Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 600

Xia Tian has decided that moreover he did not have other to choose, he wanted to win, that only then means that eliminated Earth Grade Expert Lin Xiaotian. Lin Bingbing sees the Xia Tian firm expression, he also nodded. Black Harbin used an endocrater to eliminate 50 Dragon Group Expert a moment ago, afterward they have torn up their badge, they have made the choice, if Xia Tian can eliminate Lin Xiaotian, they also recognized. Now also in competition altogether has 29 Dragon Group Expert and Lin Xiaotian, Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing, but that 29 Dragon Group Expert are away from Xia Tian their position is very far. Walks, the police spend the elder sister, sees your personal enemy to go.” Xia Tian this time changed the name. When they always the direction walk directly. Meanwhile, in Shennongjia. Master, has nosed to their news, that several person backgrounds are not small.” „? Who is?” A man and a woman are the China four big Expert Eastern Man Jiang Wenshan apprentices \; A white clothing very callous man is Quicksand Bai Yu, is known as the China speed quickest man \; On that face has led the person of smile is being Jiang Hai City first Expert Fan Zhuifeng, Quicksand Yin Fu nemesis \; That guy is few Dragon Si disciple Zhaoshan river, finally the person of that showing off, is called Xia Tian, he is the Western Hidden Xia Tianlong son.” Ha Ha Ha Ha, interesting, was really too interesting, actually such combination arrived together? Has Assassins, has the monk, Xia Tianlong son and Jiang Wenshan apprentice.” Master, we now what to do?” Passes on the news, said the person of crystal jade bone hides is called Xia Tian, the person now in Jiang Hai City, other anything do not need to divulge.” Good, subordinate this manages.”

Wait / Etc., a matter, sends for having a look at that Xia Tianlong son to have fascinated, if no , helping his, this was the gathering demon is loose, sprinkles has been OK around his family, do not bring to his attention.” Relax, master.” China specially Operations Office final. Met, this time should be the big showdown.” Clearly brings death, has any good showdown, but Lin Xiaotian Earth Grade Expert, they are just the Profound Grade fellows, the strength radically is not a scale.” Positive showdown, Lin Xiaotian only needed to be OK with one move.” These watch the people of competition not to favor Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing, in their opinion this is a war of bringing death, absolutely does not have the commeasurability. Person who even if harbored fantasy to Xia Tian a moment ago, now did not have. Because a moment ago Xia Tian already and forest eating delicacies day has experimented one time, finally he in situation of sneak attack, by forest eating delicacies day move of neutralize, among them radically not in a level. Lin Xiaotian had not put out the real skill, has not used Earth Grade Expert unique Inner Strength manifestation. Why doesn't Xia Tian tear up own badge directly? That fellow obviously is not the good thing.” Ye Wan clear innermost feelings secretly thought, her expression is very puzzled, moreover her present whole person is also very anxious. I hope actually he can succeed, I am not interested in the position of that chief department head, I most am interested is this Xia Tian.” Department head light saying of black Harbin specially Operations Office. His person has been used to free and easy, moreover black Harbin specially Operations Office attitude always so, they, although was also shouting the slogan wants to take first, but they have not actually cared about this first quota.

These people of Ye except for ten elders of Ye, other people all are unemotionally looks at the large screen. How do you see?” The military commission vice-presidents asked. I do not believe that he can win.” Vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence said. I do not think so.” Military commission vice-president light saying. You also think that they will win? This absolutely does not have the fight of suspense.” Vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence puzzled looks that the military commission vice-presidents asked. I believe the miracle.” Military commission vice-president light saying. In this time jungle. Why runs Ah! not to run?” Lin Xiaotian a face smiling face looks to them. How ran to win.” Xia Tian is serious saying. „Did Bingbing, see the father not to come to call one?” Lin Xiaotian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, ponders looked that said to Lin Bingbing. I do not have the father, Lin Xiaotian, sooner or later I will revenge for my mother.” A Lin Bingbing face hate looks at Lin Xiaotian, her fist grips closely, the whole body shivers. This is her first frontage and own father dialog, these years these angers all erupted in this moment. Revenges? You found fault the person, your mother was the male Sun Family person kills, I have not started, she hid in Jiang Hai City to prevent me snatches Mechanism Technique, if were not Yin Nie, Mechanism Technique already was my.” Lin Xiaotian coldly looks at Lin Bingbing, in his eyes does not have any kinship.

You and my mother in together for Mechanism Technique?” On the face of Lin Bingbing has written all over hate. Naturally, your mother besides Mechanism Technique, without any has been able to let the thing that I have the interest, the great strength of Mechanism Technique is not you can imagine by far, in the past, I only missed little, I can obtain Mechanism Technique, what a pity had been discovered some clue by your mother, therefore he ran away Jiang Hai City to seek the asylum of Xia Tianlong and Yin Nie.” Lin Xiaotian spoke of here time turned the head to look to Xia Tian: Your father and son are the fellows of prying.” I manage is not other people's business, the police will spend the elder sister to be my future wife, the matter that therefore the police will spend the elder sister will be my matter.” Xia Tian very serious saying. Ha, the children personal relationships most fatal toxicant, Xia Tian, do not blame me not to remind you, your father dies in the children personal relationships, although initially I had not collaborated with Xia Family, but I have not told your father, that information is false.” Lin Xiaotian has not worried to begin, because he knows that these two people are just his it's in the bag. „The thing that it seems like you know are many.” Xia Tian vision ice-cold looks to the forest eating delicacies day. You so long as now gives me Mechanism Technique, I will tell you all, truth that your father died, your mother's news.” Lin Xiaotian started to use the spoken language to entice. Wants Mechanism Technique to snatch.” A Xia Tian face smiling face looked that said to the forest eating delicacies day. You think that I don't dare?” Lin Xiaotian said that the both hands ten fingers spring. Bang! Bang! Bang! Nearby all miniature detecting instruments exploded completely, saw such situation, Lin Bingbing has gotten hold of own fist. I only said that hands over Mechanism Technique, dies?”