Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 593

Sees this time, the military commission vice-presidents called people to place the middle that screen directly. All people all looked to that screen. Well, that female is doing?” At this moment, some people have discovered the Lin Bingbing action. All people all puzzled looked to Lin Bingbing in screen, they do not understand that Lin Bingbing was doing anything. One person looked to understand, that was Dragon Group vice- Leader, in his vision wandered about destitute greedy, innermost feelings secretly thought: Mechanism Technique.” Snort, courts death, their unexpectedly dares to sneak attack four Dragon Group Expert.” Saying that Kyoto Operations Office department head disdains specially, he saw Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing movement disdains smiles. In his opinion, reason that a moment ago Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing can sneak attack successfully, is the luck is good, but their good luck unexpectedly to make them conceited, unexpectedly wanted to kill four Dragon Group Expert one time. This is courts death not to have what difference simply. They do not want to start to that four people, that is four Dragon Group Expert, the probability that wins is very low.” The black Harbin Operations Office department head also thought specially was a little inconceivable, look that however on his face any has not worried about. „Do you think?” Vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence looked that asked to the military commission vice-presidents. Laughable.” Military commission vice-president light saying. „? What you refer to is?” Vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence asked again. I know that now original Dragon Group person unexpectedly is this, the manner that they have a low opinion of the enemy was really too fearful, was good does not have what important matter because of these year of countries, otherwise by the disposition of their this having a low opinion of the enemy general idea, must go bad the important matter.” Military commission vice-president very serious saying. Em, I later will pay attention.” Vice- Leader light saying of Dragon Group, on his face still does not have any expression, but he also knows that this time truly has exposed the Dragon Group this group of person present inertia and arrogance. „After going back, drills well your person, if in Dragon Group is such person, that Dragon Group does not need to exist.” Military commission vice-president angry saying, all people looked, he was angry. Em.” Dragon Group vice- Leader nodded response to say once more.

You looked quickly that the Dragon Group person came, are they doing?” Suddenly some people shout, all people all vision centralized on middle that large screen, but their unexpectedly discovered that these Dragon Group people are are not pursuing, but is looking for any thing. At this moment, a rabbit jumped, that several Dragon Group Expert has all fired into that rabbit. Bang! Bang! Bang! The surrounding branch and thick patch of grass all had the change, suddenly several attacks initiate from the surroundings. Mechanism Technique. This is Lin Bingbing Mechanism Technique, saw that these ordinary branches and thick patch of grass unexpectedly have such big might, suddenly all people all were shocked. Saw only these branches to form a big net to buckle four people in inside, when they wanted to break the big net, two person's shadows appeared in them. Bang! Bang! Bang! That two person's shadows come up are one beat. I warned you, I can hold a moment ago directly you with the blade, therefore you have hung, now I must rip your badges, if you dare to revolt, has violated the exercise rule.” Xia Tian said that several people gave up the resistance, afterward he has torn down four people of badges directly. Dragon Group eliminates one person, surplus 296 people.’ Dragon Group eliminates one person, surplus 295 people.’ Dragon Group eliminates one person, surplus 294 people.’ Dragon Group eliminates one person, surplus 293 people.’ The first company four broadcast sounds transmit, all people have all been shocked, these people who including competed.

Jiang Hai City Operations Office obtains four badges specially, altogether seven.’ Seven badges, Jiang Hai City locates specially, altogether obtained seven badges, but the Dragon Group person directly was also escaped seven people. Bang! The military commission vice-president direct palm of the hand clapped on the table: Highly improper, what is this? The final of special Operations Office their unexpectedly also has the thoughts to catch the wild rabbit, great, eliminates real honorable, such person, died in the battlefield, I will not acknowledge that they are our China people, I cannot throw this person.” Calms down, after these fellows come out, will be kicked Dragon Group.” The vice- Section Head hurried persuasion of Ministry of Defence said. When everybody has not restored from the shock. Dragon Group eliminates one person of surplus 292 people.’ Dragon Group eliminates one person of surplus 291 people.’ Dragon Group eliminates one person of surplus 290 people.’ Dragon Group eliminates one person of surplus 289 people.’ Also is four broadcast sounds transmits one after another. Kyoto Operations Office obtains a medal specially, altogether one.’ Xin city Operations Office obtains three medals specially, altogether three.’ Also is a series of broadcasts, Dragon Group has eliminated 11 people, in other words besides just started the strategic fault to cause Capital Operations Office to eliminate two people specially, special Operations Office did not have any person to eliminate, instead was the Dragon Group person became the game. Was killed one after another.

The vice- Section Head complexion of this time Ministry of Defence was also becomes very ugly, he turned the head to look directly to Dragon Group vice- Leader: What to do now do you say?” Meets the broadcast to me.” Dragon Group vice- Leader said directly. In this time jungle. Kyoto Operations Office total instructor has killed a Dragon Group person specially, has not waited for his happy meeting, he heard the Jiang Hai City Operations Office person to kill four people specially one time, but the Xin boundary city Operations Office person also has killed specially three. Lying trough!” The Kyoto Operations Office chief teacher scolded specially directly. Another side. This group of people took stimulant, this chapter of Dragon Group person should get angry.” The black Harbin Operations Office chief teacher has not turned head specially, but continues to run forward. At this moment, the sound of broadcast conveyed. All Dragon Group personnel paid attention, I am the Dragon Group vice- teacher, today all the people, because does not have the brain eliminate will directly be kicked Dragon Group, moreover lifelong no longer hires.” Hears the broadcast sound, all Dragon Group people all stare, kick Dragon Group not to be fearful, at the worst is testing, but lifelong no longer hired this point to make them all produce frightened. Was good, be not gawking, we must open run away.” Xia Tian saw that the god is listening to radio Lin Bingbing to say. Doesn't counter-attack?” Lin Bingbing asked. „After they hear this broadcast, now like has taken definitely the stimulant, now spells with them hardly, is not cost-effective.” Xia Tian brought Lin Bingbing to start to become a fugitive the profession directly. Here has the person.” At this moment, Xia Tian they have after death broadcast the voice of Dragon Group member.