Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 594

Hears this sound, Xia Tian pulls up Lin Bingbing, a tiny step vanished in same place, afterward he held Lin Bingbing directly, Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step running that started to breakneck. The person who is watching the video noticed that this speed was all shocked. Lying trough, the unexpectedly miniature reconnaissance meter gave to fling to fly continually, this speed was also too fast.” Should hit hits, this running time runs, does not flaunt the hero randomly, is Expert.” Yeah, early knows that he is a such person, we chose Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office, this owed in a big way.” These watch the person of competition are saying of admiration. Em, while the opposite party has the inert time sneak attacks, saw that the opposite party morale big quake retreats, good, is a good seedling.” The military commission vice-presidents said. Had a liking for?” Vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence asked. Has a look again, temporarily is good.” Military commission vice-president nod of slightly. At this time present only be with smile on the face is the black Harbin specially Operations Office department head, he never has the look that has worried about from start to the present face on, even if Xia Tian they obtained seven badges the time, he is also is maintains the smile. Now in four places only then their has not obtained the badge, but he was not worried probably. Ye Wan saw the expression of black Harbin specially Department Head Operations Office clearly, frowned slightly, but she has not spoken, now looks like, Jiang Hai City occupies a biggest superior team, but she knows that can enter the team of final, that does not have one to be simple. Therefore now could not have looked that who will lose, who can win. Snort!” The Xin boundary city Operations Office department head has stood specially suddenly, afterward his vision looked directly to the left bottom screen, saw his movement, all people also looked to there. Xin boundary city Operations Office person unexpectedly converged specially, ten people all converged in together, but their opposite had eight Dragon Group Expert.

Big showdown. The Xin boundary city made ready especially the Operations Office person to start to carry on the big showdown with the Dragon Group person. The flash, all people all fight in together. The Xin boundary city Operations Office person also has entered specially Dragon Group, but they were kicked Dragon Group for different reasons. War. The wars between 18 Profound Grade Expert. Splendid. Final first splendid fighting of this time Operations Office finally started specially. Finally started, the big collision between Profound Grade Expert, was really too splendid.” „Since Xin boundary city has been the common social practice has been valiant, there person not only strength, but also the speed of body is also very good.” Moreover I also hear in their some people am not because the strength difference was kicked.” These watch the person of competition specially excitedly, like this big competion is very usually difficult to bump into. Does not have the war of suspense.” Vice- Leader light saying of Dragon Group. „? Do you have such big self-confidence?” Vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence puzzled looked that asked to Dragon Group vice- Leader.

Middle that person is big Captain, his strength is Profound Grade late stage, has him not to be impossible to lose in this fight.” Vice- Leader self-confident saying of Dragon Group. Xin boundary city Operations Office eliminates one person specially, surplus nine people.’ As if is confirming the Dragon Group vice- Leader words to be ordinary, Xin boundary city Operations Office was eliminated one person specially directly, but has not waited for Dragon Group vice- Leader to be happy, moreover broadcast to pass on together. Dragon Group eliminates one person, surplus 288 people.’ Xinjiang Operations Office obtains a badge specially, altogether four.’ But the following competition is unexpected, that Xin boundary city Operations Office department head unexpectedly big show invincible might, continually has killed specially five Dragon Group Expert, but at this time Xin boundary city specially Operations Office person also merely remaining he. Dragon Group eight Expert, remaining two, one is that big Captain, he has been blocked by Expert of that several Xin boundaries a moment ago, these people completely are the appearances of breaknecking, finally was all hit to fall face down by him. Xin boundary city Operations Office eliminates one person specially, the surplus zero people, the team eliminates, Xin boundary city Operations Office altogether obtains Dragon Group badge nine specially.’ Hears the broadcast sound, everybody responded from the matter. Xin boundary city specially Operations Office that several Expert were really too fierce, unexpectedly in encountering the Dragon Group big Captain situation, but can also eliminate that many people, now they altogether had nine badges. Quite fierce, we now were first.” Hopeful, perhaps today we support was the champion.” „The Xin boundary city specially Operations Office person was really too fierce, in this case can eliminate the opposite party six people.” Xin boundary city Operations Office behind supporter excited shouting, can take the first result specially all of a sudden, they have been full of the hope.

Currently the Dragon Group person also has 283. Snort!” Dragon Group vice- Leader cold snort, the success has made him very discontented, in situation that in big Captain leads, unexpectedly also lost six people. In present four places. Jiang Hai City Operations Office has seven badges specially, Xin boundary city Operations Office has nine badges specially, Kyoto Operations Office has a badge specially, but black Harbin Operations Office is a badge does not have specially. Your Dragon Group person was really too fierce, made me hold in high esteem.” Saying of military commission vice-president coldly. „After going back, I well will certainly drill their.” Dragon Group vice- Leader said hurriedly that he knows today his today's face definitely was loses in a big way. No, I hope that you go back first well the rest some time, your position empties temporarily, this matter I will communicate with above.” The meaning of military commission vice-president was very obvious, you removed from office temporarily. Good!” Dragon Group vice- Leader stands up directly, afterward turns toward the jungle of competition to walk. Notice, the important notice, Dragon Group vice- Leader Lin Xiaotian enters the competition range.’ This news looks like the heavy case bomb seems to be same, has blasted out the pot directly, actually outside these people were inexplicable this Dragon Group vice- Leader to do a moment ago, but hears this broadcast time, they knew, this Dragon Group vice- Leader was angry. Notice, Dragon Group drops out 200 people of teams, will be replaced these 200 people to carry on the competition by Dragon Group vice- Leader Lin Xiaotian, now Dragon Group personnel surplus 84 people.’ The person who these run has all stopped the personal appearance, this news is not the good news, although has been short of more than 200 enemies all of a sudden, but sudden Dragon Group vice- Leader, is more terrifying than that more than 200 individuals. Earth Grade Expert has also stepped into this war.