushes front.” „, They do not want to sneak attack this four people of squads.” All people all dumbfounded looks to that screen.