Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 598

Really I guess right, you are must direct intentionally me.” Forest eating delicacies Heavenly Eye light ice-cold looks to Xia Tian. When his vision locks on the body of Xia Tian, he knows one were swindled a moment ago, is Xia Tian directs intentionally him, then makes Lin Bingbing escape. „Do you also pursue?” The Xia Tian corners of the mouth select slightly. So long as I have killed you, then she did not have that many colored intestines, wanted to catch her to be easy as pie.” Lin Xiaotian self-confident saying, he is very confident to his strength, the situation he saw outside, cleverest is Xia Tian, so long as he has eliminated Xia Tian first, he had many means to cope with Lin Bingbing. I am strange, is Mechanism Technique more important than the kinship?” Xia Tian puzzled looked that asked to the forest eating delicacies day. What you understand, you do not know that Mechanism Technique fierce, her just the basic girl, can use Mechanism Technique to cope with Profound Grade Expert, you said that if I were skilled in Mechanism Technique?” Lin Xiaotian has not cared with the conversation of Xia Tian, because he knows that here miniature detecting instrument is unable to pass on the sound. Was right, I also want to ask your question.” The Xia Tian vision looked directly to Lin Xiaotian both eyes. You want to ask reason that your father dies? Did not need to ask, I will not tell you, moreover my patience already to limit.” The forest eats delicacies god knows the Xia Tian status, therefore he also knows that Xia Tian wants to ask anything. Good, it seems like I looked up, but I know that you definitely cannot be inseparable from.” Xia Tian said that while has taken off carrying a heavy load in oneself wrist|skill, then picks on the foot. At this time outside watched the person of competition to be all shocked. They do not know Xia Tian and Lin Xiaotian in talking anything, but their unexpectedly saw inconceivable one now, on the Xia Tian wrist|skill and ankle unexpectedly is bringing carrying a heavy load, moreover these carry a heavy load to pound on that trees of ground, the trees were pounded a pit, thus it can be seen, actually these carry a heavy load some multi- sinking. shit, his unexpectedly has brought to carry a heavy load to run.” Then quick speed unexpectedly brings to carry a heavy load, his actual speed actually quick?” That carried a heavy load to be able setting up a moment ago to pound a pit, obviously is not will be lower than 50 kilograms.”

All people were all shocked by this institute. But the forest eating delicacies day in jungle also slightly stares, he had even forgotten that prevented Xia Tian. Hey, if you can overtake me, I buy the sugar to eat for you.” An appearance of Xia Tian provocation, his whole person disappeared in afterward same place. Flickers the body technique! Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step, launches instantaneously, his whole person seems the immortal descends to earth to be the same, these branches and thick patches of grass are unable to prevent the footsteps that he goes forward, moreover his body not by anything abrasion, even touches continually has not bumped into. Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step, hateful.” Lin Xiaotian cursed angrily one, pursued directly. Hurry up, a bit faster, your in any case is also Earth Grade Expert, how the speed so is slow.” Xia Tian has been provoking. His Realm is only the Profound Grade intermediate stage time, his speed can place on a par with Earth Grade Expert, now his Realm is Profound Grade late stage, the overall quality early had the tremendous changes. Hateful, when the Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step speed became such quick!” Lin Xiaotian has launched own full speed is unable to overtake Xia Tian . Moreover the barrier in jungle are very many, his Movement Technique does not have Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step to be so exquisite, can shunt all barriers with ease. They such pursue run away. At this time outside watched these people of competition to be all shocked, the speed miniature detecting instruments of these two people could not overtake, therefore they can only look at the uppermost that Coordinate, they discovered with amazement that Xia Tian speed unexpectedly was quicker than the forest eating delicacies day, each time after he Lin Xiaotian dropped a distance, he will stop wait / etc. Lin Xiaotian. Quite fierce.” Vice- Section Head surprised saying of Ministry of Defence. At this moment, all people saw, Lin Xiaotian has anchored the footsteps, that scarlet point in Coordinate stopped there.

Hey, how don't you pursue?” Xia Tian looked that asked to the forest eating delicacies day. I thought that I should pursue my adorable daughter.” Lin Xiaotian suddenly face evil saying. Whiz! Xia Tian stood in Lin Xiaotian the front directly. I do not run, our two fight one, happen to I thought that you were not feeling well were very long.” Xia Tian starts to be ready to fight directly, he cannot make the forest eating delicacies day pursue Lin Bingbing, otherwise Lin Bingbing may be miserable. Depends on you? A Profound Grade boy, your my move cannot catch.” Saying that Lin Xiaotian disdains. At this time periphery these miniature detecting instruments gathered. „Does the Jiang Hai City especially Operations Office chief teacher want to do? How he does not run, instead stood in the forest eating delicacies day front.” „Can he fight a decisive battle with the forest eating delicacies day? Is this possible? He is only a Profound Grade person, how possibly is Lin Xiaotian the match.” „The Kyoto specially Operations Office chief teachers cannot suffer Lin Xiaotian a fist, can he be what kind of? This simply and brings death not to have what difference.” These watch the person of competition not to be all able to believe all these, Profound Grade person unexpectedly dares the frontage to challenge Earth Grade Expert. Whether or not the person of practicing martial art, they knows disparity between Earth Grade and Profound Grade. This is just like is a five -year-old child is directly same as a 30-year-old adult resistance, fight that is completely impossible to win.

This boy took the wrong medicine, unexpectedly must spell with the forest eating delicacies day hardly.” Vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence has opened mouth. No, he was blocking Lin Xiaotian, Lin Howl god knows cannot overtake him, therefore planned that turned the head to pursue that female, therefore he will act to stop.” The military commission vice-presidents answered. This is only a competition, even if eliminated was unable to be what kind of? Such does as for?” Vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence frowns to ask. No, you think that is only words of competition, Lin Xiaotian will directly possibly flush? Moreover you had not discovered he has been tracing Xia Tian and that female?” The military commission vice-presidents have discovered this inside clue. Goes to bring to me the material of that woman.” Vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence said. The quick material has placed on his table. You said really right, you have a look.” Vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence has given the military commission vice-president the material. It seems like this matter is not simple.” The military commission vice-presidents deep frown. In jungle. Come, the old fogy, fights one.” The right hand of Xia Tian double refers to the forest eating delicacies day shouts.