Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 602
Sees the two on screen, all people all had doubts, actually a moment ago what happened? Running why Dragon Group vice- Leader breaknecks, but Xia Tian actually suffocates. Actually in a moment ago in what happened? Snort, this time you should die.” Kyoto specially Operations Office department head cold snort. On the face of Ye there ten elder presented the excited expression. „The police spend the elder sister, I am all right, my blood are many, making me spurt two well.” The body of Xia Tian has transmitted an intermittent severe pain, this pain makes him feel that he must disperse probably puts up was the same. He knows that own this time received the internal injury, Lin Xiaotian the attack was very a moment ago formidable, when changed body Xia Tian cannot feel the pain, but restored later Xia Tian to feel that was painful. Do not deceive me, you spat blood dead quickly.” Class that the Lin Bingbing tears cannot stop. I have not deceived you, you kiss my, I do not spit.” Xia Tian cracks into a chuckle. Heard the Xia Tian laughter, Lin Bingbing receives the tears on face, ridiculed to say directly: You scared to death me.” Lin Bingbing this excited, almost directly throws Xia Tian on the ground. Yeah whoops, police spend elder sister, I have been injured, although cannot die, but was really too painful.” Xia Tian pain hoarse grins, on him was very painful, was stood up such by Lin Bingbing, has almost not fainted his pain. Outside these people noticed that Xia Tian unexpectedly is all right, stares. shit, will not spit blood to spit such, unexpectedly is also all right.” Miracle, it seems like could not die, but looks at his expression probably is very sad.” Nonsense, who spits that many blood he to be uncomfortable.” These people noticed that Xia Tian has not died, on faces presented the excited look, although the Xia Tian life does not have the too big relations with them, but during this competition their these audiences as if early the incarnation are the leads, therefore they hope that sees Xia Tian to live. Naturally, some people do not hope to see such scene.

For example Kyoto Operations Office department head, for example these people of Ye, they thinks specially again Xia Tian died, that can omit many have troubled, but Xia Tian has not died now, they must go to Fei Naxie to trouble again. ‚This China specially Operations Office chief champion is Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office.’ The broadcast has exuded the delayed congratulation sound. Asked everybody to pay attention, I remember that among us had the gambling house probably.” Vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence said everybody most depressed topic: „After going back, I will make people deliver to your offices the material to you, when the time comes you only needed to sign have been OK, if whose over three days did not sign, I started to collect the interest.” Hears Ministry of Defence vice- Section Head words, these people became very depressed. Was good, everybody should not be happy that I am happy today, your gambling approximately calculate a moment ago cancelled.” At this moment the military commission vice-presidents open the mouth to say. Hears his words, all people were excited immediately. Senior Official long live.” All people cheer together said. You, the good people made you work as.” Vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence stared military commission vice-president one eyes to say. Our two who with anyone, walks, a lot must process.” Saying of military commission vice-president face smiling face. It seems like your this had a liking for that Xia Tian.” Vice- Section Head of Ministry of Defence has seen through the thoughts of military commission vice-president. This boy is good, is a good seedling . Moreover the background is clean, Xia Tianlong son, good, the grandfather and grandchild are great, starting today, had me to cover him.” The military commission vice-presidents said directly loudly. All people all heard his words. Had me to cover him.’ These words sound to be very simple, but all people all understand the meaning in these words. Especially these people of Ye. The military commission vice-presidents have almost brought to light said that the meaning of these words probably was saying that later who dares to cope with him unable to pass with me.

Presents these person of some are political circle, some are the military circles, some are some status extremely high people, they understand that these words of military commission vice-president said listens to them, this is after telling them puts the highlight the eye, do not look for trouble offends Xia Tian. Big elder complexion of Ye cold, he knows that must on move Xia Tian that not more impossible outwardly, therefore he plans to leave. One day later. Capital Xia Family. Said that your this old fogy comes to here definitely is not drinks tea.” The Xia Family big elder opens the mouth to say. My this time has the matter to want with you to cooperate.” The big elder of Ye opens the mouth to say. „? I heard that your Ye was kicked specially Operations Office, now Ministry of Defence making ready especially Operations Office has set up a position of chief department head, in other words your Ye did not have what real power now, you planned that works with us with what?.” The Xia Family big elder shows a faint smile, what he said is the simplest rule. Cooperation that I discussed that you definitely also dared the interest.” The big elder of Ye has not been angry, he knows that this is inevitable, wants to cooperate that to put out the coordinated capital. Who listens.” The Xia Family big elder said. I want Xia Tian dead, Qian Heren I can transfer part, you do, I know the skills of your old fogies.” The big elder of Ye said. Ha Ha Ha Ha, finalized.” The Xia Family big elder hesitates continually not hesitant, agreed directly. At this time in a hospital. Opens mouth.” The Lin Bingbing left hand carries a bowl, the right hand is taking a ladle. Ah! Xia Tian has opened mouth. Lin Bingbing is feeding Xia Tian food. „The police spend the elder sister, you look like the good wife and loving mother more and more.” Xia Tian swallowed the food in mouth to say.

Eats the thing unable to block your foul-mouthed.” Lin Bingbing was one spoon directly has forced in the mouth of Xia Tian. Hum! Xia Tian has swallowed the thing. „The police spend the elder sister, but I now the sick person, you should to me gently.” Xia Tian discontented saying. ! At this moment some entrance people coughed gently. Young Aunt, you did not think you come very isn't the time?” Xia Tian looked up to stand in hospital ward entrance Ye Wan said clearly. I do not want such already to come actually, but several news must tell you.” Ye Wan walked clearly directly. What matter? Such worries.” Xia Tian asked. „The first matter, Lin Bingbing will replace the position of my Jiang Hai City specially Department Head Operations Office.” Ye Wan said clearly directly. Good deed, this is the big good deed.” Xia Tian excited saying. „The second matter, Dragon Group vice- Leader Lin Xiaotian has been missing, his day final Coordinate plunged into the river, afterward his position finder lost the function, but I think that he should not let off easily your.” Ye Wan clearly very serious saying.