Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 601

Is watching the person of competition to stare outside these, afterward the scene has seethed with excitement. What's the matter? Why didn't the image have?” Technical personnel? A bit faster adjustment.” What situation inside present is, actually what happened?” Not only watches the person of competition, the Ye Wan mild that two referees also stare. What's the matter?” Vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence frowns to ask. Senior Official, some people have destroyed the camera of miniature reconnaissance meter, we were dispatching nearby miniature detection instrument in the past.” Hurry up, certainly must what happened.” Vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence has stood, now he is uneasy whether sitting or standing, he is really also worried to have an accident, after all that Dragon Group vice- Leader Lin Xiaotian enters the competition range suddenly, this appears is not very normal, moreover after he goes, specially traces Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing, now after he has met Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing, his unexpectedly hitting to explode the miniature detecting instrument. In this absolutely fishy. The words that he such makes, meet him, once has killed Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing, he also has the means to shirk, he only needed saying that he and Xia Tian their fight was very intense, afterward flushed a tiger to eat them has been OK. Is dies in any case not verifies, moreover his status is high enough, nobody dares to investigate his responsibility. This time Xia Tian does not have any flustered. You thought that you did eat to decide me?” A Xia Tian face smiling face looked that asked to the forest eating delicacies day. I do not think that you have the opportunity of going on living.” Saying of Lin Xiaotian coldly. Bang! Xia Tian puts out oneself bosom that miniature detecting instrument, he just started also to plan with this spare, but looks like does not need now, Lin Xiaotian moved has killed the heart: „The police spend the elder sister, you stand, do not approach me.” Cannot think that on you are also hiding this thing, now takes not to fear that I do kill you directly?” Lin Xiaotian ponders looked that said to Xia Tian. I dare to take this thing, had planned that must kill you, this person was too gloomy, if I do not kill you today, later the police spend the elder sister is very troublesome.” Xia Tian lifted own arm, a face smiling face looked that said to the forest eating delicacies day.

Ha Ha Ha Ha, this is really the huge joke, your Profound Grade boy unexpectedly also dared boast shamelessly to say kills me, did you regard your devil father you really?” Saying that Lin Xiaotian laughs, he as if heard the huge joke to be common. Right? A move, I only use one move, if you do not die, that is the God does not want to receive you.” Xia Tian stretched out finger light saying. Brat, you were compelling me to kill you, your devil father does not dare to say a move can steady has killed me.” Forest eating delicacies Heavenly Eye light ice-cold looked that said to Xia Tian. Xia Tian has not spoken, but has put out a transparent vial, after he turns on the vial, direct drinks. Bang! The entire body of flash Xia Tian had the fierce change, ice-cold, the death, his surrounding thick patch of grass started little withering, the trees also start the fallen leaf, the formidable imposing manner flash has swept across periphery all lives. Stands very much far Lin Bingbing also to feel that own body one cold, as if fell into the ice hole to be the same. Anything!” On Lin Xiaotian face one startled, afterward he gets rid directly, he does not know that actually Xia Tian had any drink a moment ago, however the present change was really too terrifying, therefore he planned to get rid directly. Bang! A giant fist empty shade pounded directly to Xia Tian. Inner Strength manifestation. Lin Xiaotian has used Inner Strength manifestation finally. Bang! Xia Tian has not dodged, but has suffered stiffly this, at the same time his form appeared in Lin Xiaotian the side. Make oblique charges! Bang! A fist, a Xia Tian fist hit directly on Lin Xiaotian the face.

Ka! Sound of bone break conveys, Lin Xiaotian the entire face bone by the collapse that Xia Tian hit. Rips! Dragon Group vice- teacher Lin Xiaotian eliminates.’ Jiang Hai City Operations Office obtains badge 100 specially, altogether 119.’ The broadcast sound transmits together. At this moment, the forest eating delicacies day before Xia Tian foot moved. I will certainly not let off your.” Lin Xiaotian has sent out angry whooshing, afterward his whole person changed to blood light to disappear without a trace. The blood escapes. Looks form that Lin Xiaotian escapes, Xia Tian gave up continue trace, he knows that he maintained the time of this shape is longer, will then be more miserable, moreover oneself also an opposite party fist, now pursues a moment ago, has not waited to overtake itself first to be finished. Bang! The body of Xia Tian fell down. Lin Bingbing ran hurriedly, that was makes her be shocked simply, she had a dream cannot think that Xia Tian unexpectedly became such fierce, but she discovered immediately the situation was not right. Puff! Puff! In Xia Tian mouth unceasing blowout blood. Xia Tian, you how? Do not have the matter.” Lin Bingbing saw that the Xia Tian appearance hurried holds Xia Tian in the bosom. Puff! Puff!

„The police spend the elder sister, sorry, puff! I cannot help you kill him.” Xia Tian difficult saying, along with his speech, the blood is also spouts from his mouth that keeps. Do not frighten me, Xia Tian, do not have the matter, I do not revenge, did not report, I only asked you do not have the matter.” The corner of the eye of Lin Bingbing has flowed off the tears, at this moment she is afraid very much, she was afraid Xia Tian such dead. She is unable to imagine, once Xia Tian died, she will be what kind, but she knows, oneself cannot absolutely the angelica. Do not cry, I am all right!” Xia Tian difficult saying. Outside it can be said that has blasted meanwhile out the pot. Has succeeded, Xia Tian unexpectedly has succeeded, his unexpectedly Dragon Group vice- Leader Lin Xiaotian eliminating, this simply was too inconceivable. „Haven't I misunderstood? Lin Xiaotian was eliminated? How is this possible?” Right, I also heard, Lin Xiaotian unexpectedly they were given to eliminate by Xia Tian, Earth Grade Expert unexpectedly by Profound Grade Expert eliminating, this was also too inconceivable.” Situation is not right, you look quickly, Lin Xiaotian unexpectedly in rapid traverse, moreover his direction is very strange.” All people all looked to the large screen, that huge red selected unexpectedly to scurry about everywhere. „Does quick, how long miniature detecting instrument also need?” Vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence shouts. Was OK.” On the middle large screen presented the forms of two people, a woman, a man, at this time the man whole body is lying down of blood during the arms of woman, on the face of woman is the tears. Medical team, medical team.” The military commission vice-presidents stand up directly shout loudly. Ye Wan directly flushed clearly.