Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 596

Saw the situation on the screen demonstrating, the department head entire heart of Kyoto Operations Office all has hung specially. Ended!” Lin Xiaotian the body just likes Fierce Tiger is the same, threw directly, that three people also saw Lin Xiaotian existence, when they saw Lin Xiaotian the complexion changes. Teacher, run!” That two people flush away to the forest eating delicacies day directly, making the Kyoto Operations Office chief teacher run away specially first. The Kyoto Operations Office chief teacher, clenched teeth to run away specially directly forward, he knows that his these two brothers are winning the time to oneself. Bang! Bang! Two forms were struck to fly by him directly. Snort, when my surface also wants to run away.” Lin Xiaotian cold snort, the double foot pedal on several big trees, his form appeared in the side of Kyoto specially Operations Office chief teacher afterward directly. Bang! Fought with the fists on the face of Kyoto specially Operations Office chief teacher. Kyoto Operations Office, eliminates three people specially, the surplus zero people, altogether obtain badge one.’ Hears this news time, Kyoto specially Operations Office department heads and his behind these supporters soon collapsed. But the Xin boundary city Operations Office chief teacher was on the face has revealed the excited happy expression specially, Dragon Group vice- Leader Lin Xiaotian was really too fierce, got down according to this situation, the people in other two places, do not want to obtain the Dragon Group badge, then his nine badges can win the chief champion. Thinks of here him specially excitedly.

Kyoto Operations Office department head can also destroy the tooth specially has swallowed toward the belly. My little darling, is quite fierce, just entered here less than two hours, has eliminated the entire Kyoto specially Operations Office person . Moreover the opportunity that these people hit back probably continually does not have.” Xia Tian surprised saying. He is away from our two not to be far, what to do our two present should?” Lin Bingbing asked. Perhaps these fellows have not known that is our two directs intentionally Lin Xiaotian, if they know, certainly will irritate.” Saying of Xia Tian face smiling face. Was good, do not play, now is not his opportunity to, where our two do to run away?” Lin Bingbing asked again. Does not run away, I lead you to look for a cave to hide, has an opportunity of time circular Coordinate every ten hours, present range that opportunity also three hours, in other words our two can also rest for three hours, after three hours, he affirmed that has anticipated, when the time comes our two copy his escape route.” Xia Tian said that pulls up Lin Bingbing to jump directly to above, he plans to walk the top of the tree, this will not leave any trace. At this time outside watches these people of competition. „Do you have route that the discovery they escaped a moment ago to be a little strange.” The military commission vice-presidents open the mouth to ask suddenly, hear his words, all people looked to vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence. I in looking at the Coordinate, how can not discover that what they run is S, they probably are know that the Coordinate of Kyoto Operations Office these people are specially same, goes round them intentionally, and leaves the trace, like this time these people who waits for Lin Xiaotian to pursue also happen to rush to the S position, therefore they by forest eating delicacies day so quick solution.” Vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence answered. Right, is S, this move is one move in international combat, but the premise is your reconnaissance capability compared with Fang Qiang.” The military commission vice-presidents nodded to say. Heard their dialogs, on the place long face of Kyoto Operations Office has written all over the hate specially: Xia Tian, I will certainly not let off your.” Ha, is this.” The black Harbin Operations Office place grows up specially said with a smile. I know that you definitely such will do.” Ye Wan clearly is also helpless shaking the head.

This fellow was really too dangerous, it seems like before us, underestimated him.” The person of Ye has sat in corner has not spoken, therefore everybody almost disregarded them. Big elder, now what to do should we?” Two elders asked. Watches changes quietly, this Xia Tian is the Xia Tianlong son, then Xia Family definitely already stared at him, after going back, I go to Xia Family, this brat solving, then Ye Wan did not have the tiger of tooth clearly, was built on stilts by us very much easily, when the time comes specially Operations Office was our Ye.” Although the big elder of Ye had not spoken, but he has calculated all. Ingenious plan, ingenious plan.” Several other elders said. Is tracing Xia Tian their forest eating delicacies day suddenly to discover that lost Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing trail. Hateful, was played, is S, that group of fools have become their scapegoats.” Lin Xiaotian then responded that he considered only a moment ago is showing his strength, unexpectedly had not discovered that he they were regarded the blade that murdered with a borrowed knife by Xia Tian. When can I fly on the tree like you?” Lin Bingbing felt that the Xia Tian present appearance was simply cool. This does not fly, flutters, I also with the Bai Yu study, need Movement Technique and speed, moreover I train every day is bringing carrying a heavy load.” Xia Tian answered. „After going back, teaches me, I want to study.” A Lin Bingbing face earnest looked that said to Xia Tian. Good, but is very laborious.” Xia Tian said. I did not fear!” Lin Bingbing firm saying. After running for probably a half hour, the Xia Tian vision has locked a cave, then he brought Lin Bingbing to hide in the cave. At this time outside observation mission.

Found their trails?” Vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence asked. No, although we know their Coordinate, but they have been telling are moving . Moreover the accuracy of Coordinate is unable to be precise, therefore the miniature detecting instrument had not found them.” You looked quickly that their Coordinate were motionless.” At this moment, suddenly some people shout, all people looked to screen most place above that Coordinate. Two purple in together Coordinate, are Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing. Immediately locks their positions, sending the miniature detection instrument to look to me, they definitely have any big movement, do not miss the good play.” Vice- Section Head very earnest shouting of Ministry of Defence. After two hours. From reporting the Coordinate also has is less than a half hour, but these miniature detecting instruments had not found Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing hiding place. Hadn't found them?” Vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence asked. No, they do not know where hid to go, nearby region was turned one to spread.” Dragon Group eliminates one person, surplus 83 people.’ Dragon Group eliminates one person, surplus 82 people.’