Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 597

When they look for Xia Tian and the others, sudden two sound of elimination conveys. Jiang Hai City Operations Office obtains two badges specially, altogether nine.’ Jiang Hai City Operations Office obtains two badges specially, altogether 11.” Now kills a Dragon Group person to obtain two badges, therefore after Xia Tian they obtain two badges, added four directly. After hearing this news, department head helpless shaking the head of Xin boundary city specially Operations Office, he knows that he lost, although their earlier period had very big superiority, but they lost. Their Xin boundary people cannot lose, see that two forms on screen, he is loses is sincerely convinced. Jiang Hai City department head, hello.” The Xin boundary city Operations Office department head extended own right hand specially directly. Hello!” Ye Wan clearly also very in a friendly way extended own right hand. Hopes that we will have next time also opportunity and your person fight, especially your chief teachers, if you have the opportunity to go to the Xin boundary to play, remembers that calls me.” After the Xin boundary city Operations Office department head said specially, leading own person to leave. They do not like watching the fun, what the Xin boundary people care promotes own strength, therefore their physical qualities can be here all people are best. This time loses the competition, will make them have the desire of exercise, therefore he wants to lead his person to strike while the iron is hot, goes back to train well. Good seedling.” The military commission vice-presidents appreciate to say. Em, is very good regarding war assurance, he found the way to hide before directly, then while also a half hour of report Coordinate time comes out, happen to can sneak attack the Dragon Group rear area unit, these Dragon Group people have a dream cannot think that behind suddenly will kill the person to come, will therefore be sneak attacked by them successfully.” Vice- Section Head light saying of Ministry of Defence. This, if the battlefield, he now is surprise-attack forces, can keep the opposite party hand tail from aiding, finally can come a two-sided converging attack.” Nod that the military commission vice-presidents keep, he regarding this Xia Tian was really too satisfied.

Hateful, unexpectedly in behind.” Lin Xiaotian cursed angrily one, afterward turns head directly. However he runs was too far, therefore now to returning to catch up also needs some time. That two broadcasts have not caused the person too big vigilance of Dragon Group, because they all dispersed now, most is two three people helps, moreover they did not know the positions of other people. 25 minutes, kill several much.” Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing form fast is shuttling back and forth in the jungle, he knows that now is the best opportunity, at this time sneak attacked the opposite party, the opposite party only thinks that was the front person has exchanged fire, does not know that behind was sneak attacked. Time that however he sneak attacks only then 15 minutes, because the final ten minutes are used to escape. Dragon Group eliminates them, surplus 80 people.’ Jiang Hai City Operations Office obtains four badges specially, altogether 15.’ When hears this broadcast the sound, Dragon Group vice- teacher Dragon Xiaotian sped up own footsteps: Snort, this time you cannot escape absolutely.” „It is not right, at the forest eating delicacies day speed, will report next time Coordinate time, he can certainly pursue, our two must result in finds a good place first, then I lead away him.” Xia Tian then thinks that Lin Xiaotian is Earth Grade Expert, his speed is very quick. „It is not good, in this case, you were too dangerous.” Lin Bingbing knit the brows. My speed is faster than you, a person quite runs away, after I lead away him, you run away to 45 degrees that direction, after I cast off him, will look for you.” Xia Tian very earnest looked that said to Lin Bingbing. Good, you must pay attention to the security.” Lin Bingbing nodded. Em, you hide in that position, I hide here, one will report that Coordinate later one minute, you open run away, then I in your position, he can definitely pursue me like this.” Xia Tian has grasped the fist.

This time he must resist Earth Grade Expert alone directly. The Xia Tian right hand extends, has grasped a miniature detecting instrument directly, then has placed in own bosom. Dragon Group notification Coordinate.’ Hears this sound time, these Dragon Group people all look to the Coordinate monitor on their arm, when they see behind two people are very surprised, they finally understand the person now how eliminated. Snort, had found, this time I thought how you die.” Lin Xiaotian turns toward that two purple Coordinate to run directly. Runs away quickly, is now.” Xia Tian shouts hurriedly, Lin Bingbing any hesitation, the whole person has not turned toward the left front 45 degrees directions to overrun directly. After five minutes, Xia Tian here makes chaotically, then to turn toward the right front 45 degrees directions to overrun specially, he escapes, leaves very big trace intentionally. Snort, just shortly after ran away, I thought how you escape from my palm.” Lin Xiaotian cold snort, pursues directly to the Xia Tian direction. Xia Tian discovered that behind has the sound, afterward starts full escaping directly. You looked quickly that they ran separatedly, moreover Lin Xiaotian also pursued.” Is Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office that chief teacher, what pursued is he.” This time he was miserable, by the person of forest eating delicacies day having a liking, to can how possibly be escaped.” These watch the people of competition to think that Xia Tian this time ended, but Kyoto specially Operations Office ten of department head and Ye long on shameless have shown the joyful look, they can notice that finally Xia Tian was repaired.

Dragon Group vice- Leader Lin Xiaotian is the violence. A moment ago by these people who he eliminated, all by him, as soon as fought with the fists to fall to the ground. These people by him, as soon as fights with the fists could not stand again. Perhaps this boy wanted miserably, among them the distance was getting more and more near, can overtake him in less than two minutes of forest eating delicacies day.” Vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence shook the head to regret to say. Yeah.” The military commission vice-presidents also sighed. Ye Wan clear deeping frown, worries looks to Xia Tian, Lin Xiaotian she knew, before this person her, does not like, because his benefit heart was too big, she also knows that this forest eating delicacies day is the Lin Bingbing father. Was interesting, finally wanted the front impact.” The black Harbin Operations Office department head whole person looked specially with total concentration to the middle that large screen. At this time all miniature detecting instruments near that strongly come to here, but Xia Tian and between the distance Lin Xiaotian was also more and more near. Bang! In front of a Xia Tian big tree, the form has stood in that directly but actually together but actually on big tree. You could not escape.”